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Número de Emergencia para Puerto Rico

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1.   Cuartel General de la Policía de Puerto Rico: 787-343-2020/ 787-793-1234
2.   Servicio Nacional de Meteorología: 787- 253-4586
3.   Cruz Roja Americana, capítulo de Puerto Rico: 787- 758-8150
4.   Bomberos de Puerto Rico: 787-722-1120 (zona metro)
5.   Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica: 787-521-3434
6.   Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados:  787-620-2482 (Zona Metro)/ 787-882-2482 (Zona Aguadilla) / 787-816-2482 (Zona Arecibo) / 787-732-2482 (Zona Cayey) / 787-860-2482 (Zona Fajardo) / 787-846-2482 (Zona Manatí)/ 787-805-2482 (Zona Mayaguez) / 787-869-2482 (Zona Naranjito)
7.  Agencia Estatal para el Manejo de Emergencias y Administración de Desastres: 787-724-0124 (Oficina central) y por zonas

Zona 1 San Juan
-San Juan - 787-294-0277
-Bayamón - 787-786-6400
-Carolina  - 787-769-9858
- Guaynabo - 787-720-2320
- Toa Baja - 787-784-2150
- Trujillo Alto - 787- 760-4440

Zona 2  Vega Baja
- Vega Baja - 787-965-7770
- Dorado -787-796-4442
-Florida - 787-822-2074
-Manatí - 787-854-2110
-Vega Alta - 787-883-4837
- Vega Baja - 787-858-5080

Zona 3 Arecibo

- Arecibo - 787-878-3454/ 787-879-1700
-  Barceloneta - 787-846-3210
-Camuy – 787-898-5400
-Hatillo - 787-898-5200
- Quebradillas - 787 -895-4000

Zona 4 Aguadilla
- Aguadilla - 787-882-6871/ 787-891-1565
- Aguada - 787- 868-7000
- Añasco - 787- 826-3160
- Isabela - 787 -872-0020
- Moca  -787- 877-5540
- Rincón  - 787- 823-4188
-San Sebastián -787- 896-2710

Zona 5 Mayagüez

- Mayaguez – 787-833-7272/ 787-833-7372/ 787-833-9494 /787-833-9594/787- 831-5454 / 787 -831-5850
- Cabo Rojo – 787- 851-5050
- Hormigueros – 787 -849-0590
- Lajas - 787 -808-1450
- Las Marías – 787- 827-3394
- Maricao – 787- 838-3344
- Sabana Grande – 787- 873-2389
- San Germán - 787 -892-5620

Zona 6 Ponce

- Ponce - 787-844-8272/ 787 -840-5353
- Guánica – 787- 821-2079
- Guayanilla – 787- 835-2275
-  Juana Díaz -  787- 837-2065
- Peñuelas - 787- 836-1361
-Villalba - 787 -847-1590
- Yauco – 787-856-3940

 Zona 7 Utuado
- Utuado – 787 -814-7680
- Adjuntas – 787- 829-2138
- Ciales – 787- 871-4710
- Jayuya -  787-828-4420
- Lares – 787- 897-7020
-  Utuado – 787- 894-6781

Zona 8  Comerío
- Comerío – 787-867-7000/ 787- 875-2490
- Barranquitas – 787- 857-3594
- Corozal – 787- 859-2052
- Morovis – 787 -862-2884
- Naranjito – 787- 869-0100
- Orocovis - 787- 867-4004

Zona 9 Guayama
- Guayama -  787-864-1600
- Arroyo – 787- 839-1330
- Coamo - 787- 825-7008
- Guayama - 787 -864-1946
- Patillas – 787- 839-8991
- Salinas -787- 824-4185
- Santa Isabel – 787- 845-5555

Zona 10 Caguas
- Caguas - 787-737-6980
- Aibonito – 787- 735-0181
- Cayey - 787- 263-1101
- Cidra – 787- 739-1280
- Aguas Buenas - 787- 732-4701
- Caguas – 787-745-5425 / 787- 653-5500
- Gurabo – 787- 737-3459

 Zona 11 Humacao
- Humacao – 787-852-4044
-Juncos - 787 -734-2244
- Las Piedras - 787 - 733-8188
-  Maunabo – 787 -861-0888
-  Naguabo - 787- 874-1222
-  San Lorenzo – 787- 736-0210/ 787-736-0220
- Yabucoa - 787 -893-3190

Zona 12 Ceiba
 -Ceiba - 787-863-3330/787- 885-2740
-Canóvanas – 787- 876-2465
-Culebra – 787- 742-3849
- Fajardo -  787- 863-1502
- Loíza - 787- 876-3561
- Luquillo – 787- 889-2525
-  Río Grande – 787- 888-5590
- Vieques - 787- 741-1616

8. Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas: 787-787-9918/ 787-225-1539/ 787-721-8790/ 787-721-6043/ 787-722-1401/787-289-3867
9. Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencia (FEMA ) 1-800-621-3362 (Si se emite una declaración de desastre, para hacer alguna reclamación en caso de daños)

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a long and more heartfelt comic because i finished ep.263 and was overwhelmed by what an appalling father heizo hattori is, partially for the way he treated heiji and partially because he never apologised for it

it’s my eternal pain that shinichi isn’t more emotionally open with heiji at times like this so i’m taking things into my own hands

About mirrors

Manga spoilers for chapter 263 ahead.

So you guys,

I just realized why Bokuto is so prominently in the audience for this match, and I’m kinda pissed at myself for only noticing it now because this is a pretty neat technique and it’s definitely something writers can make good use of.

Furudate tends to use audience member like the choir in a greek tragedy. They’re there to make sense of the proceedings. They explain stuff, they mention why things are important, they guide the viewer by being the everyman themselves.

But Bokuto has a very specific use: he’s there to be a mirror.
Specifically, he’s there to mirror Tanaka’s perseverance.

Because this is one of the defining traits of Bokuto Kotarou.
It’s something he himself is aware of. He’s one of the top five spikers in the country, but he also has self esteem issues. He’s quick to lose heart.

This is alleviated for him at Fukurodani, by having a literal empath as a setter. Akaashi at all time has a mental percentage list of how close his spiker is to breakdown and what actions he should perform for best results.

Tanaka, we’re shown, does not have this advantage.

What Tsukki does when he passes to Asahi is probably smart, probably also well-intentioned, but it is very much considered a snub.
You can see this in the reactions of the audience.

One way or another, this is a personal affront to Tanaka’s pride.
Now look at Bokuto again. He’s looking up at the ceiling, he’s *frustrated by proxy* and Akaashi, who is so in tune to his spiker’s mood, knows exactly what’s going on. He’s nervous. He’s worried. He’s fully expecting Tanaka to fall apart, because that’s what Bokuto would do.
He says it himself, he would have broken ages ago.

But Tanaka didn’t.

In part, because who needs empaths when you have the literal sunshine that is Hinata in your team.
But also, because this is Tanaka and
Tanaka’s main strength lies in his tenacity.

And that’s why this is such a powerful arc.

ان المرء يشرب حزنه، و يسكر به.
—  (1870 - P.263) فيودور دوستويفسكي - الزوج الابدي

Let’s start by saying that I love all these chapters about Tanaka because, in my humble opinion, we needed to see more of him because Tanaka is one of the greatest Haikyuu characters, and I’ll tell you why.

Before anyone starts saying shit about my son, let me say that yes, it’s true that he’s not a volleyball genius like some players. No, he’s not a genius like Kageyama or Nishinoya. No, he does not have Hinata’s kind of abilities. No, he doesn’t have his seniors’ experience. But he IS as strong as the others, even stronger (and, to be honest with all of you, seeing him go through all these stuff is killing me).

Tanaka isn’t as skilled as his teammates, yes, but I think that’s what makes him even more endearing. Tanaka is your “normal guy”. That guy who isn’t particularly fast, nor physically strong like Asahi, but he’s that kind of guy who you’ll always be able to count on, even when times are hard, and even when he’s down (Tanaka may have done a lot of mistakes, but he still called for Tsukishima’s toss, and GUYS, THAT TAKES A LOT).

I have deep respect for characters like Tanaka Ryunosuke. He’s the only second year who STAYED when practices were too much. He’s that one character who always always always encourages his teammates. And you know what? It takes a lot to admit to yourself that some of the guys in your team are just on another level, and maybe you’ll never get to be like them. Making some mistakes is normal, but the pressure you go through, especially when you’re at Nationals - I dont’ know you, but I wouldn’t be able to bear that. I’d probably pull a Bokuto, and it’d be understandable, but Tanaka.

Tanaka doesn’t. He doesn’t break down (it’s partly Hinata’s merit). He’s proven to be so strong. And I feel so sorry every single time Tanaka compares himself to others and calls himself mediocre, because he’s actually great. He’s so effing great.

edit. Yoh, yes it’s still me. After reading chapter 264 I can’t help but add some more things to this already long ass post that nobody asked for.

Can we talk about the second years and how none of them is worried that Tanaka will break down? Can we? No one thinks he will. Because in their eyes Tanaka is this one guy who tries and tries and tries until things are okay again. He never gives up. In their eyes, Tanaka is that guy who can always pull himself together after a fall down. All the second years think this: “it’s Tanaka. He’s amazing.” They have no doubt that he will be able to score, that he won’t let them down, because they KNOW that Tanaka’s great. He does well. There’s no way he won’t on this particular match.

Also, Tanaka is the simple and earnest guy. That simple, earnest guy, who’s straightforward and Ennoshita admires him for that, you can tell. He doesn’t admire him just as a player, but even as a person too. Tanaka is truly amazing. He’s that guy who’s funny, but takes “things” like feelings very seriously. Find me another guy like that. 

So, again, “what’s so good about that guy?” Everything. Tanaka senpai is perfect. End of the long ass post.

Solar System: 10 Things to Know This Week

State of the Solar System: 10 quick updates from around our galactic neighborhood.

1. Powered by the Sun

Fifty-nine years ago, Vanguard 1 launched to demonstrate a new spacecraft technology – solar power. We’ve been going farther and for longer ever since.

+More on Vanguard 1

2. Mapping Mercury

A big week in history for exploration of the innermost planet. On March 16, 1975, our Mariner 10 made its third and final flyby of Mercury. One day and 36 years later, MESSENGER became the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury. Next up: ESA’s BepiColumbo, undergoing testing now, is set to launch for Mercury in 2018.

+Missions to Mercury

3. Return to Venus

U.S. and Russian scientists are discussing a planned revival of the successful Venera program that revealed much about Venus in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Meanwhile, Japan’s Akatsuki orbiter continues to study our sister planet.

+More on Venera-D

4. Rocket Power

Back on Earth 91 years ago (March 16, 1926), inventor and dreamer Robet Goddard changed the world forever with the first test of a liquid-fueled rocket. We’ve been going farther and faster ever since.

+More on Goddard

5. Moon Watch

Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been sending a steady stream of high-resolution images back to Earth for more than seven years.

+More on LRO

6. Busy Mars

There are currently five orbiters (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey, MAVEN, ESA’s Mars Express and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission) and two rovers (Curiosity and Opportunity) exploring Mars, making it second only to Earth in the number of robotic spacecraft studying its secrets.

+Meet the Mars Fleet

7. Vote for Jupiter

Polls close today (March 20) so vote not to point a real spacecraft camera at Jupiter during the mission’s 5th perijove pass.

+Vote now

8. Science to the Last Second

In a little less than six months, our Cassini orbiter will plunge into Saturn as a spectacular finale to its 19-year mission – but not before it embarks on a completely new mission into unexplored space between Saturn and its mighty rings.

+More on Cassini’s Grand Finale

9. By George?

Happy belated birthday to Uranus, discovered on March 13, 1781 by William Herschel. The English astronomer wanted to name his discovery – the first planet discovered in recorded history – “Georgium Sidus” after England’s King George III. But he was overruled, and astronomer stuck with traditional mythological names – creating an opportunity for 263 years of student jokes at the expense of the ice giant planet’s name.

+More on Uranus

10. Go Farther

The round trip light time from Voyager 1 to Earth is more than 38 hours. Voyager 1 is almost 13 billion miles from our home planet.

+More on Voyager

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