School Grade: Junior high school

This character was formerly written 圈, and is a combination of 囗 enclosure, and 卷/巻 roll (up). Here 卷/巻 is a phonetic element working to express “block” while also lending its own idea of “containment.” Together with 囗 this gives “that contained by a blocking enclosure,” or a “zone/range.”

Joe Hisaishi by Hayao Miyazaki 

In 2008 a concert was held at Tokyo’s 14,000-seat Nippon Budoukan venue to mark 25 years of musical collaboration between composer Joe Hisaishi and film maker Hayao Miyazaki and as a thank you Hayao Miyazaki created this portrait which would be used for the event poster. 

This massive concert featured performances of these signature Miyazaki film scores composed by Hisaishi, conducting from the piano, and the 200-member New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra, along with six featured vocalists, the 800 combined voices of the Ippan Koubo, Ritsuyuukai and Little Singers of Tokyo choirs, plus a 160-piece marching band. Altogether there were some 1160 musicians and singers on stage, backed by images from Miyazaki’s films projected on a giant screen.

Watch the full concert in glorious HD below


Notre Dame de Paris

The story of the grand cathedral begins in 1160 when newly appointed bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully, ordered for a new cathedral to built on a site where another cathedral once stood. Three years later, the cornerstone was laid on the site by either de Sully or Pope Alexander III. The eastern side was the first side to be worked on and finished in 1182. The west side then started under the watch of Maurice’s successor, Eudes de Sully in 1200. Yet the western side was not completed until 1225; after Eudes’ death. Twenty five years later, in 1250, the western towers and rose windows were completed. However, the entire church itself would not be completed until 1345. About four hundred years later during the French Revolution, the church was looted and vandalized during the riots and protests against the monarchy rule. Yet, the Notre Dame- which simply translates to “Our Lady”, which refers to the Virgin Mary- remains to be one of France’s oldest and iconic landmarks. 


Out Of Sight Part Two - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by matthewsdangles34

Thank you guys for the amazing support on part one! I love hearing your feedback so much. I hope you enjoy part two! Please let me know what you think. If there are things you like or don’t like. Thank you again!

Word Count: 1160

Warnings: I think one curse word?

Part One / Part Two / Part 3

 Luckily, Willy lived in the same building as you, only a couple floors down. You knocked on the door and waited a couple seconds. You’re looking down, playing with your hands. Tears still falling but your arm muscles are tired from reaching up to stop them. There’s a strange feeling in your mind. It’s blank. Not being able to create a thought.

The door swings open taking you by surprise. A gust of wind blowing your hair over your shoulders. You jump back a slight bit. A flash moving by your vision and immediately you feel a body wrap around you, a hard chest at your face. Fresh air replaced with a smokey cologne.

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Wonder Woman; 12 days

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 47 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 165 days

Justice League; 180 days

Black Panther; 271 days

New Mutants; 327 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 348 days

Deadpool 2; 376 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 411 days

Venom; 502 days

X-Men: Dark Phoenix; 530 days

Aquaman; 579 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 634 days

Captain Marvel; 656 days

Shazam; 684 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 712 days

Justice League 2; 754 days

Untitled Spider-Man sequel; 774 days

Untitled DC movie; 894 days

Cyborg; 1048 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1076 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1160 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1174 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1265 days


A newly re-edited playlist of mine featuring music composed and performed by women in the medieval era. The mix contains both religious and secular music from Western Europe, Armenia, Byzantium, and Al-Andalus. All pieces date between the 8th and 15th centuries.

Zarmani e Ints  |  Khosrovidukht (8th Century)
Avgoustou Monarchisantos  |  Kassia (810-865)
O Vis Aeternitatis  |  Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Mout M'abelist Quant le Voi  |  Maroie de Dregnau de Lille (13th Century)
Kharjas: Non Me Mordas Ya Habibi  |  Andalusian Anon. (13th Century)
Sol Oritur Occasus Nescius  |  Herrad of Landsberg (1130-1198)
A Chantar M’er de So Qu'eu no Volria  |  Comtessa de Dia (1140-1212)
Saltarello: “La Regina”  |  Italian Anon. (14th Century)
Amours, ou Trop Tart me Sui Pris  |  Attributed to Blanche of Castile (1188-1252)
Na Maria  |  Bieiris de Romans (early 13th Century)
Conductus: Ave Maris Stella  |  From the “Las Huelgas Codex” (13th Century)
Kharjas: Adir la-na Akwab  |  Andalusian Anon. (13th Century)
Si'us Qu'er Conselh Bela Amia Alamanda  |  Giraut de Bornelh (1138-1215) and
 Alamanda de Castelnau (1160?-1223)
Mout Avetz Fach  |  Castelloza (early 13th Century)
Deuil Angoisseus  |  Christine de Pizan (1364-1430) and Giles Binchois (1400-1460)
Antiphon: Caritas Habundant in Omnia  |  Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Mon Chevalier, mon Gracieux Servant  |  Christine de Pizan (1364-1430) 

Image: Sculpture of Mary Magdalene by Gregor Ernhart (c.1502), The Louvre.

Result of Famitsu's survey on NDRV3 (part 1)

Weekly famitsu did a big survey on NDRV3 before, and the results came up this week. If you are interested about how Japanese people think of NDRV3, here is the right place!

Since the article is very long, the post will be divided into two parts.

Put under readmore for immense length.

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1160

Little one calls her sister out
With such a cry and such a shout.
Big sister sprints there, breathing hard,
Her gaze is motioned to the yard
Of the strange ones who live next door
Who’ve moved here from some distant shore.
“Look over there, for goodness sakes!”
There, carved in the grounds frosty flakes
Are sentences the size of cars,
Their message sent out to the stars.
So the big sister reads a part
And the snow words speak to her heart,
Under the spell of prose she basks.
“What is it?” Little sister asks,
To the poet, it’s plain to see:
“I think they call it: Snow-etry.”

Looking Up

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 1160

Warnings: Angsty, swearing

A/N: Requested by @brooke-taylor0323 for my 300 followers AU Celebration! :D In doing this I’ve figured out that meet messy AUs are my fave. Prompt was:  i’ve had a really awful day so i started kicking a car out of frustration and it turned out to be your car i’m so sorry.”  Hope you enjoy!!

The air was too thick in the office, choking you as you swallowed back tears. The once gentle hum of the air conditioner sounded like a wordless scream falling on the deaf ears of your supervisor as he sat across the desk from you, looking awkwardly at his hands.

“Fired,” you whispered again. You thought repeating the word would make it sound less foreign, but it felt just as strange on your tongue.

“Not fired,” he said, voice oozing the faux happiness you’d only experienced directed at customers, “Let go.” You were still trying to process what he said when he was ushering you back to your office, which had already been packed up. Four years of college, five years of work, and one fading dream all stuffed into two cardboard boxes propped on top of your now empty desk.

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yuriosgoldmedal  asked:

YO! So I love your writing and I would love to see a smut where one of there friends comes over (anyone) and is really flirty with Dan. So then Phil fucks Dan so he is really loud and the friend knows he is Phil's. (SOZ it's long but I really really want this thank you)


1160 words

i made the friend some random dude dan met oops i hope you like it

Phil was not happy, not even close to it. Actually, he was quite uncomfortable.

Dan had invited his new friend over, some guy he had met at Starbucks and instantly “clicked” with, and they had been talking since, but Dan had somehow forgotten to mention him to Phil. And the way Phil saw it, this guy wanted a lot more than friendship. He had been flirting with Dan the whole time, and Dan had yet to notice.

Phil had always been quite a jealous and protective person when it came to his boyfriend, he was wary of every strange look Dan got. Part of it was ever since he started dating Dan in 2009, he really didn’t know what the gorgeous man saw in him. Dan had tried convincing him, showing him, but he just didn’t understand. So he was scared that any second Dan would decide he wasn’t good enough and leave him for someone better.

Phil was jolted out of his thoughts by the guy, his name was Christian, but Phil couldn’t care less what his name was, said his name.

“So, him.” He pointed at Phil, and Phil just scowled at the ground. “Your friend.” He smiled at Dan, but it seemed weird. Phil instantly went into red alert when the guy rested his hand on Dan’s knee. “Why did he have to be here?”

Now Dan seemed to get it, his eyes went slightly blown out, and he exchanged a look with Phil who was now only slightly furious. Phil cleared his throat.

“Um, sorry but I’m actually his boyfriend,” Phil all but hissed at the guy, who just raised his eyebrows.

“Is that so?” He asked, smirking, the words directed at Dan. Dan nodded, swallowing.

Christian chuckled softly, moving his hand just slightly farther up Dan’s leg.

“You could do better than that,” he said quietly, leaning forward as Dan went rigid, clearly uncomfortable.

Right, that’s it.

Phil ground his teeth, grabbing Dan’s wrist and tugging him out of his seat.

“Excuse us for a second,” he muttered to Christian through his teeth, flashing him a fake smile.

He all but dragged Dan to his room, shoving him inside and slamming the door, pushing him against it immediately, making Dan squeak.

“What the hell was that?” he asked in a low, breathy tone that he knew made Dan weak.

“I, er…” he stuttered, eyes wide. “I’m s-sorry, I really didn’t know Phil, I…”

“Shush,” Phil muttered, connecting their mouths possessively, kissing his boyfriend deeply and tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair. His other hand brushed down his waist to his lower back, sliding under his shirt. Dan’s hands gripped at Phil’s shoulders, and he wrapped them around his neck as the kiss progressively deepened, whimpering quietly.

Dan hooked a leg around Phil’s waist as the kiss got more heated, allowing Phil to lift him up, still pressing him against the door. Phil grinded against him, and Dan gasped.

“Jesus,” he breathed, burying his face in Phil’s shoulder. “Now?”

“Yes, Dan,” Phil answered lowly, setting him down so he could tug his shirt over his head, reattaching his mouth to Dan’s collarbone. “You’re mine. Maybe if he hears me making you scream he’ll realize that.”

Dan moaned from the words and the way Phil was biting at his throat, his hips bucking to meet Phil’s involuntarily.

“P-Phil…” he gasped quietly. Phil tugged at his own shirt, tossing it aside and then playing with Dan’s zipper.

“Yes, baby?” he asked teasingly, kissing his neck hotly and pulling Dan’s jeans to the ground, palming the bulge in Dan’s boxers.

“F-Fuck,” was all Dan could reply, throwing his head back on the door.

Phil fell to his knees, smirking and beginning to mouth Dan through his boxers, pulling them down and letting them fall after a moment, licking a long stripe from Dan’s base to his tip. Dan blew air into his cheeks, obviously trying not to moan. Phil tapped his thigh.

“Scream for me, baby,” Phil muttered before taking Dan’s length to the back of his throat, bobbing slowly and swirling his tongue over the tip.

“Jesus fuck,” Dan gasped out, taking deep breaths and blowing them out. “Philll…” he whined.

“Hm?” Phil hummed, pulling off with a pop and looking up at Dan. “Did you want something, baby?”

“Oh for fucks sake, Phil,” Dan muttered under his breath, pulling Phil back up and kissing him, not minding where Phil’s mouth had just been. He shoved Phil’s jeans down, dipping his hand into Phil’s boxers and wrapping his hand around his boyfriend’s cock and tugging just slightly. Phil groaned.

“Jesus, Dan.” Phil grabbed the boy by the hair, spinning him and shoving him onto the bed, ass up. “Gonna fuck you, baby,” he muttered, squeezing Dan’s ass as the boy beneath him whimpered, and Phil pressed his crotch against him.

Phil hurried with grabbing the lube, they had been dating for seven years, they didn’t use condoms anymore, and dipping his fingers in. He quickly stretched Dan, it didn’t take long considering how often they fucked, and lubed himself up.

Phil pressed himself against his boyfriend’s entrance, grabbing a handful of Dan’s hair and tugging his head up.

“Wanna hear you scream, babe,” he whispered, pressing his body against Dan’s to get to his ear, kissing the nape of his neck. “Scream my name. Let that douche know who you belong to.”

With that Phil pushed in, taking no time with bottoming out. Dan groaned, whining as Phil gave him a moment to adjust before pulling out almost all the way and thrusting into him. He went slowly, listening to Dan’s whimpers beneath him.

“Ah-!” Dan gasped, shoving his ass back on Phil, trying to get more. “For fucks sake Phil, faster!”

Phil chuckled breathlessly, pausing before snapping his hips roughly, grinding down on Dan’s ass, making him shriek in pleasure and surprise. A long stream of moans and profanities left Dan’s lips, the bed creaking loudly from the force of Phil’s thrusts.

“FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckPHIL!” he screamed, moaning loudly and reaching back to grip Phil’s thigh. “PHIL, FUCK!”

“Scream that you’re mine,” Phil muttered breathlessly, pressing himself against Dan to whisper in his ear as he fucked him. “Show the world you’re mine, and only mine baby.”

“I’m yours! Ah-!” something that sounded like a cross between a whine and a moan ripped from his throat. “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I’M YOURS PHIL, YOURS ONLY, FUCKFUCKFUCK I’M CLOSE!”

He sounded like he was on the verge of tears, and Phil groaned, thrusting quicker and rougher than before.

“Who do you- belong to, Dan?”


With a loud shriek of his name Dan came on his stomach, whimpering while Phil finished, before pulling out and falling next to him on the bed, intertwining their fingers.

“I love you,” Dan gasped, running his fingers through his damp hair. Phil grinned.

“I love you too.” he smirked. “Do you think he got the message?”

Title: What We Deserve

Summary: The injuries Cassian sustained on Scarif are bothering him, but he refuses to seek help until Jyn steps in.

AO3/1160 words

After Cassian had come to greet her, as he always did when he got back to base, Jyn quietly slipped away from her friends. There had been plenty of them in the hanger - she had been working on a ship with Bodhi, handing him tools, as Luke worked on R2-D2 nearby. Chirrut and Baze had also been there, their voices adding to the conversation that stopped and started easily. It was the sort of scene Jyn had struggled to get used to in the Alliance. She had friends, people who wouldn’t abandon her, who cared if she came back.

Cassian hadn’t disrupted anything, he just came to check on everyone, as he usually did. His smile, though tired, was real, and Jyn enjoyed seeing it, even if she would never admit how much.

There had been something wrong, though. Jyn had felt it for the last few weeks, whenever she interacted with Cassian. He was gone so much she didn’t get to see him as much as she wanted. A side effect of this was if anything changed, she could pick it up immediately.

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