no... come back


when you assume the enemy is trying to infiltrate the hideout, but no, its just ur son coming back from a snack run


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Half cat, half bat. PS her name is Rupie because Clod always wanted to be named Rupert (he would answer to it and we jokily thought it suited him) so he lives on in her name.

i talk about how fed up i am with the omnipresence of american culture a lot and that might be annoying, but i need people to understand that it’s so so so tiring. i grew up in a country an ocean away from the US, but i live my life constantly bombarded by american news, media, and lifestyle norms to the point where i know more about the american political system than my own. my news runs american interest stories, i can name all the states, i know more about american history than the history of new zealand. i can easily hold conversations with my american friend about his college and us politics but he can’t do the same for me. 

There’s a million things happening around the world that matter, but it feels like they take a back seat unless the US is involved, and that’s annoying. And maybe that sounds immature? But living a life so permeated by a culture and lifestyle that aren’t mine, but are presented like they’re the most important thing in the world, is incredibly frustrating.

Title: We See What We Want To See
Author: thisonegoes
Relationship: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles (zarry)
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 25,442

Tonight is about being someone different. Experiencing the world differently, with someone he’s never met. It’s about igniting a fire in his belly again, proving that he can be fun and spontaneous. It’s to prove to himself that his troubled marriage isn’t the only thing that can take up his consciousness.

Tonight, he’s not married.

A one night stand AU.

read on ao3.

Surprise, I suppose! This was my entry in the spring zarry fic exchange. Apparently I can’t hide myself at all and so many of you guessed it was me. But hey, I tried! Thanks to alnima and the moderator of the exchange. And I hope you enjoy it :)