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Not to be gay but au-where-everything-is-okay
Malek goes to college in California and Dallas stays back for a year in Oregon but whatever they are Dating and Dallas buys Malek a black hoodie.. like as a “congrats on making it to college I hope it’s fun” gift. And Malek loves it so much he wears the thick hoodie even when the california heat is barbecueing him alive..
Ben: just take off the damn hoodie it’s like 102° you’re going to have a heatstroke
Malek: shut up.. This is my Outfit. This is My Style.. I’m Punk Rock.. my boyfriend gave me this sweater..

Dylan Strome - Insecure

Anon: Hi! Could i request a scenario with Dylan strome where the reader is having a little crush down because of insecurities as she has thick thighs, a bit of stomach rolls and dyl just comforts her and just becomes all squishy cause she’s usually all bright and smiley? I’ve been a bit down in the dumps and your writing cheers me up a lot ♡

A/N: I love dyl and I LOVE how this imagine turned out, definitely one of my favs

Warning/s: Mentions of of insecurities and such

Word count: 1,102

Song: Turning Page - Sleeping At Last

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97: Are you a tease?
I don’t think so.

98: Ever meet anyone you met on Tumblr?

99: Have you ever been deeply in love with someone?
For sure!

100: Anybody on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with?

101: Hugs or Kisses?
Both! Don’t make me choose.

102: Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Not really. I’d prefer to be asked out though.

103: The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Mouth and hands. 😊

Thanks for the ask!

Our Love Isn't An Illusion (Ch. 1)

(Francis’ P.O.V)

I walked down the dull halls, looking for the new patient I was supposed to be treating. Apparently he had Schizophrenia, which was one mental illness I was most afraid of. With Schizophrenia, you don’t know what you’re dealing with. It could be someone who sees colours that mean a certain emotion, or someone who sees figments of their imagination… Like imaginary friends. Oh who am I kidding? They are all like imaginary friends to me. Either that or enemies… Also, you have no clue what those voices are telling the person. Whether it’s to starve themselves, hurt themselves, do drugs, become an alcoholic, it’s all really hard to deal with. In the worse cases, the person will have homicidal tendencies too.

I sighed and counted the numbers of the rooms. “101… 102… 103… ah, 104.” I reached my destination and I slowly turned the door knob and opened the door. I peaked in to see what looked to be like a man in… around his twenties… He had shaggy blonde hair, emerald green eyes that seemed to shimmer when the sun hit them perfectly, not to mention those bushy eyebrows. I chuckled softly and walked in.

“Who are you…?” The man scowled, seeming to not like my presence.

“I’m Nurse Bonnefoy.” I smiled, calmly, trying to see if that would make him at least a little comfortable with me.

“Wipe that damn smile off of your face… From what I’ve learned it’s just an act you all pull off…” He grumbled.

I looked at him. My smile faded and my features turned to that of sadness. He looked up at me for a split second and then muttered a small, “Sorry…”

“Don’t worry. But what you said is true… not for me anyways. I always smile.” And I gave him a bright one, just to prove it. He looked at me, and actually gave me a very small smile, but you could still see it. I chuckled and flipped through his charts. “…Arthur Kirkland, huh? What a lovely name.” I compliment, taking a small glance at him. Arthur’s face turned a small hue of red and he looked down at his hands. I smiled a bit wider and chuckled, looking back at his charts.

“May I ask what your hallucinations are?” I said, breaking the small silence that fell upon us.

“Well, there’s my friend Uni and my friend Flying Mint Bunny.” He seemed to lighten up as he talked about the two. “They are my favourites, and seem to be the most frequent. There are also some others like Tink… but she isn’t very frequent. Most of the time they are very nice but sometimes they do tell me to do bad things…” Arthur’s voice got a bit quieter by the end of his sentence.

“Like what?”

“They’ve told me to kill myself… Multiple times… But I never gave in until the last time they said it…” He mumbled.

“Oh? What did you do? Cutting? Drugs? Alcohol?” I looked back at him. He slowly raised his arm to show some little slits that went up his wrists, they weren’t too deep though. I sighed softly. “Well, at least they aren’t too deep. So, I’m not worried too much. Just remember like you don’t have to listen to those voices if they tell you to do that.”

“I-I try to ignore them they just… Come back…” He said as he put his arm down. “They’ll taunt me until I listen…”

“…Are you in here for abandoning your medication?” Once I said that, the room fell silent.

Arthur Looked out the window of the pale room, avoiding my gaze. “…Yes.” He finally answered.

My face fell and I closed the chart book, walked over to the abandoned chair and sat down. “It seems like everyone comes in here either for abandoning their medications or just really horrible insanity, but-”

“Why aren’t you yelling…?” He asked, cutting me off.

I chuckled and looked at him. “I don’t like yelling, and I don’t like to yell. It scares patients and I want them to feel safe other that fear that they are in an unsafe place.” I smile softly.

“Ah… Well, thank you for not yelling. All of the other nurses yelled at me for telling them my story and what I did.” He looked back at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Of course they did…” I grumble. “They are always rude to one another and to patients, and I honestly don’t know why. We’re here to make people feel better not scare them.”

“Well, they could be scared too, right…?” Arthur asked.

“I mean, of course they’re… no, we’re scared. It’s nice to help people but you never know what case you’re going to get. Some people have severe Alzheimer’s and sometimes they won’t remember who you are, and will try to hurt you, or people have severe Schizophrenia and when those voices tell them to do something, they will do it. Some might have Bipolar and you don’t know when they could snap…” I fell silent for a moment. “…It’s like we’re all fearing and it just builds tension around everyone.”

“I get what you mean.” He said, softly, looking back at his hands. “Honestly, everyone here makes me anxious. Every time I hear screaming or banging or yelling… It just ignites this spark… And it makes my friends anxious too. Also, when they come in with ropes and hand cuffs it just… It’s horrible… Especially when they bring them in and you do nothing at all.”

A look of hurt spreads across my face and I look down at my feet, nibbling at my bottom lip, guiltily. “A-All I can say is, I’m sorry.” I mumble, bringing my head back up. “Just so you know. Those nurses shouldn’t be able to bother you as much as they have been, because I am your new… how would I put it… Head nurse…?” I chuckle.

“O-Okay… Well if it’s you, I think I’ll be alright… Because you seem nice and like you won’t put me in those rubbish restraints.” He chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I won’t put you in restraints, and I’ll make sure they don’t either.” I smiled, warmly. Then, I remembered what I was here to do. I shot up and walked over. “Meds… You need your meds.” I grab the bottle and twist off the cap, putting the right dosage in the palm of my hand. I walk over to the cooler and grab him a bottle of water and gave it to him and then handed him his medicine. He opened the bottle and plopped the pill in his mouth, and took a swig of the water.

I smile at him and then suddenly my pager goes off. I sighed and checked it. “I need to go check on another patient… I’ll be back when I need to be, okay?”

Arthur nodded. “Please, come back whenever you can. I like your aura.” He smiled.

I chuckled and nodded. “Sure thing. I’ll be back when I can.” I started walking to the door when my pager went off yet again. “Okay okay I got it…” I said to myself, walking out the door.

Finally, I think I have found a patient that fits just right for me…


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