22 Days Of Christmas - Part 3

Title: 22 Days Of Christmas - Part 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Author: fvckingbuckyandsteve

A/n: Guys, your feedback is appreciated, I feel like this series is a flop, and it’s probably not good enough, I don’t know if I should continue with it:( [Ps: slight mention of sex at the end]

Summary:This 22 Days Before Christmas is a new Drabble series, it’s made out of 22 Drabbles, a new one each day for Either Bucky or Steve.

Part 1 Part 2

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文豪ストレイドッグス 第22話 「ポオと乱歩」

There is always an episode where it’s all about your bias. This is the episode.

For the 2nd picture, even though it writes ‘This sentence is five words. This sentence is not five words’, the actual translation for the Japanese words is actually ‘This sentence has 10 characters/words. This sentence does not have 10 characters/words’. Original sentence - この行は十文字である。この行は十文字ではない。


Hz.Ömer (R.A) Bu Derece Endişe Duyarken,
Nedir Senin Bu Rahatlığın Ey Nefsim!
Cennetteki Yerin Mi Gosterildi ?!
Benzeri Olmayan Bir Hayr Mı Yaptın ?!
İbadetlerin Mi Tam !?
Tovben Bile Eksikken Kibirindeki Bu Fazlalık Niye Ey Nefsim..

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Dude I'm 19 and I get so uncomfortable when people who are like 22+ try to message me on Her. Like Im a freshman in college who lives in a dorm and you're an actual adult with like Adult Experience. Wtf do you want with me?

yeah i get that

but tbh the idea that 22 year olds are actual adults with adult experience makes me laugh really really hard bc… 21 and i feel like a kid most of the time.

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From the nanofic once again:

The two children … well, no, not quite children any longer. The two adolescents stared out the window as the trees zoomed past in flashes of sun-dappled green. The bus rolled on down winding roads towards a specific patch of grass that was utterly unremarkable except for the eight pairs of feet on it, eight figures waiting to welcome the Mystery Twins back for their fourth summer in Gravity Falls.

22 Jump Street | Introduction

Summery: Modern-Day(AU) After making their way through High School (twice), big chances are stored in for Officer Rogers and Barnes when they go deep undercover at a local college.

This is a fan-fiction, based on the movie 22 Jump Street (trailer link) and the series (1987-91), 21 Jump Street. (wiki page)

Starring: Bucky Barnes | Steve Rogers | Nick Fury

Word Count: 510

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime 

Warnings: mention of drugs, language

A/N: Okay, guys. I’m ready, are you? Lol I’m screeching anyway, shit’s about to get started. A huge, huge, huge credit to Wikipedia for helping me draft this introduction 😜. 

To be completely honest, I’ve seen this movie more than the times I can count it on my all ten fingers, really. It’s the best movie and I absolutely love it. If you haven’t then go watch it before reading, or don’t you’ll probably come to know about it from this fic ahaha

Tags are open. Just shoot me an ask if you want to continue reading 22 Jump Street 

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Year 2005 was the year when they first met each other. They didn’t know they’d be best friends. He was a jock and the other one was a skinny looking nerd. He got the girls and the other one struggled to even get a dame to look at him. He was a failure and the other one was a scholar. They both graduated High School but missed their prom. Rogers being rejected by the girl he asked to be his date and Barnes being barred from attending because of his poor grades.

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