no.5 from october

. It is true there is not enough beauty in the world.
It is also true that I am not competent to restore it.
Neither is there candor, and here I may be of some use.

I am
at work, though I am silent.

The bland

misery of the world
bounds us on either side, an alley

lined with trees; we are

companions here, not speaking,
each with his own thoughts;

behind the trees, iron
gates of the private houses,
the shuttered rooms

somehow deserted, abandoned,

as though it were the artist’s
duty to create
hope, but out of what? what?

the word itself
false, a device to refute
perception— At the intersection,

ornamental lights of the season.

I was young here. Riding
the subway with my small book
as though to defend myself against

this same world:

you are not alone,
the poem said,
in the dark tunnel.

Louise Gluck, no.5 from ‘October,’ Averno

Here is the audiorecord from October 5, 1888. It was from a well-recorded dinner party at “Little Menlo” in London introducing the phonograph to England. These are merely excerpts – almost the entire dinner party was recorded!


~Yumemigusa Gacha~

The gacha will be separated into two parts: The sakura chapter and moon chapter.

The sakura chapter will be from October 5 to October 15 and it will feature the members of Gravi

The moon chapter will be from October 16 to October 26 and it will feature the members of Procella

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Reminder: this is not part of the Tsukino Park Parade Project