I marathoned The Adventure Zone last week and I LOVE TAAKO, HE’S A PERFECT STAR. I kind of went with a eccentric-wizard-getup with my version of him because those are my favourite kinds of wizards aaaand I really feel like it suits his personality (I did design a less-complex version of him though which is my headcanon Casual Taako Outfit, lol).

(Also please join me on Twitter @jaqobin to yell about TAZ, I wanna scream about it some more ty)

Frisk on the fifth panel is so sad because couples should not figth and please let’s just get along.

But now that they’re distracted, they take the chance to run away ;D Finally someone obeys Flowey ahaha xD

More next weekend!!

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We’re into the final hours of this campaign!! You’ve all done so, so much to support it already, but every book claimed is another ~65 meals that Facing Hunger can provide, so we’re going to keep pushing right up until the very last minute to make sure everyone who wants one can get one!

There’s still time to claim a commission tier- that’s a full-color digital illustration of your personal tabletop character by one of our amazing contributing artists! Many of these artists don’t often offer commissions, so snag ‘em while you can! Scroll down on the campaign page or ctrl+f your favorite artist to find them.

Artists with open tiers remaining include:

Thank you all for everything you’ve done to support and promote this campaign!! We can’t wait to finish up the layout and get these beautiful books to print. Grab yours before they’re gone!