Old Hollywood Trivia

Lana Turner : When she was forced to evacuate her apartment building when a fire broke out,Lana grabbed her lipstick, her eyebrow pencil and her hairdryer.

Ava Gardner : Frank Sinatra nicknamed her “Angel”.

Ginger Rogers : Ginger did many paintings, sculptures and sketches in her free time but could never bring herself to sell any of them.

Elizabeth Taylor : Won the title of “Most Memorable Eyebrows” in a magazine poll. The first runner up was Lassie.

- Has appeared in over 1,000 magazine covers around the world.

James Dean : Was a skilled painter and excelled in art class.

- Was Oscar nominated in two-thirds of his films, a record which will probably never be bettered.

Vivien Leigh : Her mother,Gertrude Hartley,while pregnant with Vivien,spent 15 minutes every morning gazing at the Himalayas in the belief that their astonishing beauty would be passed to her unborn child

- Used one of her two Oscars to doorstop her bathroom.

Marlon Brando : Expelled from high school for riding a motorcycle through the halls.

- Had a pet raccoon he named Russell

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From Experimental to Ordinary: LomoAmigo Martin Dietrich Tests the Minitar-1 Art Lens

In order to escape the world of facts and figures, tax auditor Martin Dietrich discovered photography as his creative counterpart almost seven years ago. On a trip to Paris he fell in love with analog photography and the magic of film has been fascinating to him since then. But he also appreciates the benefits of digital photography. For Lomography he tested the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 Art Lens on his Fuji X-Pro 1 camera. Check out Martin’s photos and learn more about the founder of the popular Neoprime magazine.


Reading the 2dcloud Winter Collection: Gulag Casual by Austin English, Mirror Mirror #1 by Nou, Tracy Auch, Andrea Bjürstrom, Leslie Weibeler, Caroline Hennessy, Nicholas Verstraeten, Katherine Poe, Sarah Ferrick, Connor Willumsen, Leon Sadler [ed. Blaise Larmee], Sec by Sarah Ferrick, and IDTN by Andrew Burkholder. We don’t have any advanced copies of Altcomics Magazine #2 for me to read, so no photo.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far! We are at 6% of our funding goal. My favorite part has been reading all of the tweets people have posted after backing. They are so marvelous, thanks everybody <3

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58. Alexander Skarsgard
From Justin Bieber to Prince Harry, Jamie Dornan to Aidan Turner: We bring you the 100 Sexiest Men 2016. Sexy Celebrity men of the year at Glamour Magazine Uk

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Ok, I’m done now.  

       SimblrSpeak Magazine First Edition

I’m proud to announce the first every SimblrSpeak Magazine Edition 1 :D I’m so pleased with how it turned out. All of the staff did such a great job and I just want to thank everyone for working so hard on it @grumpyoldsims @cactus-sims @teanmoon @generalsimmingllama @vicky5ims @summerfallssims @plumbobsandholosprites 

**Please note that this is a first edition. There are a few mistakes and blunders but with hindsight we hope to correct this in the future and only get better with every edition :)

What is SimblrSpeak?

    SimblrSpeak is a magazine that we at simblrchat have come up with in order to spotlight some of the amazing things that we have come across. We hope to make this a bi-monthly thing. 

Why does this magazine matter to me?

    Well if you decide to take some time and view the magazine maybe you will spot some of your cc/stories/pictures. We not only encompassed people from our simblrchat, we included everyone in the Sims community as well. 

How do I get my content publicized on SimblrSpeak?

    Drop us a message and we will see what we can do! We want our magazine to be as diverse and all including as possible but the only way we can know what you’d like featured is if you contact us. You can contact any of the staff mentioned on the page and we can point you in the right direction.

Come check it out today! I’d like to thank @javabeandreams for the cover art, @simblish for the builds cover and @vicky5ims and @calisimgirl for some of the background art. 

Click Here to see the Magazine