no.2 is disclosure

Just in case anyone wanted a Connie x Steven episode marathon I’ve compiled a list of all of the episodes that they appear in together.

So grab the Cookie Cat’s and sit down because here’s APPROX 4 HOURS OF CONNVERSE. (Correct as of 15/09/16)

Season 1

(Episode 1) Bubble Buddies

(Episode 17) Lion 2: The Movie

(Episode 19) Rose’s Room

(Episode 24) An Indirect Kiss

(Episode 25) Mirror Gem

(Episode 26) Ocean Gem

(Episode 32) Fusion Cuisine

(Episode 37) Alone Together

(Episode 42) Winter Forecast

(Episode 44) Marble Madness

(Episode 46) Open Book

Season 2

(Episode 1) Full Disclosure

(Episode 4) Love Letters

(Episode 6) Sworn To The Sword

(Episode 9) We Need To Talk

(Episode 16) Nightmare Hospital

(Episode 23) Steven’s Birthday

Season 3

(Episode 11) Beach City Drift

(Episode 16) Gem Hunt

(Episode 17) Crack the Whip

Season 4

(Episode 3) Buddy’s Book

(Episode 4) Mindful Education

lireecrirerever  asked:

It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini is not a perfect book by any means, but as a mentally ill person I think that book is real and raw and it meant a lot to me to see that representation. The events are taken almost directly out of Ned's experiences with depression and in-house mental health care. He committed suicide a few years ago.

(Part 2) Full disclosure though, It’s Kind of a Funny Story is really weird and it isn’t for everyone. Every single character in it is deeply fucked up and some people might see some of those characters as bad representation.

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1. luna - galaxy
2. disclosure ft. sam smith - latch
3. block b - her
4. bap - badman
5. little mix - change your life
6. block b - very good
7. monsta x ft. yella diamond - interstellar
8. 4minute - crazy
9. jay park & ugly duck - ain’t no party like an aomg party
10. zhoumi ft. tao - rewind

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Okay so here are the episodes from the first season that I think should be watched. Keep in mind that some are still kinda light and with some goofing around but I still consider them important because of character and/or concept introductions. This is my own opinion though, if there are other SU nerds out there you guys can correct me:

Gem Glow
Laser Light Cannon
Bubble Buddies
Steven’s Lion
Giant Woman
Rose’s Room
Coach Steven
Monster Buddies
An Indirect Kiss
Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem
Lion 3: Straight to Video
Warp Tour
Alone Together
On the Run
Rose’s Scabbard
Story for Steven
The Message
The Return/Jailbreak


Full Disclosure
Sworn to the Sword
Keeping It Together
We Need to Talk
Chille Tid
Cry for Help
Nightmare Hospital
Catch and Release
When It Rains
Steven’s Birthday
Message Received

(I consider Peridot’s character development kinda important but I skipped it over here. I mean other than that and her idea of helping with a plot related issue, nothing else happens in her episodes.)

Season 3 has a lot of plot heavy stuff so instead I’ll list the ‘filler’ ones in this instance:

Steven Floats (all you have to know from this one is that Steven can hover)
Drop Beat Dad
The New Lars (all you have to know from this one is that Steven can take over other people’s bodies)
Beach City Drift
Restaurant Wars
Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service
Steven vs. Amethyst (Amethyst development sorta, it’s more about her than plot but if you like her you can give it a watch)


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Ohmygod THANK YOU! 

You sent this just in time, haha. I’m planning on watching some episodes to unwind later tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing Peridot and Lapis the most. I don’t know anything about them yet.

The signs as Stevenbomb episodes
  • Aries: Full Disclosure
  • Taurus: Onion Friend
  • Gemini: Jail Break
  • Cancer: Rose's Scabbard
  • Leo: Steven's Birthday
  • Virgo: The Answer
  • Libra: Chille Tid
  • Scorpio: Cry for Help
  • Sagittarius: It Could've Been Great
  • Capricorn: Log Date 7 15 2
  • Aquarius: Message Received
  • Pisces: We Need to Talk

Best EDM Songs of 2015:

1. “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MO

Blow a kiss, fire a gun / all we need is somebody to lean on.

2. “Omen" by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

My mind would rule my heart / I didn’t pay attention to the light in the dark.

3. “Fantasy” by Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Say you wanna get so high? / breathe me in like air tonight / listen to the waves / I could be your fantasy. 

4. “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris ft. Disciples

How deep is your love? / is it like the ocean? / what devotion are you?

5. “Runaway (You & I)” by Galantis

Anywhere out this place / I wanna run away / just U and I.

6. “Firestone” by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

My heart’s alive / Firestones / when they strike / we feel the love.

7. “Sweets (Soda Pop)” by Fox Stevenson

Thats what you gotta do to get a drink of soda / Soda Pop around here?

8. “Rumors” by Pep & Rash

There’s a rumor going ‘round about you / I would like to find out if it’s true / I am free baby, tonight are you?

9. “The Only Way Is Up” by Martin Garrix & Tiesto

The only way is up, baby / for you and me now.

10. “Five More Hours” by Deorro ft. Chris Brown

We found some time / to break each other’s heart, yeah / You said “Don’t look back / and find the road to follow, yeah.”

A List of all SU Episodes so far for those who want to catch up

Steven Universe

Season 1:
Gem Glow
Laser Light Cannon
Cheeseburger Backpack
Cat Fingers
Bubble Buddies
Serious Steven
Tiger Millionaire
Steven’s Lion
Arcade Mania
Giant Woman
So Many Birthdays
Lars and the Cool Kids
Onion Trade
Steven the Sword Fighter
Lion 2: The Movie
Beach Party
Rose’s Room
Coach Steven
Joking Victim
Steven and the Stevens
Monster Buddies
An Indirect Kiss
Mirror Gem (Part 1)
Ocean Gem (Part 2)
House Guest
Space Race
Secret Team
Island Adventure
Keep Beach City Weird
Fusion Cuisine
Garnet’s Universe
Watermelon Steven
Lion 3: Straight to Video
Warp Tour
Alone Together
The Test
Future Vision
On the Run
Horror Club
Winter Forecast
Maximum Capacity
Marble Madness
Rose’s Scabbard
Open Book
Short Club
Story for Steven
The Message
Political Power
The Return (Part 1)
Jailbreak (Part 2)

Season 2:
Full Disclosure
Joy Ride
Say Uncle
Love Letters
Sworn to the Sword
Rising Tides,Crashing Skies
Keeping it Together
We Need to Talk
Chille Tid
Cry for Help
Keystone Motel
Onion Friend
Historical Friction
Friend Ship
Nightmare Hospital
Sadie’s Song
Catch and Release
When it Rains
Back to the Barn
Too Far
The Answer
Steven’s Birthday
It Could’ve Been Great
Message Received
Log Date 7 15 2

Season 3:
Super Watermelon Island (Part 1)
Gem Drill (Part 2)
Same Old World
Barn Mates
Hit the Diamond
Steven Floats
Drop Beat Dad


“Sometimes maybe you need an experience. The experience can be a person or it can be a drug. The experience opes a door that was there all the time but you never saw it. Or maybe it blasts you into outer space.” -Melvin Burgess

1. You & Me // Flume Remix (Disclosure)

2. Chamber of Reflection // Mac DeMarco

3. Come Together // Tina Turner

4. Cause I’m a Man // Tame Impala

5. Palo Alto // Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange)

6. Retrograde // James Blake

7. Pursuit of Happiness // Kid Cudi

8. Stay High // Habits Remix Layered (Tove Lo)

9. Step // Vampire Weekend

10. Afterglow // Cutline Remix (Wilkinson)

11. Ode to Viceroy // Mac DeMarco

12. The End // Remix (The Doors) 

13. Electric Feel // MGMT

14. Earned It // The Weeknd

15. High You Are // Branchez Remix (What So Not)

16. Riders on the Storm // Remix (The Doors)


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             A Fractured House: “Black Bear” by Andrew Belle (x