no. i will not

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Your Greed gif is so cool!!! (I kinda wish it was slower so I could get a better look at your kickass drawing and animation tho(: ) congrats on being awesome!!!

Thanks so much!! and thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if it was going to fast to tell what was happening, I’m hoping it’ll fit w the music but here’s a slow version so u can see all the frames :)  

this is only like a tenth of what’ll hopefully b a finished thing so I hope I finish lol


I’m laughing really hard because @riseofthehufflepuffs sent me this post (the picture above) in reference to me telling her that I have a lack of motivation to write and that I feel bad for not having much queued up for this weekend while I’m gone and now all I want to do is write her some awesome ass Peter Parker fic to show my appreciation for her existence in this world because she makes it brighter and tolerable to live in 

guys she’s super awesome okay

and supportive

you should send her some love

Also, if you’re a fanfiction author and/or fanart artist and you’re feeling bad about feeling overwhelmed/unmotivated/tired, you should definitely check out the post.