How to make Nezumi’s scarf!

Hello, it’s Weisel! I’ve been meaning to repost my tutorials for ages, but I sadly discovered that I deleted the photos for all of them except the scarf one. Curse my past self!

Anyway, here’s a tutorial for how I made my Nezumi scarf!

Instead of a massive rectangle of fabric like the superfiber cloth is supposed to be, I created a lighter, smaller scarf that doesn’t swallow me up.

For the fabric, I used corduroy. I found that it has a good balance of stiffness and drape. I started with a piece that was approximately 3’x5’.

Fold in half lengthwise. Fold in half again widthwise. All four “raw edge” corners should be together. In the photo, the “raw edge” corners are at the top left.

(I used a measuring tape as a guide for cutting.)

Cut from one corner to the other in a curve. The “raw edge” corners should be the leftover scraps.

You should be left with a rounded diamond shape.

Hem the edges to prevent fraying.

Fold it in half so the smaller points are on the ends, tie it on, and you’re ready to overthrow the government!

It honestly cracks me up when people compare Yuri and Victor to Shion and Nezumi from No. 6, because like

Victor & Yuri: “I love you so much and I believe in you and support you and let’s hold hands and cuddle with the dog and hug at the airport and then get married and skate in front of a crowd of people to show how in love we are.”

Nezumi & Shion: *crashing out of an exploding building in a car that’s on fire*  “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!”