To those who feel bad about their art

A friend messaged me on facebook with a drawing I did of her back when I think we were still in elementary school (quality isn’t the best but I think you can make it out just fine).

Whew that’s bad, this was back when I refused to draw people because I was bad at them (this was a gift so I had made an exception at the time).

Skip to now and let’s take a look at what my people look like now:

I’d say that’s quite the improvement!

Next time you feel shitty about your art, whether it be the skill level that you’re at, or you feel like you’re not improving, take a gander on over at this post. If I can go from that top image to this bottom image with time and practice, you can too!

So today I met Sebastian Stan in Austin
^_^ he’s such an adorable person! (Yes I know you can’t see my face, but that’s because the photographer made us go super fast.) I gave him mY Pink Floyd’s The Wall and my photo op with him and told him he could do what he wanted and HE SIGNED BOTH LIKE SEB WTF!!! Afterwards, he saw the movie and in the middle of signing I was about to ask him something in Romanian, but this PRECIOUS MACAROON decides to randomly look up at me a flash a bright smile!!!! Then I gave him the portrait I made for him and he loved it! He was like “Oh my God what the f- did you draw this?” I said “Yes I did!” He liked it a lot and looked at me with the most sincere facial expression that was filled with genuine emotion and mutual admiration and said “Don’t stop drawing. Don’t ever stop.” And his smile was contagious, so I told him “I won’t!” And we looked into each other’s eyes for what felt like forever until I finally had to turn and walk away.

I also had a nice volunteer give him my pack of pocky because I was worried that he was hungry or tired and I attached a little note on it with tape! :3

spacezii  asked:

Could a toddler Wheatley be done for Chell?

Looks like it’s time to whip out some draws that I did almost a year ago and never ever posted. 

A long while back during a stream someone asked for baby bots and  @morelovelyandmoretemperate​ started spewing up an entire babybot!AU and the idea just wouldn’t stop rollin. (it was a really fun AU idea and we might make an original story out of it someday who knows) 

So I guess I’ll finally post these before they collect more dust whomp enjoy!

And also everyone wanted to see Wheatley and Virgil in onesies so here’s a bonus~


;;OOC - ( So since both @emperorofexcess and @drstrangegrove screamed thought that this was a good idea- I decided to go for it :’V Both of their muses respectively and @swordintheswarm‘s Clearcut at the very end )

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Sparrowshipping 33 for the drawing prompts (if you are up to it)

33. “did that person just take a picture of us?”

Sorry this took so long! But I felt I couldn’t do that picture without a sequel:

Basically, Sawatari sniping pictures and getting caught. (Also, I LOVE DRAWING FLUFF! I just spend too much time on it lol)

Hopefully this was at least somewhat worth the wait!

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May we have a list of the sass levels of goth, pallette, and pastel? From 1-10 where 1 is a baby and 10 is a teenager or J.A.R.V.I.S (If you haven't watched iron man, Jarvis is sass condensed into a robot essentially)

OKI here’s some quote that might show their level of sass!

Pastel: “It never hurts to help!” (-1 point)

Palette: “But what did I do wrong???” (3 point)

Goth: “congrast dude you just exhaust the artist by turned this answer into 10 panel comic.. good thing you aren’t even colored, heh.” (9 point)


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Btw why is ko the only one wearing a different outfit? Is he in a different school?

Did you send these too? lol But no worries, I will draw more about them. haha

Oh no, they are all in the same high school.

In the series, Hope’s Peak seems to be very indulgent about uniforms. So in this UA, I didn’t change this part. (But I think that’s mainly because they don’t really care since they only care about talent. So their students can do whatever they want. lol) But since Hope’s Peak is a normal high school here, they’re only indulgent. They’re only suggesting to wear the uniform but you can modify a bit.

When the weather is getting hotter, they wear their summer uniform (the one with short sleeves). On the contrary, like during fall or winter, they wear long sleeves shirt and no sleeve sweater (+ their school uniform jacket).

Indoor, people likely tend to wear off their jacket. But Komaeda don’t like being cold so he keep it.

Plus, DR3 Komaeda is cute, so-

Well, I’m bad at explaining, so summary:

Uh yeah, this is obviously not canon.

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How did you learn to draw? Just trying to sketch things you saw in life or whatever? I really want to learn how to draw but I can only do stick figures, I get frusterated by being bad, and give up.

I learned by simply drawing a lot. I haven’t really thought about it too much.
Stick figures are a start! I’d recommend reading some books about the basics to really get started. “Fun with a pencil” by Andrew Loomis is a good start.

I wish I started taking care about the basics earlier.
Happy drawing!

some parent!enjoltaire things

  • the swear jar that really is only there for grantaire
  • calling joly every half hour until the kids are LIKE 20 because she coughed three times in an hour joly whats that all about is she okay
  • the walls are still covered in crayon scribbles from when the kids were younger, thanks to “grantaire don’t encourage them to draw on the walls” “im not encouraging them but i’m also not going to limit their artistic expression enjolras god
  • yes, judy on the pta did call them gay, tattooed communists. no, that does not make them gay, tattooed communists. they are gay, tattooed socialists and just because dad almost threw a brownie pan at her does not mean you can do that too, genevieve, sit down.
  • dadtaire can tell when ur drunk. u cant get it past him. u cant lie. he’s 25 years sober but he always knows. 
  • enjolras still deals with his anxiety and grantaire still battles with his depression, and they make sure their kids know that whatever they’re feeling they should never be afraid to talk to them about it. there will be no judgement. 
  • they just work really hard to make sure they raise their kids in a validating, tolerant environment. 

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ok ok the only thing im gonna say is my theme for the post was friendship and i added a little twist to it