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About Time

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Anon requests: hey hey hey :) i was wondering if i could request a jughead x reader where they’re best friends have been for as long as anyone could remember, but they’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now and nobody knows until the others (betty, kev, veronica and archie) notice one night when they’re all at pops that reader and jughead are sharing quick glances and yeah i think you might get what i mean, you don’t have to but i thought it was pretty cute :) x

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The reader and Jughead have been keeping their relationship a secret, but their friends are growing tired of the sexual tension

Warnings: none

Word count: 715

A/N: so we hit 300 followers today?? This is insane, thank you guys so much for the support, you are all incredible!! Enjoy!

The heels of my boots clicked against the floor as I walked down the school hallway.  I scanned everyone’s faces, searching for my boyfriend. An arm grabbed me and pulled me into an empty classroom.  I looked up and saw my boyfriend.

“Jug!” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist.  “You know I have to get to French class in a few minutes.”

“I know,” he smirked, “which means we have a few minutes.”  I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“The bell’s gonna ring any second,” I whispered, my face inching closer to his.  Jughead’s smirk faded into a smile as he leaned in.

“Better make every second count then,” he replied.  Our lips were millimeters apart when the bell rang, causing me to jump out of his arms. When I saw him pouting, I winked before exiting the room.

“Au revoir, Jughead,” I called over my shoulder.  He rolled his eyes, but there was a smile etched on his face.

Later that day, I was sitting with Betty and Veronica at lunch.  

“So you’re still coming to Pop’s tonight, right (Y/N)?” Betty asked.  I smiled and nodded.

“Of course!” I replied.

“And will Jughead be joining us tonight?” Veronica asked, her lips curving upwards in a smirk.  I rolled my eyes but nodded.

“Yes he is,” I responded. Betty and Veronica shared a smirk, causing me to shake my head.  “Oh my god, guys, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Veronica waved her hand, dismissing me.  “I know what you’re gonna say.  You and Jughead have been BFFs since day one and blah blah blah ruin friendship and so on so forth.”  She shook her head.  “Whatever. You know what we have to say, and it’s your choice.”  I laughed to myself, amused by Veronica and Betty’s lack of knowledge about mine and Jughead’s relationship.  For a second, I considered telling them the truth.  Instead, I just smiled and shrugged nonchalantly.

Jughead was the first person to arrive at Pop’s that evening.  Once I arrived, he perked up and waved me over to the booth.  When I sat down, he pecked me on the lips.  I playfully pushed him away.

“Our friends are going to be here any second,” I scolded him with a smile.  He laughed and rolled his eyes.

“We have to tell them eventually,” he reminded me, and I nodded.

“I know.”  The jingle of the bell signaled someone new entered Pop’s, and we turned around to see Veronica walk in.  I waved at her and she quickly caught sight of us, striding over to our booth.  She slid into the seat across from us.

“Hey lovebirds,” she greeted with a smirk.  I smiled back at her, unbothered.

“Hey, V,” I said. Kevin, Betty, and Archie arrived soon after, and we ordered our food and fell into a playful conversation. Occasionally, Jughead would steal some fries from my basket.  In retaliation, I would take his onion rings.  Our other four friends noticed these playful exchanges.  At first they said nothing, but when Jughead and I started to lightly shove each other, Kevin stopped us.

“Oh my god, just date already!” he shouted, slamming his fists on the table.  Jughead and I shared a glance, then burst out into laughter.

“What?” Archie questioned, all four of our friends looking back and forth between me and Jughead.  I bit my lip and smiled up at Jughead, ignoring our friends surrounding us.

“Oh my god,” Betty muttered, her eyes widening.  “You guys are…”  She couldn’t finish her sentence, her train of thought lost in shock.  Veronica and Kevin gasped.

“Are what?” Archie asked, still not getting it.  Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Dating, Archiekins,” she explained.  “(Y/N) and Jughead are dating.”  His eyes widened.

“You guys are dating?” he gasped.  “Since when?” I shrugged, not making eye contact with any of them.

“About a month?” I said, looking at Jughead for confirmation.  He nodded.

“Sounds about right.”

“And you didn’t tell us?” Kevin demanded.  I bit my lip guiltily and shrugged.  

“We were waiting for a good time to tell you guys,” I explained, but it came out more like a question.  The whole table groaned at us, but everyone wore smiles.

“Well,” smiled Betty, “it’s about time.”


when he sings “goddamn turn around now, you’re my A-Team” is literally one of the greatest musical moments I’ve ever experienced. it’s like as if the whole song was meant to lead to that particular line for the way he sings it, with all that emotion. so fucking amazing


Due to widespread discrimination, transgender Americans face many barriers to health, economic security, education and more, according to the results of a new survey from the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The report exposes the many hardships and barriers transgender Americans face on a daily basis. The survey encompassed the views and experiences of 27,715 transgender Americans.   Here’s an overview of the numbers.

Step Out.[Newt Scamander Drabble].

I told myself i’d make getting out of a suitcase pretty.
Based off my
previous imagine.

Title: Step Out.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 715.
Rating: K. (Fluffy).

“Getting out is much easier than getting in the first time.” Newt told you with a small grin, “I should have told you there were steps to get down, I hadn’t meant for you to fall in the way you did.” His voice was sincere and gentle to your ears as he walked into the small cottage like abode and picked up his peacock colored jacket. Even in the dim light of the room, it was still a rather vibrant color and really popped in front of your eyes. “I hope you didn’t get hurt falling.”

You shook your head no, watching as Newt slid the jacket over his slender shoulders and straightened it. He then began bouncing around, picking things up that he figured he’d need while out.  “I didn’t, I just kind of… tumbled.” You gestured with your hands, moving them up and then down as your motion for ‘tumbling’.

He laughed quietly, giving you a rather toothy grin as he offered to you, “I can help you get out, if you’d feel better. I’d hate for you to lose your footing and ‘tumble’ back in.” Heat hit your cheeks as he said this, slightly embarrassed now. It was obvious that you weren’t going to live that down, least for the moment. But, that’s okay. Newt had a soft way of teasing, and it made you laugh. “It’s sort of difficult to get out if you’re not used to it. I suppose… It’s much like going up stairs though.”

“I’d appreciate your help regardless of how easy it is.” You finally managed to murmur, playing with your fingers as he stopped in front of you and graze his hand against your cheek.

“Off we go then.” Newt stepped to the side, towards the exit. “I’ll climb out and help you from up there, alright?”

“Just don’t let me fall.” You said with a cheeky grin.

“The only falling I intend to let you do is fall completely and madly in love.” Newt retorted and began climbing out. Rolling your eyes at his wonderfully executed response, you began watching him rather intently. You could only imagine how his back muscles looked while he hiked his body up the slight ladder until he was completely out of the case. “Alright then, come on up.” Newt informed you, crouching down in front of the case. He peered in with curious green eyes and caught  

You gazed up and nodded, your hand landing on the wood before lifting yourself up a few steps. It felt sort of unsteady, as you weren’t used to climbing and your additional, minor fear of falling may have scooted its way back into your mind. “It’s alright,” Newt muttered, reaching in and grabbing your hands. The security of his grip helped. “I’ve got you. Just move up.” And so you did. One foot in front of the other, and before you knew it, you were stepping over the seam of the suitcase in front of Newt who was all smiles. “Was that so bad?” He inquired in a cute voice.

“I could have done it by myself.” You chuckled and bit your bottom lip, looking at him. “I just wanted to see if you’d actually help me or not.”

Raising a hand, he tucked back some of your hair and let his fingers linger there for a moment. “I’d help you with anything, if you asked.” He was fast to move, bending down to lock his case before picking it up, “I’d help even if you didn’t ask simply because I love you and I didn’t want you to slip.”

“You’re too good for me.” You smiled lovingly, reaching forward and straightening Newt’s waistcoat. “You do know that, right?”

“I certainly do not.” Newt looked down at your fingers now resting on the buttons of his vest, “Being too good would be me offering my services to help you back into the case when the time comes.” He grasped your fingers and held them softly, “So you, my love, don’t fall back in again.”

“Are you going to?” You questioned breathlessly and grinned.

“Of course.” Lifting your hand, he gave a delicate kiss to your fingertips and finished with, “I can’t let you fall for something that isn’t going to catch you.”

hope you all enjoyed :) Thank you for reading! Reblogs & likes are appreciated! Have a good day/night!

715 CR∑∑KS (Bon Iver cover)
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Oh then how we gonna cry
‘Cause it once might not mean somethin’.
Love, a second glance,
It is not something that we’ll need–
Honey, understand that I have been left here in the reeds,
And all I’m trying to do is get my feet out from the crease.”

This song has broken me and put me back together again and I cannot do it justice. But it felt good to try. 

Stress Relief

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Note: Let me just say that this could be dreadful and I apologize if it is, this is my first attempt at writing a proper sex scene. Shout out to @daveeddiggsit for the advice, it really helped me so thank you! I hope y’all enjoy but I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t.

Request: Anonymous asked: #715 for jefferson????!

Prompt:  715. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Warnings: Smut

AU: Modern

Word Count: 1,330

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You groaned loudly as you drop your keys just as you try to shove your key into the lock on your front door. Of course, after the shitty day you’ve had, you would struggle to do something as simple as unlocking a door.

You pick up your keys and try again to shove the the key in the lock but you miss, your frustration causing your hands to shake. You know there is no way you’re going to open the door unless you calm down but you just can’t. Once again you try to put your key in the lock, but before you can the door opens to reveal your husband Thomas, looking down on you with a raised eyebrow.

“Did you forget how to unlock the door?” he asks his voice playful and you glare at him.

“Shut up” you growl as you push past him and into your house, dumping your bags on the floor.

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