no. 180


okay so i’ve actually gotten a couple of requests to do like a masterlist of the skyrim mods i use/would recommend for people new to the modding game, so that’s what this is. this is essentially going to be a list of the mods i personally use and is not meant to be like the be-all end-all of mod recs. i play a load order that prioritizes graphics improvements and immersion. if that’s not your thing this will be pretty useless to you. Note: this is for skyrim classic. some of these mods have been ported over to SE but not all of them.

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Yuri, age 16, looking up at the sky: um, almost everyone is taller than me wtf when will I grow some more???

Yuri, age 18, the 456th time he hits his head against something that should be out of human reach: I TAKE IT BACK I’M SORRY


Made a little Screen Direction 4 Beginners thing in a twitter conversation today, figured I could post it here too. Obviously it gets more complicated than this when you’re in the trenches and there are reasons to intentionally break the line or establish new lines via things like eye direction if you’re doing something that requires a new composition, but this is the most basic possible way to explain using the 180 line to keep harmonious screen direction that won’t look jarring to your audience.

A thing that can help if you’re having trouble getting your head around composing a scene without crossing the line; “pretend you have to work around a live studio audience”. Alternatively; “pretend you have a shoebox diorama you’re posing out dolls in”