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So, as you can see from what I said in the photo, I spent multiple hours[6] today reading fanfiction (if I’m to be completely honest they were usually either smutty or pregnancy fics with Bucky x reader) instead of studying for a test I have tomorrow 😂👍🏼 I’ve accepted my fate.
I’d like to thank a handful of the amazing writers of fics I read today, I thoroughly enjoyed them.


Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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Guide to commonly-overheard New Year’s resolutions, as organized by Guardian Type:


Firm re-dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the Traveler, as well as to the unrelenting betterment of one’s physical and mental prowess.


Become a living monument to those Titans who tread the path before, and a shield that stands, immovable, between the Darkness and those it seeks to destroy.


Push Warlock companion off cliff as they attempt to manage Vault space; laugh at their stupid jetpack.

- Cryptarch Records // “Field Guide to Strategy” // Rejected


Hey all fellow teen wolf fans!

I have been thinking about something that has been on my mind since last weeks episode. I have a theory that Claudia Stilinski isn’t actually real. Okay so you maybe thinking “What she can’t not be real… she’s there with the sheriff and they are happy!” But hear me out.

So when the Wild Hunt took Stiles I think that because of his supernatural background they wanted to make sure that no one went around looking for him. To do that they had to give the people closest to him a believable and normal reality so they didn’t go searching for him. Even though eventually everyone forgets the person who is taken, it is harder when you have things that remind you that they were there. Back to why I think Claudia isn’t real, when the sheriff first interacted with her he seems confused. This happened directly after stiles was taken. I think that because the sheriff would have been alone after Stiles was taken the people from the Wild Hunt might have created someone (Claudia) to keep the sheriff from remembering Stiles. Her character seems very adamant about not having kids and very weary when around Scott and the pack. She was characterized by Stiles as loving and caring, but from what I’m seeing she seems a little off. 

In the promo for the next episode “Relics” you can see that when Lyida begins to peel away the wall paper from where Stiles room used to be Claudia grabs Lyida forcefully and seems hostile.

That moment reminded me of when Scott was trying to break into Stiles locker and the sketchy new teacher stopped him. I’m guessing that “Claudia”  is just a member of the hunt. It is said that “members of the hunt maybe eleven fairs or the dead”. Claudia could be a part of the hunt and used to help people forget like the sheriff. 

Even though I wish she were really alive so that when Stiles is found he can have his big happy family, I don’t think it will happen. But I do know that they are getting closer and I hope that everything ends well.

Soft Spot

For the anon who requested Robin coming back and finding the Evil Queen caring for Peanut. I tweaked the prompt a bit–I hope that’s okay with you :)

Zelena’s words played again and again in his mind, her words echoing over and over as his panic set in and million worst-case scenarios began to spin. He’d only been back for a couple of days and today was supposed to be a celebration of that—but he wasn’t celebrating. And with each second that passed, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the price he’d have to pay for the magic of his resurrection…

“She’s gone! She’s gone!” Zelena called out with wide and terrified eyes as she burst into Granny’s and pushed her way to the center of the room. “I don’t know where she is! You have to help me, Regina!”

Robin had watched Regina slowly turn to her sister, and for a split second, he wondered if this were some sort of game. But as soon as his eyes met Zelena’s and as soon as he felt Regina’s fingers curl tightly around his hand, he knew that it wasn’t—and as that realization set in, a knot formed in his stomach, quickly tightening until it was nearly impossible for him to breathe.

For a moment, no one said anything—and then all at once, everyone was speaking. He caught little bits here and there—something about someone wanting to get vengeance on the Wicked Witch and something else about the purity of a baby’s heart and something else about how dark magic worked—and it wasn’t until Regina’s voice lifted over the rest that he actually understood how it had happened.

“How could you have left her alone?” Regina demanded. “How could you have been so careless, Zelena?”

“It was only for…”

“Are you actually defending yourself!?” Regina cut in, not letting her finish and likely not caring to hear the irrelevant explanation. “I knew I should have never let you…”

“Let me!? She’s my daughter!”

“Unfortunately for her,” Regina retuned as her eyes fell away from her sister.

Zelena shook her head, and her hurt was evident; but no one seemed to process that. The next thing he knew, he and Regina were going in opposite directions. Henry was staying with Roland and Belle would stay with Neal. Killian and Emma would check one side of town and Snow and David would check the other, while Regina went down to the docks and Robin went into the woods—and as he trudged forward, all he could think about was his tiny daughter and how she didn’t deserve any of this.

But as he stands on the stairs that lead into Regina’s vault, he can hear the soft hum of Regina’s voice and he can see the glow of candles, and overwhelming sense of relief washes over him. He treads quietly down the stairs and recognizes the lullaby. A smile curls onto his lips as he remembers how she’d sang it to soothe a sick Roland when they were together in the Enchanted Forest and how she’d told him that it had been Henry’s favorite when he was a little boy—and when he reaches the bottom of the stairs he can tell that his daughter feels the same way.

There’s a little bundle of pink nestled in the crook of the Evil Queen’s arm, cooing and smiling as she stares up at her. Her little fingers are wrapped around a shimmering strand of diamonds that the Queen is holding over her, and a spit bubble forms on her lips—and he watches as the Queen laughs softly as she pops it, making the little girl’s eyes go wide with wonder.

They’re sweet together, he thinks to himself—even this version of Regina and his daughter—and he can’t help but be reminded of that moment in the Enchanted Forest when they’d first met, and she’s swooped in to save his son. Everyone had been taken aback, himself included, to see the Evil Queen in all her regalia selflessly running toward a child she didn’t know to keep him from harm’s way. Her smile had been so genuine as she handed his son the stuffed monkey, and all he could do was thank her, and wonder how someone like the Evil Queen could have such a soft spot for children.

Clearing his throat, he pushes off the bottom stair, stepping into the vault and making himself known. The Queen’s head turns quickly and he hears a little gasp escape her—and for an all too brief moment, there’s a glint of happiness that flashes behind her eyes—and he realizes, this is the first time she’s seeing him.

“Robin…” she murmurs breathlessly as the glint fades away. “I didn’t hurt her.”

“I didn’t believe that you did,” he says, taking a tentative step toward her and smiling gently down at the girl in her arms. “I’m just glad that she’s okay.”

“She wasn’t even watching her. She never does.”

“So you took her…”

The Queen’s eyes cast downward as she rocks the baby in her arms. “She deserves better than a careless mother.”

“I would have to agree,” Robin says as he sits down beside her—and for a moment, he struggles to wrap his head around the notion that he’s sitting beside the Evil Queen rather than Regina. When he came back just a few days before, she told him about the split and regretfully told him that it hadn’t fixed her—and in that moment, his heart broke at the realization that she thought she needed to be fixed at all. Pushing away the memory, he smiles gently, he looks from his daughter to the woman beside him, and for the life of him, he can’t separate the two because when he looks at her, all he sees is Regina.

“I suppose you’re here to take her,” she murmurs, her voice suddenly distant.

“No,” Robin says, waiting for her to look back at him. “Not yet, anyway.” Tentatively, he reaches out and rubs two fingers against the baby’s soft cheek, chuckling as she coos and holding his breath as he lets his arm slide loosely around the Queen’s waist. “She looks perfectly safe and content where she is.” And then, he looks back to the Queen—to Regina—and his heart aches when tears well up in her eyes.

The Hormonal Telegram


mainly fluff/mild angst

Rating K+(kissing)

Anon request:  Clique six are all at Topangas.  Riley/Lucas are flirting and it Leads to Farkle/Riley first kiss.

(I had fun with this I hope you like it.  Its my first Riarkle story.)

The click six had remained friends through all the ups and downs of high school and relationships.  They weren’t all in the same classes anymore, but this year Cory was teaching AP Woman’s Studies.  The click six had taken it together.  Maya tried to get out of it, but Riley wouldn’t hear of it.  “Maya we have to know how far we’ve come; so, we can know haw far to go.”  Maya had eventually caved, knowing Riley would not give up when she was this ardent about something.

Mr. Mathews assigned them to pick an influential woman in history and explain how her influence or impact could still be felt today.  Zay and Izzy were doing Harriet Tubman.  Zay wanted to use it as a way to learn more about slavery and abolition too.  He wanted to learn more about his story.  Izzy agreed.  Lucas and Maya were having a heated debate about who to chose.  Everyone new Maya would eventually win.

Farkle knew Riley would be…passionate…about this project but he couldn’t teasing her just a little.  He plopped next to her on the sofa.  “Mamacita, who should we spotlight for our project.”  Riley glared instantly at Farkle.  She popped up on  her knees and leaned in to him, “You are such a SEXIST PIG.  This project is so important to educate today’s youth about the significant roll woman have played in history.”  Farkle chuckled nervously.  He loves the way Riley eyes light up when she fights for a cause she believes in.  “I know Riles.  Who do YOU want to focus on?”

Riley smiled instantly.  “Susan B. Anthony.  The most recent presidential election was one of the most divisive elections in our countries history.  We had a chance to elect the first woman president, and only half of the registered voters showed up to vote.  Our class will be eligible to vote in the next presidential election.  I want the girls to know that we haven’t always had the right to vote.  We shouldn’t take it for granted.”

Riley and Farkle had been slowly leaning into each other during their discussion.  Forgetting for the moment they weren’t the only two in the room.  The remaining click six silently watched.  Farkle beamed at Riley.  “That’s perfect Riley, and you have already figured out the significance to our current events.  We’ve got this, partner.”  As he finished he raised his hand to high five Riley.  “Partner.”

The instant that here hands touched Riley felt butterflies she had never felt before.  She instantly giggled.  As did Farkle.  They dropped hands so quickly it was like they had both been struck by lightening.  Farkle nervously ran his hands through is hair and coughed.  Riley just tilted her head and gazed at Farkle, as Topanga was dropping off Rileys hot cocoa and Farkles chai tea.  She looked back and forth between the two pensively, “Huh.”

She redirected her gaze to Maya.  “You got this?”  Maya had been silently watching.  She nodded.  “Yeah.”  As Topanga wandered back to the counter to help Katy Zay proclaimed, “Oh, there just staring at each other all goofy, I think they..” Zay was interrupted by Maya wrapping her hand abruptly around his mouth.  “Hey, Twinkle Toes, if you value your ballet career.  I would keep that thought to yourself.”  Zays eyes got big and he nodded nervously.  Maya let him go. 

Smackle was examining Riley.  “You could be getting sick.  Your pale and clammy and you pulse rate is up.”  Riley looks pleadingly at Maya.  Maya exclaims, “I think its her blood sugar.  Farkle go get her a pastry.”  Farkle remains sitting next to Riley, reluctant to leave her side.

All of the sudden Smackle murmers thoughtfully, “If your not sick, it could be you have a cr…”  Lucas cottoning onto the situation grabbed Isadora’s hand knowing it would distract her from her train of thought.  “Izzy come sit by me.”  Smackle giggles flirtatiously.  “Lucas you have to control yourself, my future lovesis, Zay is right there.”  Lucas shakes his head and completely deadpanned, “Sorry, I just can’t help myself.”  Smackle pats him awkwardly on the shoulder and forgets all about Riley and Farkle.

Farkle’s voice rings out of the silence, “Riley are you, Ok?”  Riley tilts her head as she continues to ogle Farkle.  He has grown up into quite the handsome young man.  Somehow she feels like this is the first time she is fully aware of him.  How has she not seen him?  He has ALWAYS been there, and yet somehow light years away.  At the thought, her eyes widen.  She likes Farkle?  Suddenly she remembers Farkle had asked her something.. She quickly gulps some of her hot cocoa to stall forgetting how hot it would be.  “Ouch.”  Farkle narrows his eyes, and then he jumps up.  “I’ll get you an extra thick smoothie.  The ice will help.”  Katy nods.  “Coming right up.”

Riley looks to Maya, “What am I going to do?  I can’t like Farkle.  What if he doesn’t like me back?  What if we date and break up, and it ruins our friendship? Peaches, I’m scared help.”  Maya scoots over to Riley.

“It’s Farkle, there is nothing  but the to be afraid of.  He’s been in love with you since the first grade.”  Riley is mildly hyperventilating now so Maya puts her arm around her.  “He loves us equally but not the same, Riley.  You have always been his sun.  The center of his universe.  Everything revolves around you for Farkle.  You should tell him how you feel.”

Riley sighs, “I can’t.  I think I just need sometime to figure out what this is.”  Lucas sits  on the other side of Riley.  “Ok, take sometime, but know honesty is always the best policy.  Farkle wouldn’t want you to lie about how your feeling.  Riley looks into Lucas’ eyes and whispers, “Help me, Lucas, I can’t tell him.  Not yet.”  Lucas could never resist protecting Riley.  He had grown to feel almost like a big brother toward her.  “Ok, just follow my lead.”

Lucas starts doing his infamous Martimore impression knowing it always makes Riley laugh just as Farkle returns with Riley’s smoothie.   “Strawberry smoothie extra thick with extra whip cream.”  Riley takes it and savors the taste of the whip cream with her first bite, and quickly goes back to giggling at Lucas.  

Farkle sits where Maya had been trying to understand what was happening.  Riley’s emotions seem to be all over the place today.  He loves that Riley is laughing again, but the fact that it is Lucas making her laugh is irking him in a way he doesn’t understand.  Lucas goes to playfully kiss Riley’s hand, and suddenly Farkle sees red.

Almost without being aware of his actions, Farkle jumps out of his seat and grabs Riley’s hand out of Lucas’ and leads her out of Topanga’s.  “We need to talk.”  He drops her hand as soon as they were outside agitadedly running his hands through his hair.  He’s pacing back and forth as Riley watches him silently.  Slowly it dawns on her Farkle’s jealous,  She whispers barely a breath, “Farkle?”  

That’s when he explodes like mount farkleuvious.  Years of pent up feelings come bubbling to the surface seemingly beyond his control.  “I cant believe you like him AGAIN.  Riley you have tried this twice before and it didn’t work.  I know you think you have to be your parents and marry your first love, but that might not be your story.  Just because he was your first kiss, first date, first boyfriend doesn’t mean he is who you should….Maybe there is someone out there that loves every  little piece of you and always has..oh just forget it.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  We can work on the project then.”

As Farkle turns to leave, Riley finally finds her voice. She grabs his arm.  Ignoring the electricity she feels at the slightest touch from Farkle now.  “We don’t leave, Farkle.  And your wrong.”  Farkle spins back toward Riley hastily in his anger.  “I am a genius, sunshine.  I am NEVER wrong.”

Riley steps closer to Farkle.  Never looking away from his eyes.  She smiles.  She never feels the need to run from Farkle.  Even when they fight she always feels likes the is running toward him.  “Lucas was not my first kiss.  My best friend stole that honor in 7th grade.  He missed, but even Maya said it counts.”  Farkle opens his mouth to talk, but Riley steps even closer, puts her hand on his right cheek and continues.  “He was my first boyfriend, but he wasn’t my first date.  My same best friend took me on my first date.  He bought my favorite smoothie, and we had a wonderful conversation.  In fact he saved me from two bullies that night, it was the third time he saved my life.  I’ve spent my whole life searching for a hero who would treat me like a princess, and it’s always been you Farkley.  I am sorry it took me so long to see it.  You are right about one thing.  I don’t have to live my parents story, but you don’t have to live yours either.  Now I’m going to kiss you, Farkle, and I’m not going to miss.”  

As Riley said this her lips gently brushed Farkles.  Farkle’s body stiffened at first but he quickly relaxed into the kiss.  His hands finding his way to her face, and tangling in her hair to deepen the kiss.  

As they stop kissing,  Riley looks dreamily at Farkle.  “I think I just kissed Pluto.”  Farkle hugs her to him kissing her forehead.  He never wants to let her go.  “You, me, earth.  Lets do this thing.”  Riley nods, “Always.” 

 They glance to the window and see Maya, Zay, Izzy and Lucas smiling back at them.  Zay shouting, “Its about time.”


Teen Wolf season 6 ep 5 promo

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[Commander Zavala] Can someone please explain to me why we’re here? I don’t have time for Golden Age harvest festivals.

[Cayde-6] It’s tradition, guys! C’mon, Zavala. I thought Titans were big on this stuff.

[Lord Shaxx] Replacing my personal sidearm with a dead bird every year is not a tradition. And yes, I know it’s you, Cayde. It doesn’t even make sense - wait. 

Pigeon. Damn.


[Ikora Rey] Okay, let’s move on. Cayde, thank you for inviting all of us here. Now, who wants to start?

[Eris Morn] I shall begin the ritual, if I may.

[Ikora Rey] Go ahead, Eris.

[Eris Morn] Thank you.


[Eris Morn] I am thankful for the deaths of Oryx, Taken King, and his wretched spawn, Crota. I am thankful for the eradication of Omnigul, the Will, and Alak-Hul, the Darkblade. I am thankful that we have slowed the flood of Hive across our system. I am thankful that I was given vengeance, that my friends have finally been granted the rest they were denied for so long. I am thankful for every wrong the Hive did to me, for every scar they inflicted upon my being, for now I have the strength to forge those torments into a blade the likes of which they cannot imagine; a blade with which I will rend the very…


[Eris Morn] This…is what you had in mind, is it not?

[Ikora Rey] Perhaps we could try to embrace the occasion with a bit more positivity.

[Eris Morn] Ah. In that case, I am thankful that Cayde is no longer wearing a paper mask of my likeness on his misshapen head.

[Ikora Rey] Of course. Who’s next?

[Lord Shaxx] I am thankful that the Crucible continues to forge our Guardians into the army that will one day defeat the Darkness, despite their current pathetic attempts to impress me.

[Cayde-6] You are terrible at this.

[Commander Zavala]  I am thankful that every battle brings us closer to the reclamation of our system.

[Ikora Rey] And I am thankful for this damn-talented group of individuals, with whom I’ve been lucky enough to share a war room for all this time.

[Commander Zavala] Hear, hear!

[Lord Shaxx] Fitting words for a Warlock of your stature.

[indistinct mumbling and laughter]

[Ikora Rey] What about you, Cayde?

[Cayde-6] Aw, shucks. You can’t just put a guy on the spot like that.

[Eris Morn] This was your idea, was it not?

[Cayde-6] Okay, okay. Um.

[Lord Shaxx] At your leisure, Cayde.

[glass ringing]


[Cayde-6] Andal always said that it was what we did in wartime that made us survivors, but that what we did - and what we planned - with our peaceful days was what made us human. Guess I’m thankful that I’ve been lucky enough to work with a bunch of idiots who feel the same way. And that even though we’ve had some tough times, we’re still fighting. That we’re lookin’ ahead towards a better’n better future every day. 

So I’m thankful that we’re all still here to clink our glasses like this, because I couldn’t ask for a better team. Here’s to us. Here’s to humanity. And here’s hopin’ we all live long enough to see the Darkness fall.




[raucous cheering and laugher]

[Lord Shaxx] Fine words, Cayde! Fine words indeed!

[Commander Zavala] Who are you, and what have you done with Cayde-6?

[Eris Morn] I was not aware that you were silver-tongued, my friend.

[Ikora Rey] Don’t let it fool you - that big mouth’s gotten him into more trouble than it’s worth.

[Cayde-6] Stop, stop! Let’s just eat, yeah?

[Eris Morn] Indeed. And as we feast upon this sacrifice, let us reflect on what must be done. Let us renew our determination for the battle that now consumes our system. Terrible things are coming, and we will need all of our strength for the days ahead.


[Cayde-6] Dammit, Eris.

Not Perfect chapter 1

“NO.6 finally started to set down after all chaos that had occurred four years ago. Everything had to be started over, to not repeat mistakes of the past, to build a future where something like human hunt would never take place again.

That was Shion’s job.

Even if it will would kill him in the end, Shion would still do it. That was his responsible and the only way to atone for his sins.

Shion heard his name called. Slow getting up, he put a smile on his face and walked towards the microphone. That was going to be long two days.”

“Big, gray circles under his eyes, his body was so thin, and his skin so pale that was impossible for living person to have. Yet, what was the worst for long haired boy was a the look in Shion’s eyes. Empty, without life.

The Red-eyed boy expressed his gratitude to NO.3 for helping with educational programs, he talked about feeding programs they pushed since wall fell and he went on about many other things. He did all of that with smile on his face. Still, that smile hurt Nezumi like nothing in past four years, it was just like Shion’s eyes, hollow.“

The illustration to the first chapter of Not Perfect. It’s been so long since I stared that chapter. I didn’t remember almost anything from english grammar and you can see that. I already reedited first chapters once but now I looked at first lines and found things I would change and fix again. Maybe I going to do it after I finish whole story.

And the first pic I’ve done from beginning to the end on the computer… god, that was nightmare O_O. I don’t think I’m doing it again, nope, nope, nope… even basic sketch on paper THEN computer.

I probably redraw this scene from another angle, with more focus on Shion’s face…
There was the moment I didn’t think I’m going to finish it. Nothing wanted to work. Shion’s exhausted face, the suit… This scene takes place at very hot summer… Poor Shion he must have feel cooked in this suit.

I’m somehow proud of Restructual Committee logo, fast work but it looks almost real, I wanted to add NO.6 old logo too, but I didn’t had clear copy and I wonder… After wall fell, would RC keep using NO.6 logo? I know it’s not like Shion and rest changed name of city, but wouldn’t NO.6 logo remind everyone about old government doings, the Elyurias killing and other bad things?

I wonder what you think about it.

A Christmas Miracle part four

Enjoying your presents with Negan

Negan x wife Number 6 (reader Y/N)

2200 words

Warnings- Negan smutty goodness, NSFW, smutty aesthetic, language

Catch up with A Christmas Miracle part three

Not super happy with this. There will be more, this is far from finished

Definitely not tv or comic Negan canon.

Tagging some loves

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Teen Wolf Season 6 This Season On Teen Wolf Extended

Guide to commonly-overheard Hunter-related discussions between Guardian, Ghost, and Vanguard, as organized by Guardian type:


Titan: “Your methods are questionable, but your results are undeniable. I like it.”

Ghost: “Perhaps there is something to be learned here, despite…you.”

Zavala: “We’ll speak about this later.”


Warlock: “That was…that was ill-advised, Hunter.”

Ghost: “Why are you like this?”

Ikora: “How am I supposed to explain this to the Consensus?”


Hunter: “Whoops.”

Ghost: “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Cayde-6: “Me neither.”

- Cryptarch Records // Field Guide to Strategy // Rejected


Hey so it’s been three books since Nehemia died and I still cry like a baby whenever I even think about her. And, like, her parents probably hate Aelin rn because they think she burned their land, and that breaks my heart, so I’m hoping something along the lines of this happens in ToG 6 :) 

Aelin was not used to blending into shadow anymore- no, usually she was all about shining bright, burning with everything she had. But this… this was different. Because she’d never set the castle of Banjali-Nehemia’s former home- on fire. And she found that it was easier to slip back into her assassin’s mindset if she repeated the same three words in her head: You promised her, you promised her, you promised her. 

She’d indeed gotten out of that iron coffin and burned Maeve to ashes. She still wasn’t in the best shape mentally or physically, since it had only been a few weeks ago that Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan and Elide had freed her, but war does not wait. And that had been proven when Vaughan, who’d ended up with them as well as the twins, had flown onto deck as they began sailing along the coast of Eyllwe and reported that Erawan was moving on Banjali. 

It had been to taunt her, because he thought she was in Terrasen, where she could never possibly get to Banjali in time. 

Rowan had thrown a little bit of a fit trying to keep her from going. “We can handle it,” he’d insisted, and she knew he was right, knew it was also understandable that he’d want her to stay on the ship. Her power was still recovering from burning one of the oldest creatures alive to nothing but ash after she’d been tortured for weeks on end. She really SHOULD have stayed on the ship with Elide, let the cadre drive the forces out of Banjali. But it was not Rowan’s promise to fulfill, not any of the cadre’s, either.

You promised her, you promised her, you promised her. 

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Day 6 – Animal Ears

When the RFA left the hotel for another day of skiing, they were greeted with rows of stalls selling all kinds of goodies. Zen learned that today was the annual Holiday Market and the owners had a deal with the hotel, no doubt to maximize their profits from tourists. One of the stalls had a small selection of headbands with animal ears and Zen realized the horror that was about to take place.

“Jumin, don’t you dare-“ He whirled around to find Jumin already holding a white headband with fluffy cat ears, the vendor counting his newly received money. Why was he so fast when it came to cat related things? His nose started itching violently. Great, just great. Trust Fund moved to place the ears on Zen’s head but Zen backed away angrily, hands up and ready to fight if he had to.

Jumin pouted, looking ridiculous. “I miss Elizabeth the 3rd.”

“I don’t care!” He was ready to run away, back into the hotel if he had to. Seven also voiced his displeasure but Zen would disappoint the world if it came to cats.

MC snapped her fingers as she got an idea. “I know, let’s have a skiing competition! Whoever wins gets to decide what happens to the loser.”

“So if Zen loses, he has to wear cat ears all day. But if Jumin loses?” Yoosung asked. Zen couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Then he gets to wear dog ears.” Shock flashed across Jumin’s face when Jaehee suggested it, already buying the ears from the grateful vendor. Jaehee, you too?

“But Jumin can’t ski half as well as Zen.” Yoosung noted.

“But I can! Jumin, appoint me!” Seven grinned. The hacker had many hidden talents and skiing was obviously one of them. Jumin nodded. Zen just gaped at them.

“I appoint Seven to stand in for me in this competition.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?!”

As he stood at the start of one of the short ski routes, Seven next to him, Zen was aware that no, he did not get a say in this. Though he knew very well that he could walk away, secretly he wanted to prove to Seven that he was the better skier amongst them. The redhead had been cocky ever since he stood on the snow. Zen would make him taste bitter defeat.

“Ready! Set! Go!”

When Yoosung gave the command, he launched himself off lightning-speed and raced down the piste, Jaehee yelling his name in encouragement while others cheered for Seven. Despite doing his best, Seven was close on his trail after the first few flags. Zen made an exceptionally sharp turn and watched how Luciel tried to follow him, only to have him stumble and fall. Yes!

Just as he was imagining Jumin’s cranky face while wearing dog ears, not paying attention around him, his ski got lodged in small sinkhole. Before he knew it, he was flying through the air, face planting into snow.

Soon all of them were at the foot of the slope, none worse for wear. Both Jumin and Zen had to wear their ears because technically Zen and Seven both lost, though Seven looked like he had won.

“Are you happy now? Achoo!”

The RFA walked back to the ski lift, people passing them smiling whenever they saw the duo, their ears blending well with their hair. Zen had a hard time holding up his skis, embarrassed and allergies not helping. Jumin moved in front of him, silly dog ears bouncing along, forcing him to halt, and planted a small kiss on his nose.

“I’m very happy.”

His eyes and smile were so affectionate, Zen felt his heart beat faster, his face warm up, wanted to bottle up this feeling and drink it in forever. The blush that Zen wore afterwards was so red, Yoosung asked if he was suffering from sun burn.

Dearest Cousin pt. 2

pt 1

Also I DEFINITELY did not edit this so like… if there are a bunch of mistakes I apologize lmao 

One ship from the other fleet was already making it’s way over. It felt like the entire deck-the entire ocean- was holding it’s breath. Aedion stood stiffly, next to Lysandra, who was doing a good job ignoring the inquisitive looks from crewmen paired with outright glares from some of the Lords. Ansel was still grinning, Ilias and the Whitethorns trying their best to look impassive, and Galan? Galan wouldn’t even look in their direction, jaw set in determination as he faced the oncoming ship. 

If it wasn’t Aelin, Aedion had no idea what they were all going to do. 

The ship drifted closer still until an anchor was dropped about 100 feet away, if he had to guess. His eyes caught movement and he realized there was someone lowering themselves into a lifeboat. For a moment, his heart spiked with the hope that it was Aelin, but he realized quite quickly it was a male, and so was the person accompanying the second boat that closely followed. They all watched in silence as the boats made their way across the waves, and it wasn’t long until Aedion could make out the two males: Chaol Westfall and Fenrys. 

The General was immediately calculating why Aelin would send them over in her stead: Chaol, he figured was a representation to Dorian, who wasn’t present, as well as a familiar to some of the Lords. And Fenrys- Fenrys, he was sure, was a scare tactic, as well as a message that one of Maeve’s blood sworn now worked for the Queen of Terrassen? Gods, was Maeve really dead? 

Chaol was the only one to come up. He looked at all of them, catching eye contact with Lysandra. His eyes flickered in surprise for a split moment-he must have been expecting her to still be in disguise- before it diminished. “My name is Chaol,” he said formally. “I am the hand of his Majesty King Dorian Havilliard of Adarlan, but at the moment I speak on behalf of her Majesty Aelin Ashryver Galathynius of Terrassen.” Aedion nearly fell to his knees. “She requests a meeting with the major players at this moment." 

Aedion did not miss the emphasis on major players, nor did he notice there was room only for five people on each boat, including Chaol and Fenrys. Clever Aelin had made sure not all of the sniveling Lords would be able to attend. After a few minutes of arguing and whining on Lord Sloan’s part, it was decided that Aedion, Lysandra, Darrow, Prince Galan, Ansel, Ilias, Enda, and Ren would be the party attending the meeting on the other ship, whatever that entailed. 

"And I suppose I’m to think none of our guards are welcome to attend?” Asked Darrow lowly. Below, Fenrys let out an abrupt laugh, as if to say, You really think any of your guards could take me even if it came down to that? 
Chaol ignored him, raising an eyebrow at the Lord. “None of the other alliances seem to be bothered with not having ‘protection’ against their ally,” he said. “Are you implying you’re unsafe from your own Queen?" 

"She’s technically still not Queen,” sneered Darrow. Aedion felt the same irritation and rage he’d felt months ago in that stuffy little inn where they’d first met resurface, but she stuffed it down. 

Chaol’s lips merely twitched up slightly. “I suppose you can discuss that with her. Shall we?” He was the first one back down the ladder, though Galan was hot on his heels, and Aedion and Lysandra followed closely after that. Once they were all situated in the boats, they began the tense ride back over. No one spoke, and Aedion was grateful for that. He was too busy trying to stifle the pounding in his veins, his feelings torn between overjoyed, heartbreaking relief and terror. Because he had no idea what state his cousin was in- if she was even there. It could just be Rowan, they could have dropped 'The Queen’ to ensure that the others didn’t refuse going to the meeting. 

He didn’t know what he’d do if that was the case. 

But then suddenly there was a hand on his, and he started, glancing over to finding Lysandra looking at him steadily. There was still a hardness in her eyes, but less so. He got the meaning in them-a truce for the time being- and his heart flared with the tiniest inkling of hope. 

They unloaded just as agonizingly slowly as they had boarded the lifeboats. Aedion was the third to the ladder, and halfway up he nearly lost his grip and toppled into the ocean because he could smell it. Her. That was Aelin’s smell, and it was fresh, coming from the deck. Below him was a sharp breath- he knew Lysandra scented her too. So he kept climbing, pulling himself up faster until he got to the top. Again, he nearly toppled back into the ocean. 

Aelin stood on the deck. On one side was Rowan, crowns of flame on both of their heads, and on the other was Elide, whose cunning eyes were already studying the newcomers. Behind them were various Fae males- Aedion’s father, who gave him a quick once over, Lorcan, who was of course stationed behind Elide, and two men Aedion didn’t know, though one looked like a dark haired Fenrys. But Aelin- Aelin had his attention. 

Her face. 

The right side was perfectly healed save for a scar by her temple, but the left… Someone had obviously peeled the skin off there. It was back, and Aedion was sure he’d have his father to thank for that, but there was still a rough patchwork of scars there, and one eye was now milky blue, not the turquoise and gold of the other. She held herself tenderly, carefully, and her cousin barely restrained from falling to his knees. Behind him, even Darrow faltered for a heartbeat. 

Later. He’d have time to weep for his cousin later. Now he had a role to play, so he locked his jaw and stalked to flank Rowan, Lysandra right next to him. He’d heard her pulse quicken, knew she was having just as hard a time as he was. Later. Later. 

His King and Queen nodded to them, but he could barely manage to nod back as Aelin turned to the others now assembled on the deck, Darrow at the head. “Darrow, you’re looking well,” she commented as if everyone hadn’t just been stunned speechless by the sight of her. The Lord said nothing, only canted his head. “I hope Lysandra kept you good company." 

Darrow had already fully recovered, his smile turning serpentine. "Yes, she’s quite the convincing actress. Not convincing enough, it seems." 
"They’d already discovered when we arrived, Majesty,” Fenrys said, stationing himself next to the dark haired him. 

“How long have they known?” Aelin asked Lysandra. Aedion wondered if she knew he was still swallowing the lump in his throat and could not speak. 

“It was confirmed just before your arrival,” said Lysandra softly. 

Aelin grinned, but it looked strained on the left side. “We made EXCELLENT timing, didn’t we?" 

"Perhaps,” interrupted Darrow coolly, “we should discuss where you’ve been gallivanting about, Highness.” Gods, again with the Highness. Every Fae male on the deck, including Aedion himself, stiffened. 

Aelin remained unfazed, gesturing to her face. “I assure you, there was no gallivanting involved." 

"Provoking an immortal Queen while your country is at war isn’t gallivanting?" 
"It was Maeve,” Rowan cut in, snarling the bitch’s name, “who seems to have an interest in provoking other Queens." 

There was a subtle shift in the atmosphere, and Aelin used it to her advantage. "While we were off the coast of Eyllwe, I was forced to use my power to burn away 500 of Erawan’s soldiers. Maeve, of course, saw that as an opportunity, one she’d been waiting for, and so she came for me. She wanted to leash the fire of Mala. And she did." 

Galan spoke for the first time since they’d come aboard. "And your face… did she do that to you when you resisted?" 

Aelin’s eyes sparked with recognition. "I didn’t resist. She had a member of my Court, and so I surrendered. This,” she gestured to her face, “came later on.” Galan’s face remained impassive, but no one missed the devastation in his eyes. 

“And which member of your Court did you allegedly sacrifice yourself for?” Asked Darrow. Aedion expected him to be sneering, but he seemed to really be trying to calculate the odds of the situation without his bias towards the Queen. 

Aelin nodded slightly, and it seemed to be a signal, because Elide said, “Me.” All eyes turned to her. “Maeve had a sword to my throat, and Aelin went with her to save my life.” There was no mention of the bowing, the whipping, the iron coffin, but Elide’s voice had enough emotion in it to convey something awful had happened on that beach. 

“I believe,” Aelin said softly, “You know Elide Lochan, rightful Lady of Perranth.” Darrow and Ren started. 

“Do you have any proof that you started the conflict?” Darrow asked, and Aedion almost snapped that this was no damn trial, but he knew it would favor Aelin if they could proove she was not the child Queen they thought she was. She was a ruler, and a damn good one. Everyone should know that. 
“That shirt on the beach.” All eyes turned to Ansel of Briarcliffe. She wasn’t grinning anymore, and Aedion had never seen her so… still. “That shirt covered in blood, when we got there. That was yours, wasn’t it?” Ilias and Galan’s eyes flooded in realization. 

Aelin nodded, and her voice turned soft as she focused on the two men. “I wanted to be there to meet with both of you. I really did. I apologize for the ruse, but Erawan would strike sooner if he knew I was elsewhere. I had to do what was best for our countries.” They were the perfect words- Aedion knew already that the iciness Galan had been forming towards Aelin had already melted and he’d go back to doting on his younger cousin just as he had with Lysandra in her skin. 

Darrow’s gaze was still cool, but there was something considering in it, too. He was a dick, sure, but he still wanted what was best for his country. It seemed it was finally becoming clear to him that Aelin wanted that too, even if he disliked her. “I have things to discuss with the other Lords, it seems,” he said, then glanced at Elide and said, “and Lady." 

Aelin waved him off. "Discuss what you must. We can meet again tomorrow and begin planning." 

There were about twenty more aggravating minutes of discussion (including speaking of a healer named Yrene who was coming to heal Aelin’s face from the allies Chaol had gathered) between all before it was time for them all to make their own preparations. Aedion hardly moved as they disappeared back into the lifeboats. As soon as Chaol and Fenrys began rowing them back over, Aelin was slumping in relief and exhaustion. Aedion crumbled ever so slightly too, and then his cousin was throwing herself into his arms. He gripped her lightly, afraid of applying pressure to a wound he couldn’t see. 

But then she muttered, "I’m not a glass doll. Hug me, you prick.” And so Aedion did, burying his face in the crook of her neck, which grew damp under his eyes, but he didn’t care. Because she was here, and she was still healing but she would heal. He could almost see her being crowned in Terrassen. “I’m here, I’m sorry, I’m here." 

He remembered the words he’d told her those months ago when they’d first been reunited, and he realized just how much more he meant them now. 
So he said them again. "Never again."