no.6 chapter 33


Why Shirayuki got her uniform so early on in the anime.

The above images are from episode 6 and chapter 33. In the manga, Shirayuki does not get a uniform until she’s graduated her apprenticeship. It’s actually a combination of a uniform and a lab coat, and was given to Shirayuki and fellow apprentice-kun as a sort of gift to make their jobs feel more official. Shirayuki uses it as a lab coat, and only wears it when she is working in the palace pharmacy. There are many times when it mentions her returning to her room to change her clothes.

The hard thing about animating a show that isn’t set in a high school is that the animators don’t have the school uniform to fall back on. So far in the Akagami no Shirayukihime anime, Shirayuki has been shown to be wearing the same outfit for every 2 episodes. Now that the uniform has been introduced, it will be shown in the animation often. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see Shirayuki in her uniform for the majority of the rest of the anime. Because it’s convenient for the animators. They don’t have to keep drawing her other clothes now.

Maybe the future episodes will prove me wrong in my assumptions. But considering how long she wore the uniform for in episode 6, I really feel like the animators are going to be using it as a signature look for her from now on. And that is why I am not too thrilled about Shirayuki getting her uniform so early on in the anime.