Drink - Jaebum (Day 51/100)

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Prompt: Drink
Member: Jaebum x Reader
AU: Royal!AU

Word Count: 2079

This is a fic describing the first kiss of Prince Jaebum and his assassin guard~

You stopped in front of the prince’s tent and cleared your throat, hoping to get his attention.

“My lord,” you said, waiting for a reply. There was a moment of silence before Jaebum spoke.

“You may enter,” he called from inside the tent.

The two of you had been travelling for a while to get to a nearby city, keeping off the road as much as you could. You finally reached the outskirts and had insisted on going to check it out before letting the prince go in order to make sure it was safe for him. To your surprise, the city had been extremely lively and was filled with kind people that continuously asked if you were okay or if you were lost.

You managed to obtain information from one of the elders in town and were about to take your leave when he handed you a bottle. You were surprised at first, but he assured you that it was a custom to give those kinds of gifts to new friends in the city. You had taken it with suspicion but simply thanked him and headed back to where you and Jaebum had made camp.

“What news do you have?” he asked when you entered. He had let his long hair down and it framed is sharp face nicely. You sat cross-legged before him and pulled out your bag.

“The citizens are all in good health. The town seems to be wealthy and, at least at the moment, there don’t seem to be any disturbances,” you said. “Also, some of the older men said that the leader of the town hall would be making an announcement tomorrow afternoon about the new water supply system. I think it’s worth going,” you added. Jaebum nodded at your information.

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