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the fact that monsta x knows how hard we’re trying to give them a win and they’re so grateful and amazed by it………..i’m getting emotional again

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Fic prompt: alternate Trust No1, where Mulder manages to get off the train and they reunite!

i love this prompt so much and i love you even more for sending it to me <3

Her voice is hoarse from shouting his name, and her hands burn from where she hit the ground. Monica gives her a ride home because her hands are shaking too much, stopping so she can pick up William from her mother’s. Maggie prods her for answers about what’s going on, Mulder’s whereabouts, but she doesn’t have a clear answer. She is still reeling from the man in the quarry, from her near-miss encounter with Mulder. So close, he was so close and there was nothing she could do. She sits beside William’s car seat in the back, dangling her keys over his head for amusement, a game he loves, and stroking his fine dark hair to gain control of her pulse. At least he is safe, she reminds herself. For now, the traitorous side of her mind replies, but maybe not forever

She shifts William’s carrier to her left hand while she unlocks the door, and steps inside the darkened apartment. A floorboard creaks under a footfall. She fights to gain control, holding herself back from physically shielding William and instead settling for setting the carrier on the floor and stepping in front of him as she un-holsters her gun. “I’m armed!” she snaps. “Put your hands up and step into the light by the window.”

She sees the uneasy movement of hands in the dark, and then hears his voice. “Scully?”

The gun hits the floor, and she crashes into him desperately. heshereheshereheshere. His hand slides under her chin, tipping it upwards, and their mouths collide. She kisses fiercely for a minute, pulling him as close as he can get. “Scully,” he gasps against her mouth. “God, Scully.”

She breaks away, and tips her head forward so that their foreheads are resting against each other. “Mulder,” she whispers. “Mulder. You got off the train?”

“I jumped.” He kisses her nose. “I had to see you, Scully. I thought something had happened to you. The shots… I heard you screaming my name…”

She can’t express her own desperate fear lodged under her skin, how sure she’s been at points that he was dead again, or never coming back, the way her heart faltered when the man in the quarry said that he or William had to die. “Mulder,” she breathes, all she can say. “Mulder.”

They stand in each other’s embraces for a long minute until William starts to fuss. Scully automatically turns and scoops him up, holding him close and murmuring, “Shhh, shhh”. When she turns back, Mulder is watching them with a quiet awe. She smiles uncontrollably and steps close, nestling William into his outstretched arms. “Someone’s missed you,” she whispers.

“You didn’t miss me, Scully?” he quips, but it’s half hearted, his entire focus on William, who is giving him a sleepy but fascinated gaze around his pacifier. “He’s so big now, Scully,” he whispers, like he can’t believe his son is real. “I’ve missed so much.”

Tears spring to her eyes, and she leans forward to kiss his cheek. “You’re here now, though,” she whispers.

William starts to fuss again, hands waving, and Mulder makes tentative, soft soothing noises. Watching them together is almost overwhelming, and Scully leans forward, kisses him slow and soft the way he kissed her the first night the three of them spent together. 

They end up crawling into her bed, William still cradled against Mulder’s chest, Scully’s head on his shoulder. She tells him about what the man said in the quarry in a shaking voice, running her hands over her boys to make sure they’re both still there. She gets a notepad from the kitchen and writes, He said one of you had to die. You or William. They’ve been watching me. They saw us one night. I don’t think any of us are safe here. He shudders, and grabs the pen from her hand. I have a place we can go. Gibson is there. It’s safe. I thought about asking you to come before, but I didn’t want to uproot you. He stops, waits for her to respond with a nervous, boyish look.

She would’ve gone at a moment’s notice if he’d asked. She’s loved him for years now. We’ll come, she writes, presses kisses against his jawline.

He kisses her head. We could bring your mother if you want.

It will kill her to leave her mother. She scrawls in a hurried hand, I don’t think she’d come, she wouldn’t do that to Bill. I’ll ask John and Monica to check on her, make sure she’s safe. The Gunmen can help William and I disappear; I asked them to get ready to do just that the day you left. They’re ready.She already knows that John and Monica will keep fighting this, hopefully make it so the three of them can come back someday.

They slip out of bed to put William down. Scully points out the bags she’s had packed for months now, changing the items occasionally as William grew. They crawl back between the sheets. 

“Love you,” Scully mutters in his ear. If they are listening, she is not going to give them that, but it needs to be said, and not on a Quantico pad of paper from her kitchen drawer. 

He smiles, fingers pressed to the small of her back. “I love you, too. I’m never leaving you again,” he whispers back. 

im surprised this is the first time ive seen any discourse from the tfc fandom and ive been here since like. november.

Enterprise Texting Headcanons

Archer: texts like a dad. He always ALWAYS signs his texts. He’s a slow texter too. Uses basic abbreviations like “lol” but doesn’t know many others. Uses the =] smiley.

T'Pol: either sends sparse texts without enough information or texts that are way too detailed. You can ask her a simple question and get a flood of 20+ texts in explicit scientific detail. Uses no smileys or emojis but uses excessive scientific abbreviations that no one but Trip can understand.

Trip: an unintelligible mess of ALL CAPS and emojis 😏 and (=゚ω゚)ノ all kinds of cute things. Uses so many abbreviations that tbh no1 gets it smh and also uses outdated abbreviations like rofl and roflmao. Sometimes sends rage texts (ALL CAPS!!), but always apologizes later.

Hoshi: perfect grammar and spelling and lots of emojis 💕she usually texts back promptly. Tries to explain some text lingo to Archer but with no success.

Reed: doesn’t text back until several days later, or not at all. Sends one word texts like “k”. Doesn’t know what emojis are.

Mayweather: is always texting his family and random members of the crew that no one else seems to know. Always smiles at his phone when he gets texts. Only Archer and Hoshi have his number. He sends and receives more texts than anyone else. Has been known to still use “XD”.

Phlox: enjoys emojis a bit too much 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 LiKeS tYpInG lIkE tHiS. Uses many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

EXO Reacts - You Being Surprisingly Affectionate

Anon : “YASS queen YASS you are back with your exo reactions. This blog is honestly no1 for me when it comes to reactions ❤  could i get a reaction of exo when you kiss their neck unexpectedly. Or their hand. Thank you ~”

Another Anon: “I really enjoy tour reactions!  They are always the most close to real ones~ can i please have exo’s reaction to you gently grabbing,  holding and kissing their hand? (In sweet style, making them feel your warmth and breathtaking love towards them)”           

((Oh my gosh you guys are too nice X’D That’s really sweet of you both to say and it  really motivates me to keep on writing! Thank you so much for the support and I really hope this lives up to expectations XD  I decided to combine this reaction because I felt that giving the reaction a broader topic could give more variety in the writing and make it more interesting~ I hope you guys don’t mind! >.<)) 


(He’d definitely be taken aback when you suddenly kissed his neck, and then let out a little chuckle as he nuzzles into you affectionately.) “Getting a bit bold today, aren’t we jagi?” (It only escalates from there.)


(He’d jolt at the feeling of your lips brushing against his hand, and stare at you for a moment with wide eyes. His surprised expression would quickly turn to one of confidence and he’d cock his head at you, smirking.) “Mind doing that again?” *smooth AF but not*


(He’d do his best to try not to show much of a reaction but would try to ‘casually’ wrap an arm around your shoulder in return just to show that he acknowledges your surprises kiss. Don’t worry, he’s like screaming on the inside.)


(He would think it’s absolutely adorable that you’re trying to hold his hand, and would squeeze you tightly but gently as you keep walking. He ends up proudly telling all the other members that you finally did it, resulting in major embarrassment for you~)


(Once you give him that surprise kiss from nowhere, he’d be in such a daze for the rest of the day, and all he can think about is you even when you’re not around. He can’t wait to see you again to return the kiss, so watch out (; )


(He fangirls at your shyness and immediately kiss you back, giggling like an idiot at the unexpected gesture.) *playfully teases you* “You’ll have to do that more often! In public, of course! Everyone should see..”


(Once you surprisingly kiss his hand while holding it, he goes off on a chain of teasing.) “What’s this? Is my jagi actually being affectionate? I think it might rain dogs tomorrow… Wait! Jagi come back! It was adorable, come do it again!!”


(He’d be so cute about it. You’d shyly kiss him on the nape of his neck, and he just looks at you with that gentle smile of his. excited and as happy as can be. He wouldn’t even be surprised.) *chuckles* “I knew you could overcome your shyness.” *proudly kisses you cheek.”

D.O. -

(He’d be a little awkward at first, since he isn’t used to the two of you being so intimate. Especially in public. But he wouldn’t pull away when you grab his hand. He’d be shocked at first, but would shyly squeeze back, a shy smile on his face as he tries not to make eye contact. He’s embarrassed, but extremely happy.)


(You might realize you’ve made a mistake as he may or may not be refusing to let go of your hand now that you’ve finally agreed to do it.) “No… just a little longer, okay?” *squishy panda time*


(Like D.O., he’d be thrown off and maybe a bit awkward about it, but he would work up the courage to quickly kiss you back when no one is looking, including you. He’d blush uncontrollably, hugging you from behind so you can’t see his face.) “That…. You can’t do that to me… it’s embarrassing… do it again?”


(When you gentle cuddle up close to him, he’d get all cocky about it.) “I knew you couldn’t resist me.” (When you try to scoot away from him, he traps you in his noodle legs. You’ve set off a dangerous trap.) “No. This is how we’re going to watch TV from now on.”

title: his radiance in the dark

rating: t

pairing: tododeku

tags: (vaguely erotic) dreams, strangulation (but not rlly? no1 dies dw), crushes, getting together, awkward teenage boys being awkward. i started this like 3 months ago and just finished it… fair warning: not a lot of editing bc i just wanted to get this over w/, at this point i just want it out of me hands lol


In other dreams, the words they pass between them were minimal or at least indecipherable, with only the whisper of each other’s given name over and over. But now, Midoriya looks in Shouto’s eyes, says his name, and says, What are you so afraid of?

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Hello Cris! Hope all is good. I just wanted to ask whether there are any projects to get Harry's single to no1? And also when to buy his single? Should the purchase be made immediately or should it wait for a specific date to count towards the chart? Thank you!


@1dsponsorships is getting people signed up for gift copies and @harrystylesarchive is doing a fun countdown, but I don’t think there’s a coordinated push to get it to number 1 (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Mostly because his team is already doing that, they don’t need us to do more than what we would ordinarily do as fans - buy the song, stream the song, and be excited about it :)

As for purchasing, yes, buy it any time from release through next Thursday and it’ll count towards the first week charts, which is when you want to make sure you hit #1.

And stream! Always stream!

wjsn as kids at school

seola: asks to go to the bathroom in the beginning of class and doesn’t come back until class is almost over. never dresses out for gym

xuan yi: switched half her classes in the beginning of the year so she could have the same schedule as mei qi. mixes up the directions for in class assignments and doesn’t realize until she’s halfway done w/ it

exy: one of the friendly volleyball girls who always gives you a hair tie if you need one. knows the fastest way to anywhere in the school

bona: tries to flirt w/ the lunch period’s student aide so she can get 25 cents off her food. carries around those bath & body works lotions/mini sanitizers/body sprays n always let ppl use them if they need to

soobin: teachers never think she’s paying attention and try and call on her randomly but she always has the right answer. goes hard as hell during in class jeopardy games

luda: wears organic lip tint and exfoliates 3x a week. a member of plant club bc she was too nice to say no when someone asked her to join

dawon: one of the only recognizable ppl from choir bc she can actually sing. during lunch she breaks off from her friend group 3 different times bc she keeps going back to the lunch line to buy more food

eunseo: when its spirit week n ppl mention pajama day she’s the one kid that goes “but what if i sleep naked haAHSHA”. chews w/ her mouth open. joined plant club w/ luda so she wouldn’t have to suffer alone

cheng xiao: writes all her assignments with a colored pencil she found on the floor bc she forgets to bring supplies to class. everytime there’s a test she’s like “i’ve been listening in class I’ll ace this aha :D” but 2 questions in you catch her making the most ridiculous faces at the paper

mei qi: ppl stare at her instead of listening in class bc she’s so pretty. braids/brushes her hair during lectures. has all these inside jokes w/ xuan yi and no1 else gets them at all

yeoreum: weird quiet girl who wears velcro shoes bc she can’t tie her shoelaces or smth. sometimes ppl catch her pretending to clean windows with her sweater sleeve. crosses the street to go home by taking 10 seconds to look both ways then walking into moving traffic

dayoung: “what page are we on” “wait what are we doing” “do we have to take notes on this” “i’ll finish it when i get home” “what test” “what homework”

this house is SO suffocating & stagnant idk how else 2 put it nothing ever happens no1 pushes u to do anything its so easy to get pulled into a routine of not talking 2 any1 or doing anything all day & never going outside every1 lives in their own world in different parts of the house…..

A memo

I mean sure hate Jinder all you want but he didn’t injure Finn on purpose. Accidents happen. Just like Joe didn’t mean to hurt Seth. Sure get annoyed he went from zero to no1 contender but don’t blame him for that.

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mtl to be turned on the most (damn near busting a nut) by their idol s/o having an EXTREMELY SEXY comeback?


Jihoon/Woozi (possessive jealous jihoon!!!!!!!can fuck you better than anyone else!!!!!!!)

Jun (Thirsty bitch no1)

Mingyu (Thirsty bitch no2)

Joshua (sub joshua getting all needy and desperate watching you omg)

Hansol/Vernon (zero self control)

Soonyoung/Hoshi (would vow to outsexy you with svts next comeback)

Jeonghan (tbh he’s always a little bit turned on anyway)

Minghao/The8 (more jealous/protective than turned on)

Seungkwan (see Minghao)

Wonwoo (see Minghao)

Seokmin/DK (would be fine until he saw you backstage then daaaaamn)

Seungcheol/S.Coups (also would be fine until you got home then daaaaaaamn)


darktwistedlady replied to your postdo u think we’re getting a love triangle? :/ i…

Elias is engaged so I hope not.

that’s true! how could i forget about that!?!? because literally every clip so far, my no1 question is “when do we get to meet jamilla?” lol.

ok, so then i lean more towards the girls trying to set up yousef and noora. since it seems elias and yousef are going to have the biggest roles (they have social media, which every big character has, apart from even who had a reason not to).