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i dont know what a gluten is and at this point im afraid to ask

If you support The Head Orange banning transgender people from serving, then unfollow me. Actually, fucking block me. I don’t want you coming near my blog, me, or my trans friends with a pole as long as this fucking country.


A successful opening night for Stage Imuri with Ken-chan and Kouhei!

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Look, Lofty I kissed you because, I find you attractive. Because you are kind and decent and generous, and they are very attractive qualities. I’m sorry for getting my signals wrong but…I’m not sorry for loving you, a little bit.

Love like you - Steven Universe Cover
Original Composer: Rebecca Sugar
Love like you - Steven Universe Cover

I found some very old covers I did at least a 6 months to a year ago. I know I’ll want this later so going to slip it online before I lose it.

Hope you like abrupt endings the recording cuts at the end.