no. 132

they got married, had a wedding and are expecting a child and im crying, congratulations my precious bbys, this is beautiful

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 132

-Hopeful imagery of life growing from cement how can Ishida ruin this

-Wow subtle foreshadowing going to the suicide forest for a suicide mission

-Make some fruit jam Kaneki

-Kaneki like Midas except everything he touches dies

-Kaneki: Not only did I marry your niece but were slow cooking a baby

-Saiko and Urie going to get five stars in gta 5

-Touka and Kaneki get married in female rpg armor

-Yomo blinds Nishiki

-Tsukiyama putting wedding planners out of jobs since 2k17

-Touka says see wants to eat cake but according to urban dictionary that code for ass

-A wild Spy kid uses tongue to summon his pack

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Y'all be wishing for a baby shower once Ishida is through with us


touken/kanetou + hands