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Valid SU criticisms

• Art is inconsistent (and not in terms of ‘storyboard artists have different styles’ just ‘characters change height’)
• Several off model issues that cannot be passed off as tweens
• Plot is sandwiched between lots of filler
• Several characters could be better written

Not valid SU critisms

• Characters doing something bad and learning what they did wrong at the end of the episode is bad writing
• This one line in one episode I can easily interpret as rape apologism
• Alien characters are 'whitewashed’ because I don’t know a damn thing about lighting
• A character who underwent extreme trauma being mean and lashing out is bad; even if their more extreme behavior is called out
• This show has bad 'black’ representation b/c Bismuth, a blue space rock lost her way and considered killing her opponents even though doing so would be equivalent to giving chainsaws to the Japanese when the US had the atomic bomb. (The Pizzas, who are an actual hard working black family, don’t count apparently)
• Nitpicking minor details on a character’s clothing and asking why it hasn’t been explained yet.
• It’s not progressive until it’s about me

I wonder what terrible beasties were awakened when Feyre combined the Book of Breathings

“You put the pieces together…and the blast of power will be felt in every corner and hole in the earth. You won’t just attract the King of Hybern. You’ll draw enemies far older and more wretched. Things that have long been asleep–and should remain so.” - Amren, Ch. 60

“I laid the second half of the Book on top of the other. A silent ripple of power hollowed out my ears, buckled my bones.” - Feyre, Ch. 62

Don’t 👏 Tell 👏 Me 👏 Nothing 👏 Was 👏 Awakened. 

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I’m not dead, I’m just really really exhausted

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not been active for weeks, I didn’t expect lot of crap happen this past month. In short, school, being down, lazy, sleeping, school, exams, exams, project, crying, failing test, screaming, banging my head, bad health, and etc. I just really hate this semester.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go on tumblr until I finish majority of my exams and shit so i wouldn’t be distracted so yeah that’s why I haven’t been answering asks. I have a little break right now, so more time for me to draw and lot of things I really wanted to draw. Hopefully. Maybe. I hope. Oh Arceus…

Go, Gogo, and Beta will suffer like me:


District Attorney Harvey Dent: A Summary



OMG THIS TRAILER JESUS CHRIST!! I had so much fun watching and freaked out.. A LOT. LANMFDSAP[GFHSDIOPGHS LMAO

I hope you enjoy xD

“Mr Trump blamed the bill’s defeat on Democrats, who proudly accepted responsibility”

llfurukull  asked:

May I ask you some question? Do you think it’s possible if the true name’s our ciel maybe mean star? Because I noticed that yana sensei drew star very often for example the chapter in green witch, the picture that celebrate ciel’s birthday(every year). Every picture will have star such as meteor, Small stellated dodecahedron. Thanks in advance!!!. I’m sorry if my grammar was wrong.I can write english language a little.

I’ve always suspected that if 2CT were true and if we were to ever get to know Ciel’s true name, then it could be among these initial name ideas for Ciel Yana mentioned in the Character Guide:

Ciel (sky), Astre (star), Angel, Angelo, Fate, Janes, Celestial, Celeste, Celesta, Voltaire, Azure, Rain, Lazurite, Azurite, Lapis

And voilà, we have “Astre” which means “star” in French :)

Another idea that was brought up by a Japanese fan and I found somewhat cute was “Noel”. It would rhyme with Ciel -in Japanese at least- (not that twins’ names have to rhyme lol) and since Ciel’s birthday is in December aka Christmas season, it would maybe match him.

….Now I can hear my French followers screaming “Please NOT Noel, that’s too boring a name” and “What’s ASTRE that isn’t even a name” haha xD

As for the meteor-themed illustrations Yana often draws on Ciel’s birthday, I think it’s worth mentioning that Ciel’s birthday is December 14th, which is  usually the peak of the Geminids.

(( “Gemini” is Latin for “twins” :D ))