Early in the war, the British expressed interest in the early designs of the P-38.  However, the Model 322 was sent to the British for evaluation, but was limited by not having the turbosuperchargers.  These “Castrated Lightnings” flew well enough at lower altitudes, but lacked the high altitude capabilities of other aircraft.  None were ordered, and none of these variants were in a production status to see combat.  Looks great in the British colors.


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Remington New Model Police 1863

Manufactured by E. Remington and Sons c.1865-1873 in New York - serial number 367.
.38 rimfire five-shot cylinder, single action, ‘creeping’ lever to release the cylinder axis and reload the gun.

Apparently Remington decided to use cap and ball spare parts to make brand new out-of-the-box metallic cartridge conversions of their 1858 Pocket.