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this is a totally different anon, asking about the storm's similar taste in men.

The Scientist

  • Too smart for his own good
  • Good with kids, family oriented
  • Bonus points for being a lanky brunet

Also: the universe where Johnny is the Storm sibling married to Reed, backing up my headcanon that he has a thing for smart guys. (Fantastic Four #563)

The Bad Boy

  • Tall, dark, and handsome (Well, Namor’s tall, anyway.)
  • Powerful, occasionally villainous
  • May have tried to kill Reed once 

The Ben

  • The blue-eyed idol of millions
  • Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew
  • Who hasn’t thought about scaling Mount Rushmore

(The long history of BenJohnny subtext/Sue’s married to Ben in the Ultimate Universe.)

first 100 days of sean sociopath spicer include 563 mispronunciations and like 5000 (i mean????) run ins with the press?? whom he is meant to brief?? i ??


Marjorie Liu, who wrote Johnny briefly during his appearance in Daken: Dark Wolverine #4, confirmed on twitter very recently that Johnny and Daken had a sexual relationship. 

Johnny’s bi/pansexuality is canon now, although, probably because of the Fantastic Four’s current lack of popularity, not one sound was made about it in the media or in the Marvel fandom.

It’s not as if there’s nothing in canon itself to back up Liu’s statement. In 2005′s Spectacular Spider-Man #21, Johnny openly admits to having slept with at least one nonbinary alien: 

In Fantastic Four #563, we even find out that there’s an alternate universe version of Johnny – in which he’s the older of the Storm siblings – where he is the one who is married to Reed Richards, not Sue:

In The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics, comics scholar Ramzi Fawaz traces Johnny’s history as a queer figure all the way back to his initial appearance Fantastic Four #1, so Johnny is not only currently queer, he has always implicitly been written that way.

Sometimes the hints were subtle, like in his Fantastic Four #309 trip to Fire Island, which was, at the time it was published, a notorious gay vacation spot.

And sometimes the hints were more overt:

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the fact that Johnny Storm, part of Marvel’s First Family and one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, the team that is responsible for making the Marvel universe what it is today and which was once Marvel’s most popular and influential property, is officially bi/pan IS A BIG DEAL. 


Lost and found

Request: Can I request an Archie Andrews one where he was busy with football or music so his gf was driving around and she gets into a car accident. And she’s not seriously injured just a bit shook up. When Archie finds out he rushes to the hospital all upset over losing her, and he cuddles her and makes her feel safe and mumbles sweet nothings in her ear

A/N: Just a quick, sweet one.  It was fun to write this one idk.  Send requests to my inbox if you have any ideas!

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Word count: 563 words

Warnings: car accident

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You had been at a gig alongside Archie and Jughead, listening to the Pussycats play a song Archie helped work on.  

“This is so good, babe,” you whispered, flashing him a golden smile.  You pulled your phone from your pocket, a frown making its way onto your face.

“What is it?” Archie asked quiety.  

“Nothing it’s just my stupid curfew.  I’ve gotta go.”  You stood, slinging your bag over your shoulder and kissed Archie on the cheek.  You leaned down to whisper into his ear.  “You’re so talented.  I love you so much.” He smiled, pecking you on the lips.

“I love you more.”  He teasingly waggled his eyebrows, “Text me when you get home so I know you got there safe, alright?” You nodded, saying your goodbye to Jughead, before then leaving discreetly out of the back.  

You were driving back to your house when a dog ran into the road, scaring you to the point where you totally swerved out of the way and off the road into a tree.  The impact left you unconscious, but luckily you weren’t too far from Pop’s.  So when your car was discovered in the state it was in on the side of the road, someone obviously stopped to help.

Within an hour you were in the hospital, woken from your stupor in a concussion-induced haze.  Within twenty minutes from that point, your parents were there, and you were asking about Archie.

“Have you tried calling him?” You mumbled, eyes still squinting at the bright lights.

“We called him the second we found out.  He didn’t answer, so we left a message,” your mom assured you.  “Knowing how much that boy loves you, he’ll be here in no time.”

And she was right.  Archie never did find out from the voicemail, but instead, from Jughead who ushered him to the side, informing him that he heard that your car was found on the side of the road with the windshield smashed and Archie was already on his way to find you.  

And then, he was in the doorway of your hospital room, face contorted with worry.  “Oh thank god,” he sighed, running to your side.

You smiled lightly, “Arch.”

“Jughead told me they had found your car I-” He looked down, looking over your body.  “Are you okay? I was so scared I was gonna… lose you.” His hand on your chin, you leaned into it smiling as his thumb ran soft circles over your cheek.

“I’m okay.  Just a concussion.”  He dropped his head so his forehead rested against your crown.  

“I was so worried,” he murmured softly into your hair.  “You must have been so scared.”

“Archie, don’t freak me out, now,” you mumbled.  His eyes widened a bit before he shook his head, clearing whatever thoughts had entered it.

“No, no it’s okay,” he slowly crouched down meeting your eyes with his.  “I’m here.  You’re okay.”

“You convincing me or yourself?” you teased quietly.  Archie looked around the small room, before clambering up beside you, pulling your head to your chest.  You smiled as he kissed you on the forehead.  “Thank you, Arch.”

“I could’ve lost you,” he murmured.  “I was so…”

“Worried.  I know you were.” You trailed off softly.  “But we’re okay.”  

He adjusted himself so his face was by yours, resting his cheek against your soft skin.  “You’re okay.”

Growing Gardens

❤ Soulmate Drabble (2/13) ❤

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Member: Mingyu
Genre:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Word count: 563

Every time something tragic happens in your life, a flower appears somewhere on your body that causes the same amount of pain.

Ever since you were young sweet pea flowers covered your knees and elbows, growing out of them like your body was the recreation of the Garden of Eden. Hues of purple and pink representing bruises and scrapes trickled down your skin as if you were an O’Keeffe masterpiece. People would always joke about how whoever your soulmate was was a stuntman or a spy in the secret service, for how else could someone’s body become so bruised so easily? But, you never seemed to mind, for when the time came you would know exactly who the love of your life would be.

High school was it’s own experience, where many people began to sprout deep red pansies, loud with anger or dark blue hyacinth that made everything oh so gloomy the most you ever received was sweet peas. The whole concept had always been that you feel the other’s pain, no one had ever expected that the worst thing you would ever feel was a sprained ankle that came to you in the form of bright orange snapdragons.

It was always a wonder what flowers you had caused to bloom, sure you had had bruises and scrapes, but what about the injuries you couldn’t see? Did cranberry zinna’s burst from their chest when you felt so stressed you thought you might explode? Did sunset shaded marigolds cascade down their cheeks when you couldn’t help but cry into your pillow? Whenever a new flower began to blossom on your body you saw it as a gift, but did they?

When you were younger you would keep your eyes glued to the pavement, like a makeshift Sherlock wandering for clues in hopes that one day you would find them. Oh, if you knew how right you would become.

It was the type of warm outside where nothing seemed to feel right unless you had an ice cream cone in your hand. It was the type of warm outside where the ants had finally begun to leave from wherever they go in the winter and began to make anthills that never failed to amaze you. It was the type of warm where the only thing you could feel was sunshine as it etched itself into your bones making everything feel brighter. It was that type of warm because you had found him.

His knees were tattooed with bruises that never seemed to go away before new ones formed. His palms had small patches of scrapes from catching himself over and over again. Within that moment you didn’t seem to be so afraid. You had planned out words for what you would say to him when you met him, written novels in your head of what it would be like. But you would have never guessed that everything seemed to fall from your lips so naturally.

You saw a boy with skin that had been so lovingly kissed by the sun and with legs that were covered in a rainbow of bandaids. You had saw a boy who was so beautiful you lost your breath trip over a rock in the road and laugh so carelessly about it. But you hadn’t expected to run over to him so naturally. “Here, I got you these.” You smiled holding up two long sets of purple and pink shoelaces.

And you watched his eyes light up so bright to show shades the flowers on your skin had never created as he saw that your legs matched his own.


this is real

Adrienette/Ladynoir reveal fluff

Rating: G+/T
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Characters: [Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir and Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug], Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee, Alya Césaire
Words: 4,563

“Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.”

In which Adrien finds out and is not quite sure what to do with that information.


Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.

At first, his wild, racing brain seems completely unreasonable until he lands on the third thought. Because firstly, Marinette is wonderful and sweet and gentle and he’s been so oblivious to her feelings all this time and now he can’t even take his eyes off of her. Secondly, he’s been wildly in love with her since the first time they met and he doesn’t mean the time where she saw him trying to remove gum from her seat.

He’s talking about crashing into each other headlong at full speed and subsequently becoming tied up in her yo-yo. Because Marinette Dupain-Cheng is Ladybug and he’s not sure how he has missed it for so long.

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