no. 180

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I feel like I did a complete 180 with dating. I'm the guy my friends come to for dating advice but this guy I'm talking to has me fucked up. He has a bad temper, he can be selfish, but when things are good they're perfect. I know I should forget about him but I can't. Each time he messages me I get excited. I know I'm infatuated but I can't stop. I feel I'm more into him than he is into me but he sends the sweetest messages and says the most loving things. Talk sense to me, PLEASE!

Is this about me?


Medic!Jack Au that I’ve been doodling in twitter. Basically Jack lived peacefully in Indiana until the omnics came and destroy his home; Gabe and overwatch came a little too late to safe his family. And thats how Gabe met his bf and future field medic.