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ID #22326

Name: Daniela
Age: 22
Country: Perú

Hi you all, I study Advertising Communications in college, my mother tongue is spanish and I would love to find lovely people to talk to as often as possible.

I love writing, reading, listening music, binge watching series, my new hobbie is learning about advertisement and I’m pretty curious so I really enjoy learning things and knowing about new people and places. Snail mail can be kinda expensive so I do prefer to talk over email and, even better, whatsapp since I think it´s more personal and I want to find people I can truly be myself with.

Some info about myself:
-I’m a redhead and here in Perú that’s not usual at all so I always end up talking to people that know me but I can’t remember.
-People ALWAYS tell me I look exactly like Mérida from brave, like even random people walking on the street.
-I like thinking about the world, existience, just thinking about it all
-I love animals with my whole being, I have a cat named Lilo
-I’m the middle child, still now sure how I feel about it
-I love sarcasm and Irony A LOT
-I would love to talk without covers with someone, like truly say the kind of things people never say even when they are feeling it.

Preferences: People over 16 years old, any culture, sexuality, orientation, gender, etc, I just don’t want racist (in any way) people, I firmly believe all humans should be equal. People that are okay talking in whatsapp :)

In exactly one month from now I’ll turn 24. Meaning in a little more than a year I’ll officially start being older than Crowley since he stopped aging at age 25. On the other hand, as a vampire, he’s actually old as balls meaning I cannot technically be older than him, ever. Thus I will enter some kind of space-time paradox where I’m both older and younger than my beloved.

But in the end, I don’t care much because at this point, I’ve long transcended the stage of humanity and merely exist as the embodiment of everyone’s love for Crowley. Like some kind of succubus, who feeds on people’s affection for him to make my love grow even stronger everyday.

Anyway now starts the “send pity money to Isa-chan so she can treat herself with a nice homemade Crowley dakimakura operation”. Bc I fuckin swear to all of you, by next month, I’ll have this goddamn dakimakura as my birthday present from myself.

an ode to the theatre kids i guess

To the twelve year olds that seek out 17th century French literature because they want to read more about Enjolras and Grantaire.

To the kids reaching for biographies about the guy that they once thought was a president to learn the other side of the Reynolds Affair.

To the kids ambitious enough to open War and Peace, in hopes of hearing the electropop opera from an ancient book.

To the kids that have a new thirst for knowledge,

Because they know how lucky they are to have access to it.

Because they know that there are so many naughty girls who don’t get books.

Or boys that can’t afford to sell or read the papes.

Because they know it’s a hard knock life.

And they’re alone in the universe.

To the kids that need to be reminded that you matter to me and you will be found.

Maybe they don’t listen learn to sing from their governess,

Or to fly.

Maybe they just learn that life could be beautiful,

As they sit on their school bus, wondering if there’s enough hope to get through Krises and Heathers and Gastons.

Maybe they wish for a supercomputer or a Grimmerie.

Maybe they’re older and feel pretty or that something’s coming.

To the daughters that see an extra speck of joy in everything,

That hum laments when they develop colds,

And ballads when reprimanded and sick of swimming.

To the sons that wonder if there’s a possibility of a brighter life,

If they won the lottery and became rich men,

Or took their fears and turned them off.

This is to the theatre kids.

Raise a glass, you bet your ass,

To the theatre kids.

Because they’re writing the orchestrations and soundtracks of your future.