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Jefferson reacted to Hamilton’s death in the oblique style that Hamilton knew only too well. Three days after the funeral, almost as an afterthought in a letter to his daughter, Jefferson appended a postscript: “I presume Mr. Randolph’s newspapers will inform him of the death of Colo. Hamilton, which took place on the 12th.” Even now, Jefferson insisted on demoting General Hamilton back to a colonel. Aside from another fleeting reference to some “remarkable deaths lately,” Jefferson made no mention of the man who had been the bane of his political life for fourteen years.

Chernow, Ron. Alexander Hamilton (p. 715). Kindle Edition.

If you’ve been to my blog, you would know that my feelings towards Thomas Jefferson are ambivalent, leaning towards dislike more often than not, but I really don’t care for how Chernow wrote him here. Chernow made it seem that he didn’t give a damn about Hamilton’s death. In the defense of Jefferson, I would quote several lines from the letter he wrote to Philip Mazei in July 18, 1804.

1. “…so constant is the pressure of business that there is never a moment scarcely that something of public importance is not waiting for me. I have therefore on a principle of conscience thought it my duty to withdraw almost entirely from all private correspondence, and chiefly the transatlantick: I scarcely write a letter a year to any friend beyond sea,”

Jefferson was the president at the time of Hamilton’s death. In this letter, he sheepishly tells his friend that he had no time to attend to matters outside of being the president of the United States, let alone answer his private correspondences.

2. “…remarkeable deaths lately are Samuel Adams, Edmund Pendleton, Alexander Hamilton, Stevens Thomson Mason, Mann Page, Bellini, & Parson Andrews. to these I have the inexpressible grief of adding the name of my youngest daughter who had married a son of mr Eppes, and has left two children. my eldest daughter alone remains to me, and has 6. children. this loss has increased my anxiety to retire, while it has dreadfully lessened the comfort of doing it.

I honestly don’t know why Chernow omitted the rest of the sentence. If he seemed indifferent over Hamilton’s death, it is because he was currently undergoing through a more personal ordeal. He revealed candidly that he was, at the moment, in the midst of grieving the loss of his daughter Mary “Polly” Jefferson Eppes (August 1, 1778 – April 17, 1804). This line also implies while that fulfilling his duties as president, he couldn’t even grieve his daughter properly, which even made him seriously consider retiring from the post.


Rick Grimes in Every Episode» Something They Need
Now, we made a lot of noise. We want to wrap this up quick so you can send people to redirect anything coming this way. Tara said your forests are relatively clear, so we won’t take any chances. No one needs to get hurt. This is just about what you have, what we need.


Negan in Every Episode» Something They Need
Hey! Get, uh- [Sasha.] That is a beautiful name. Get Sasha here a new T-shirt. I’m sorry you had to see that. Sorry ‘bout the rope, too. Probably overkill, but you did cause one hell of a fracas last night. Oh, shit. I remember you. Yeah. You were there. Oh, hell. I get it now. I got to hand it to you. You’ve got some beach-ball-sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze like that. Big question here, and I need the truth on this one. Did Rick put you up to this? Either way, you must’ve thought it was gonna be the end, coming in on your lonesome like that. But that’s not the way it’s got to go. Uh-uh. Just the opposite. See, this could be the beginning. This knife is yours now. You can try to use it, take me out, but considering I am standing above you, holding a baseball bat, that doesn’t seem real smart. Now, you can use it to slit your wrists, which would be a damn shame, but I get it. You’re obviously not on the shiny side of the street, given recent events. Now, you can sit there and do nothin’, wait for ol’ David to come back to life and eat your face, also a damn shame and kinda nuts, but, hell, to each their own. Or you can use that blade and stop ol’ Rapey Davey from becoming Dead-Alive Rapey Davey, save yourself, join the cause. I know what I’d do. I’m a man short. Hell, you can’t really call this piece of shit a man, but still, I’m short, and you got those beach-ball-sized lady nuts, and I wanna harness the heat comin’ off of 'em. You can help me run this place one day, all of us together, following the rules, workin’ on the same side of things. That’s all this was ever about. And it still can be for you. I know it’s hard to picture, considering what I did. But, Sasha, we all got shit to get over. Take some time. Think about it. Whatever you decide, so it shall be. No pressure. And, again, I am sorry you had to see that, even though I know you have seen some things. I just want you to understand we are not monsters.


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I said I didn’t have a choice. But you do, both of you do. My friends are out there right now, and they’re gonna take this place, hopefully without firing a shot. We need your guns. We’re gonna fight The Saviors. You should join us. The Saviors killed your fathers, your brothers, husbands, sons, and you ran from them. I thought we got rid of them. Beatrice said there was more out there, and she was right. They came back. They killed my friends. They killed my girlfriend. They took us over. They took everything from us. We do whatever The Saviors tell us to do, and they think we’re still doing that, but we’re not. We’re gonna fight them. And we have other communities beside us, and with Oceanside, we would have an army. If we fight them together, we can beat them. We have to try.