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I know that you made a comic a long time ago about how the Monsters deal with bad days, but may I ask how You, Sir Jim, deals with them?

* I could probably respond to this with something better that could be useful to other people, but my friends follow this blog and they’d know it was a lie.

* 9 out of 10 times when I’m having a bad day, I draw vent art of my gemsonas.

* Self inserts are my #1 coping mechanism.

* It’s also something I wrote about more in depth here!

* Huh, maybe it’s a useful answer after all lmao

The fashion industry is the 2nd biggest environmental pollutant in the world. The #30Wears campaign from Eco-Age and Livia Firth challenges people to only purchase clothing they will wear at least 30 times.
Tom Hiddleston is really the perfect candidate for this campaign- we all know he can wear something 30 times in 30 days! So here are a few “Hiddles Tips” on how to #30wears!

1) Mix & Match: you can change up your look simply by alternating shirts and jackets 

2) Uniform: have a specific outfit to wear to the gym. This can also double as great motivation when you *know* these clothes are for exercise! (I have owned plenty of yoga pants that never actually saw the inside of a gym)

3) Get A Classic Suit: men are at a great advantage when they can wear the same suit over and over without anyone caring. Tom for his 3-piece Armani suit countless times and still made all the best dressed lists. Simply add a different color dress shirt or tie for a fresh new look!

4) Versatility: buy clothes you can wear many different ways. BLACK JEANS MATCH EVERYTHING and you can wear them to any event. Dress up your black jeans with a blazer or go casual in a flannel shirt! Also, go versatile with your shoes like Tom’s appropriate for all occasions Aquatalia boots!

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A headcannon that one day Saeyoung just starts calling MC his girlfriend for no reason at all, jokingly, and MC rolls with it, calling him her boyfriend. Fast forward, they're best friends, still referring to one another as their s/o, and then... nothing changes. They continue doing it, but now their friendly hugs turn into kisses, their short cuddle sessions turn into them sleeping together. Promise rings turn into engangment ones. They don't even notice. They don't really talk talk about it.

then one day she gets pregnant and then they finally notice

  • well fuck lol

as soon as i’m done with my last damn essay i’ll post i’m so sorry guys v.v

Leave No Trace: A Mindfulness Game

For the next three days, we’ll leave behind the thought-heavy “taking stock” exercises and move to everyday practice.  “Leave no trace” is another mindfulness practice I’ve adapted from the magnificent book, “How to Train a Wild Elephant.”

Step 1.

Find a spot in your house, apartment, car or office – one that, for the next three days, whenever you encounter it you will be sure to leave it looking like no one had been there. As a fellow ADHD traveler, I have no doubt you have plenty of places around you that are less than tidy.  Choose a spot that is not too big but ambitious enough that you’ll notice a difference to see it always looking pristine. I’ve always done this practice with my kitchen sink area.  Here are photos of it this morning, before and after leaving no trace:

Step 2. Leave no trace.

Every time you encounter this spot for the next few days, tidy it up. If you have a family, partner or a roommate – or if someone else is using your car or you share or an office space – doesn’t matter.  Don’t think about “whose” mess it is, just tidy it up without thinking about it. 

When I first did this practice, I chose the kitchen sink because a mountain of dirty dishes always looked like the most insurmountable thing to finish. I’d do a few dishes and then leave the rest, and myy partner would usually bat cleanup. (Yes, I didn’t mean to be, but I was being a dick). Telling myself I just had to get through it, I powered through once and then maintaining it became a bit of a game.  Now, when I’m feeling like my life (or the rest of the house) is feeling chaotic, I return to this practice as a simple way of reminding myself that climbing out of chaos happens one step at a time. 

Journaling practice: Does this practice have the same impact on you as it did on me? Does it just feel silly?  What are you thinking about when completing your practice– anything at all, or are you hyper focused on the task at hand?

Practice Leave No Trace for Three Days.

Day 24: Most underrated scene

The scene in the motel room with Shaylene in Girls, Girls, Girls.

Obvious shallow reasons (single layer alert!) aside, I love how many stages Jensen takes Dean through over the course of the scene.

At the beginning, Dean is looking younger and more full of energy than we’ve seen him in a long time:

He’s all turned on, cute and little-boy excited:

Then he goes to confused and disappointed (but still cute) when it turns out Shaylene is a prostitute:

He then immediately becomes wary, his walls going up, when Shaylene starts talking about souls. He also suddenly looks older:

And by the time he knowingly observes that Shaylene doesn’t seem to love her job like she claims, he’s looking downright old and world-weary.


I grew up watching Degrassi, coincidentally I fell in love with Hazel’s boyfriend Jimmy. When the show concluded everyone was talking about how jimmy was making music, that’s when I was first introduced to Drake. From the first time heard his music I fell in love. He’s always been an artist I look up to. Aubrey is so talented and has so many dimensions to his art. I’m happy to say that I’ve supported Drake through most of it all his career. I hope one day I get to meet you and tell you about how much you not only changed my life but the lives of so many other fans. I’m so proud of the artist he’s become, so many different projects and styles but at the core still grounded and humble. Drake has played a very big part of my life and I love him soooooo much. He could have done so many other things after Degrassi but I’m so glad he did music and kept going for us, the fans. From the bottom of my heart Drake, THANK YOU 💘 and Happy Birthday.