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Don’t worry my fella.
…You are not the only filthy Homestuck here.

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I mean, it would be kinda cool if Tarjej had already a new project, but I wonder,how he is doing it all? He has Skam, the theatre project, school (isn´t he in his final year?) and then this? And hasn´t he also a theatre project at school? All my respect to him, I wasn´t this organized and passionate and hard working about something when I was almost 18!

Me at 17:

Tarjei at 17:

I think the issue with hetalia is every year more people drop from it because of new interests and no content updates from. actual hetalia. at this point we’re mostly fanmade stuff. people used to leave because of toxicity, and now that that’s evened out, people leave because it’s empty.

but if we survived that last huge hiatus surely we’ll get through this one!! all we need is more content u know? people need to make more stuff.

Dear Sakura,

From the moment I laid my eyes on you 14 years ago, I told myself that I wanted to be like you. I was never wrong with that decision until now. I have grown together with your character and as the time passed by, you already shared different kinds of experience about love, pain, sadness, hurt, loneliness, longing, trust, joy, happiness, and excitement that’s already instilled within my heart eternally.

Your unconditional love taught me to love for no reason and to love without an object. To accept things without any regrets and hold them dear in your heart.

Your determination and selflessness taught me that woman can be whatever they want to be and work their way up. You inspired me to never falter especially if there’s a reason to fight for what you believe in.

Your strength taught that some of the greatest pains in our lives could become our greatest strength.

Most importantly, you taught me to be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when I need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

What you shared to me are raw emotions that most of us can all relate to. I’m attached with those feelings and that’s one of the reasons why I love you. This is not about how you look or what are your capabilities but who your are as a character who influenced me as a person drastically. I see you as a part of us and you are a piece of affection within my heart.

You did not only weaved an amazing and realistic story about life and love but you also touched both our hearts and lives.

Thank you, Sakura. You are one of my greatest inspirations. You are my Queen.

Happy Birthday to you!  ♥
Also, advance Happy Birthday to Sarada. ♥

**re-posting my artwork again for this special occasion.


Truly, I mean it, we mean it. The chance of you seeing this is 0% but it doesn’t change how much your existence mean to us, your baby birds. Thank you for your smiles, your laughter, your tears, your honesty, your talent, your bright sunshine rays, your love, & your precious, golden heart. I have no idea what in the world we did to deserve you, but we are so freaking thankful. We love you so much; please never ever stop being you.