no.2 is disclosure

The Addams Family Musical Songs [Broadway Version]
  • When You're an Addams: screw societal norms this is Halloween motherfuckers
  • Pulled: What's demiromantic?
  • Where Did We Go Wrong: Wednesday? Something's not right. The corners of your mouth are pointing up. Maybe you're running a fever.
  • One Normal Night: Just for the love of everything holy PLEASE don't show off the pet lion and man-eating plants
  • Morticia: I haven't talked about how much I love my wife in the last five minutes, anyway she's beautiful and amazing and I'd literally rather die than see her unhappy
  • What If: Friendly Sibling Rivalry taken to the upmost extreme
  • Full Disclosure: Wednesday remember what you said about pretending to be normal well fuck that
  • Waiting: posts a bunch of personal shit then deletes it next morning
  • Full Disclosure - Part 2: doo doo do-do-do
  • Just Around the Corner: Morticia don't joke about that kind of stuff
  • The Moon and Me: that's rough buddy
  • Happy/Sad: Wait this is Addams Family I'm not supposed to be crying
  • Crazier Than You: I have worse self-preservation instincts than you I'll prove it
  • Let's Not Talk about Anything Else but Love: Avoiding the Question? Son you're in the Addams House we talk about our problems here
  • In the Arms: I'm like 90% sure someone was high when they wrote this but idk they did a good job
  • Live Before We Die: Nice but we deserve like 800x more Morticia/Gomez songs get to it
  • Move Toward the Darkness: So I guess all's well that ends well. Also Fester's on the moon now.

anonymous asked:

Could you do an analysis on how Connie and Steven lean on each other? The question came into my with the post of them sleeping together and the person who put it there saying how they do lean on each other. Sorry for the rambling!

So I actually got this before I got the Amethyst Arc ask but I figured the Amethyst Arc was a lot shorter so I did it first. Aight here we go.

It’s Bubble Buddies all over again. Connie has spent her whole life with nothing interesting, nothing she could really brag about, when suddenly she’s plunged into a world of magic and gems and Steven. She’s enamored with it all, with all this knowledge and new worlds to explore.

Steven, on his end, doesn’t have very many human friends, and the ones he does are typically older than him. He was touched by her loneliness at the parade and sees no reason why they can’t be friends. He has plenty of human friends who are never put in any real danger. 

They hit it off rather quickly, playing off each other’s quirks; Steven’s kind and trusting nature along with Connie’s common sense and level-minded thinking.

Boom! Jam Buds.

Connie is incredibly interested in Steven’s magical world and how it all works…

She just has no real idea how to make her place in it quite yet.

Steven, in return, has no idea how in the heck having a human buddy works in the middle of magical crisis. He’s always been the one to tone down the magic and mayhem as best he can around his friends, because he’s tried to tell them things before and it doesn’t work very well.

Connie works. This is a new development for him.

An Indirect Kiss is when things take a turn for both of them.

Steven gets his new power, thanks to Connie (well, he discovers it thanks to her, anyway) and Connie’s vision is corrected. This marks the first time Connie has actually gotten involved with magic; she’s gone on adventures, but never has anything about magic actually effected her.

This isn’t a bump or bruise. This is her entire way of seeing. 

Connie plays a minor role here, but she follows them on a dangerous journey (with no protection, unlike Greg, although his backfired on him) into the elements and battle and even willingly throws herself onto Lion to save Steven from danger, putting herself in the midst of millions of gallons of falling water to teleport him to safety.

You don’t really come back from creating an entirely new being by turning both your bodies into light and mashing together.

 Steven and Connie have just created new life together. Two seconds before this dance, Stevonnie didn’t exist.Now they do, and will, for as long as they do. That’s a monumental thing for two kids to share together.

Connie especially. Steven’s gem went through the hassle of turning her organic body into light for the sake of their fusion. I can only imagine how disorienting and intimate that must feel to her. 

But then Connie almost loses him, and vice versa.

Connie has never been on this side of it before. It’s always been her who’s moved away, she who’s lost sight of the faces of locals she’s become accustomed to. This is the first time someone has ever pulled away from her, and it’s her best friend.

And why? Because he thinks she’ll get hurt. That she can’t hold up, should some dangerous gems come along, and he’s right. She can’t. What does she know about fighting?

Well, would you look at that.

(Not that Connie hasn’t shown interest in weapons before. She seemed really excited about them in Lion 2; Straight to Movie.

Regardless of who might be watching, they fuse into Stevonnie without even really meaning to, trusting the other enough to just slip into light.

Risk the ire of Mrs. Maheswaran (who, while I love, can be a terrifying lady when her daughter’s wellbeing gets involved) to retrieve Steven’s Sword rather than just admit that Connie knows how to weapon.

And, even then, Steven intervenes, because he doesn’t like how Mrs. Maheswaran is reacting to all of this. He’s watched Connie hop up and down like a pet after a toy while being scolded and feels like she’s being made a mockery of. Her ability is amazing, and he wants Connie’s mother to see that.

Connie takes to Steven’s slow aging badly, because she’s suddenly uncertain of their future together.

But she also takes the time to reassure him that she’s still staying with him, is still there.

In Beach City Drift they discuss their anger and how they want to react to it, checking in on how the other one is doing.

They rely on each other heavily throughout Gem Hunt, to the point that they were literally pressed back to back for body heat.

Their urge to protect Amethyst from Jasper brings forth Stevonnie, who eagerly rides to the challenge and beats a full-fledged gem.

Most importantly, they trust each other enough to unload a great amount of emotional and mental stress they’ve built up, using Stevonnie as a guide trough Garnet’s teachings.

Man, have I missed making this stupidly long posts! They’re a lot of fun, and good for stretching my skills as a writer and thinker. 


I think way too many people tend to forget how young Ladybug and Chat Noir are supposed to be (I’m looking at you angst side of the fandom).  

Based on this post.

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The Beginning (pt. 3) (alternatively titled "Full Disclosure")

((Hey, I recommend listening to Full Disclosure (part 1 and 2) from the Addams Family Musical before/during reading this…it’ll make a lot more sense!)

Graduation, the time every teenager looks forward to (well…mostly). Walking across that stage was a feeling that is indescribable, especially because you saw your boyfriend smiling at you from his seat. He looked the happiest you’d seen him all day, especially seeing how nervous he had been this morning, constantly fidgeting with the sleeves of his gown, patting the pockets on his jeans.

At the small graduation party at his house, he was sort of….distant. You tried asking Zoe and Evan about it, but they shrugged it off as a post high school existential crisis. You were still worried about him though, keeping a close eye on him throughout the party.

During the dinner, Cynthia pulls out a chalice type cup and smiles at everyone. She slides it over towards Connor, as everyone begins to sing Full Disclosure (part 2). You smile as he stands up, getting on one knee. They finish the song and Jared shouts “She better agree! We all learned that stupid song for this!” And everyone laughs, but you’re just confused. Connor rolls his eyes, pulling a ring out of the chalice, looking up at you.

“Full disclosure, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)…. I had a speech planned, fuck… fuck it. (Y/N), will you marry me so we can upgrade our costumes to Morticia and Gomez Addams?” He says nervously, realizing people are recording him.

You nod your head quickly, smiling widely as you wipe away a tear. “Full disclosure, yes!” You laugh out, pulling him up to kiss him.

Everyone cheers as Connor picks you up, kissing your forehead. You laugh as you look up at him “I can’t believe you asked me to marry you by asking to upgrade our Halloween costumes.” You say as he slips the ring on to your finger.

“Shut up.”

Just in case anyone wanted a Connie x Steven episode marathon I’ve compiled a list of all of the episodes that they appear in together.

So grab the Cookie Cat’s and sit down because here’s APPROX 4 HOURS OF CONNVERSE. (Correct as of 15/09/16)

Season 1

(Episode 1) Bubble Buddies

(Episode 17) Lion 2: The Movie

(Episode 19) Rose’s Room

(Episode 24) An Indirect Kiss

(Episode 25) Mirror Gem

(Episode 26) Ocean Gem

(Episode 32) Fusion Cuisine

(Episode 37) Alone Together

(Episode 42) Winter Forecast

(Episode 44) Marble Madness

(Episode 46) Open Book

Season 2

(Episode 1) Full Disclosure

(Episode 4) Love Letters

(Episode 6) Sworn To The Sword

(Episode 9) We Need To Talk

(Episode 16) Nightmare Hospital

(Episode 23) Steven’s Birthday

Season 3

(Episode 11) Beach City Drift

(Episode 16) Gem Hunt

(Episode 17) Crack the Whip

Season 4

(Episode 3) Buddy’s Book

(Episode 4) Mindful Education

Even Angels Need Angels - a grahamfield playlist [listen] //

1. Latch - Disclosure (ft. Sam Smith) | 2. Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd | 3. Addicted - Morgan Page (ft. Greg Laswell) | 4. Ever Fallen In Love - The Buzzcocks | 5. Wild - Troye Sivan | 6. Need You Now - Hot Chip | 7. Red - Taylor Swift | 8. Is There Somewhere - Halsey | 9. Moondust - Jaymes Young | 10. All About Us - He is We (ft. Owl City) | 11. Six Feet Under The Stars (acoustic) - All Time Low | 12. Photograph - Ed Sheeran 

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hihi, i hope it isn't annoying for me to pop in, but I was just wondering if you had any writing advice for someone that hasn't written fic in forever and was planning on writing for DEH? I've fallen in love with your writing through Jump and was inspired to actually write for DEH through it so figured id pop in ^^" I hope you're having a nice day!


full disclosure i. am not the best person 2 ask bc jump is the hellspawn of me watching the deh boot drunk and getting Creative.

id suggest reviewing the source material!! watch the boot, listen to the soundtrack, watch interviews talking abt the characters!!

and dont erase aspects of the characters if u can help it. like, try to avoid ignoring the ugly sides of characters out of convenience. these characters are multifaceted, and reducing them down to ‘easy’ archetypes or making them flat and lifeless makes for an uninteresting story!

reading fics also helps wonders, too! but be sure not to take ideas from other people (and by ideas, i mean plot points/plots as a whole/lifting lines and dialogue from them).

get a beta reader if u can, they can do wonders (i say, when even i dont have a beta for jump lmao). all in all have fun!!

and im so so happy to hear ive inspired you!! thats ones of the nicest compliments ive ever received thank u 💜💜


Best EDM Songs of 2015:

1. “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MO

Blow a kiss, fire a gun / all we need is somebody to lean on.

2. “Omen" by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

My mind would rule my heart / I didn’t pay attention to the light in the dark.

3. “Fantasy” by Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Say you wanna get so high? / breathe me in like air tonight / listen to the waves / I could be your fantasy. 

4. “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris ft. Disciples

How deep is your love? / is it like the ocean? / what devotion are you?

5. “Runaway (You & I)” by Galantis

Anywhere out this place / I wanna run away / just U and I.

6. “Firestone” by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

My heart’s alive / Firestones / when they strike / we feel the love.

7. “Sweets (Soda Pop)” by Fox Stevenson

Thats what you gotta do to get a drink of soda / Soda Pop around here?

8. “Rumors” by Pep & Rash

There’s a rumor going ‘round about you / I would like to find out if it’s true / I am free baby, tonight are you?

9. “The Only Way Is Up” by Martin Garrix & Tiesto

The only way is up, baby / for you and me now.

10. “Five More Hours” by Deorro ft. Chris Brown

We found some time / to break each other’s heart, yeah / You said “Don’t look back / and find the road to follow, yeah.”


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             A Fractured House: “Black Bear” by Andrew Belle (x

The signs as Stevenbomb episodes
  • Aries: Full Disclosure
  • Taurus: Onion Friend
  • Gemini: Jail Break
  • Cancer: Rose's Scabbard
  • Leo: Steven's Birthday
  • Virgo: The Answer
  • Libra: Chille Tid
  • Scorpio: Cry for Help
  • Sagittarius: It Could've Been Great
  • Capricorn: Log Date 7 15 2
  • Aquarius: Message Received
  • Pisces: We Need to Talk
My first disclosure

It has been almost 2 years since I was diagnosed, and I recently had my first disclosure with a romantic partner. Let me first explain that I have been having sex these past 2 years, but all my partners have been guys who I had slept with before I was diagnosed. They all got that awesome text “hey I just went to the doctor and I have herpes” yadda yadda yadda. 4 of them decided that I was worth the risk and we’ve had some fun over the past 2 years. But I’ve never had to tell anyone new, I’ve never had to tell someone I liked that I have herpes and open myself up to that rejection. 

 It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do (Bravo to those who are disclosure champs 👏) but I’m so proud of myself for doing it and treating my partner with that courtesy and respect. 

 His reaction? “Babe, that’s it? I don’t give a fuck. Can we have sex now?” Yeah, I found a keeper. 😍

The fandom-held notion that “Pearl gets the most attention in the show out of all the Crystal Gems” is a blatant lie

Something has been bothering me lately.

Whenever a new episode centered on Pearl comes out, everyone seems to post about how Pearl is the Crystal Gem that gets the most episodes centered on her and her development. This happened again recently with Last One Out of Beach City. Out of curiosity (and a rather large amount of boredom and desire to avoid uni homework), I decided to take a look at every single Steven Universe episode, the characters that “star” in each, and what percentage of episodes each character “stars” in out of the currently released 110 episodes.

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