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What We Know About Purple

This is so long omg, sry.


He just wanted to do something exciting for the fans, respect that!!!

1. The announcement was made on the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death.

2. The announcement was made in movie theaters across Chicago.

3. The initial release date for whatever is happening was on 4-28-17, but was moved up to 4-27-17, which is Patrick’s birthday.

4. Pete has previously stated that “someday we need to make the purple one” in regards to fob’s previous albums on Instagram.

5. Fob filmed a music video around two weeks ago, which was stated by a fan in the area who witnessed filming.

6. Pete backed this up through his now-deleted-tweet that said something like “this week was 😑and the next is😎” around the same time of the music videos filming. (I don’t remember the actual wording of the tweet, but it was something like that).

7. This now makes sense that the video he was talking about was probably either an actual music video or the teaser released yesterday.

8. Purple is probably an album because of all these previous statements above and the many hints both Pete and fob have dropped.

9. This is also the start of a new era, which is defined by the gif of a purple wave that is now of fobs official website and their new twitter layout.

10. Pete has a string of tweets that have the emoji 🔮, which is purple, and sound like lyrics. (Documentation of these are on this site somewhere)

11. The album is probably titled something like “young mania” or “young maniac” because of Petes current twitter name which is “yng mnc” with purple emojis in between.

12. The teaser for the movie theaters was also in a purple color wave and started off with the words “Mania Entertainment”. This is a music production company.

13. Late last year and into this one there was some drama about fob maybe leaving island, their current label to our knowledge, so maybe this is their new label? This is backed up by some of Pete’s tweets during late 2016 and early 2017.

14. If this is new music, it is probably a mixture of previous fob music styles with something new. This is because all of their previous albums have been red or blue, which switch every album cycle and red and blue mix to make purple.

15. They have a show scheduled in Brazil in September of this year.

16. It has to do with the ocean because of the theater teaser and the wave gif on fobs site.

17. DCD2, Pete’s record label, has been tweeting more actively lately. Idk if this means anything, but it would also add more credibility to the whole “leaving island thing”.

18. Island Records hasn’t tweeted anything about the fob news to my knowledge, so maybe they really did leave the label?!!?

19. I’ve seen some speculation on this site that this is their last album. This is because all of the previous albums fall into either a blue or red theme in order (tttyg-blue, futct-red, ioh-blue, fad-red, greatest hits bnd-blue, srar-red, abap-blue). Purple breaks this cycle and thus may be their big finale. All the hype going on alludes to this as well.

(If this last point is true I will die)

And lastly, whatever this is, I can’t wait. It’s definitely something new and I want to be supportive in any way I can 😊!

Thanks to anyone who read through this long post. It means a lot.

If anyone else has more info feel free to add onto this post.

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College mail room employee with a yay customers story! So sometime last week, a woman came in with 19 packages that needed labels before we could send them out the next morning. She dropped them off about half an hour before we closed, so I decided to hurry and do them all so the morning girl wouldn't have to worry about them. 10 minutes later, the lady came back with milkshakes for everyone in the mail room! She felt bad for giving us that many so late, so she wanted to apologize with food. :D

Goblin Postscript

i just finished watching goblin last night. i would have finished sooner, but the drama was making my heart too heavy, that i had to take breaks in between watching. my heart is still too heavy, so here i am pouring writing down my feelings. maybe i’ll feel better. this will be another long-ass post, and this may also contain spoilers. consider this a warning, although i will be indicating spoiler alerts.

this was the second drama (the first was dots) where i felt robbed of the final episode after mistaking ep 19 as the last one instead of ep 16. i always forget that there are special episodes, and it’s not completely my fault, since labeled ep 19 as the final episode. my heart ached too much when *spoiler alert* eun tak died, thinking that this was the most painful near-end part that my friends hinted. apparently, the near-end that they were referring to was literally the near-end of the episode (i thought that they referred to the episode before the last). hah! it’s okay, though. i watched the ep 16 again this morning with the knowledge of it being the last, and i think i was able to get the closure that i wanted.

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Hi! I'm AFAB & a questioning demigirl/greygender. Wondering if you could help with something. See, I'm completely okay being referred to with most female identifiers (girl, she, etc.) but I don't really feel comfortable being called a woman or a lady. Thing is I'm not sure if that's anything to do with my gender, or if I just don't feel mature/old enough (I'm 19) for those labels. I guess I just don't feel very valid ID-ing as a demigirl/greygender because I'm ok being seen as female. Advice?

Hey there no matter what words you feel comfortable with, your still completely valid as your gender identity!! Liking female words doesn’t make you less of a demigirl!!

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Meet Shamir, the “queer black kid” who’s turn pop on its head  

In the months leading up to his May 19 major-label debut, 20-year-old Shamir became pop’s poster child for gender fluidity — and the source of much excitement over a nascent revolution in pop. The New York Times ran a feature titled “Pop Music Catches Up to Shamir,” but the singer doesn’t consider what he’s doing to be particularly earth-shattering.

“I don’t think I’m really doing anything that’s too different or forward-thinking,” he says. “I think the whole ‘changing pop music’ thing is just more because it’s really different for people to see a queer black kid doing it.”

Except that’s exactly what’s different about Shamir: his lack of bullshit. And it touches more than just his image. It also affects his music.

Doldrums - Ch 1

TITLE: Doldrums 

Chapter One

Character: Actor Tom

Genre: Romance

Summary: American university student Eva is spending Spring Break in an unlikely place, but what happens might just might be worth the lack of a sunny beach. 

Rating: T for now.

Authors Note/Warning: None

Just. A. Little. Bit. Farther. I chanted to myself as I was finishing up my five-mile battle with the treadmill.  God, you’re so out of shape Eva. I decided to finish up my workout on a high note, so I cranked up the treadmill up to 11, and began the somewhat quicker pace. I was on the second day of my week-long vacation for spring break here in Toronto. Not exactly the most idealic location for spring break, but I won the trip on an online competition, so no complaints from me. The promotion put me up in the Ritz, with beautiful views of Lake Ontario. One of the  best parts of the hotel however, was the hotel gym. Set on the top floor, I did my workout overlooking the city from twenty floors up. Toronto in the morning was truly a beautiful sight. I had flown in yesterday afternoon, and by the time I got through customs, it was dark out, so I retreated to my penthouse suite and ordered in. Rising early, my first goal was to enjoy the gym and pool. I made my way up one floor to the gym, and am now nearing the end of my hour long work out in the empty gym. Is anyone else even awake, I wondered. Sure it was almost seven in the morning, but I, the ultimate nigh-owl, anti-morning, person should not be the only one up here. I shrugged and strode the last few thousand feet in peace and quiet.

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