When loving someone means to hurt them…

Since the very first day I’ve seen eicinic‘s design of Akaashi I wanted to draw him. Even more when I read further in her Adulthood AU and learnt how much work Gin puts into the designs.

The BokuAka part of the Adulthood AU is full of pain and sadness and I fell deeply in love with it. I may sound pretty calm writing this, but tbh I usually only scream about Gin’s art and stories… :’D That’s also why I can’t find any words to describe how much I really love her and hope this drawing shows at least a bit of my love?

Actually I’ve always wanted to draw Akaashi’s back, because I really like the back tattoo (and backs in general…), so I prepared a png of Psalm 23. It’d be a waste to not share it, so… use it if you want to. :D

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Did you know that September 3rd is ruby & sapphire day? You draw ruby's or sapphire's gem on your hand and your goal of the day is to find your true love.

ahh that sounds cute! c:

that probably works better if you do it in school or in a place where you know there are other people who watch the series, tho


Draw Yourself Challenge –– Starlord for halle-destiel-lujah

There’s one other name you might know me by… Star Lord.

To clarify the art:

  • I am a muslim girl (who wears a hijab) and I prefer to wear long/loose things that go below the bum
  • Haha Peter already covers his body so there wasn’t much I could change c: this was still fun to do, though!

“Sam?” You said his name gently. He looked like he was deep in thought about something. A tiny movement of his head showed that he had heard you. “Are you alright?”

Now he heaved a heavy sigh and turned to look at you. “Not really.”

You gave him an empathetic look and went to sit down beside him, resting your back against the same tree he was leaning on. “We did everything we could. Sometimes we just lose,” you said, staring out in the same direction he was.

He looked down at his hands in his lap. “It’s not that. It’s not the case,” he said.

You turned and looked at him, your eyebrows drawing down slightly over your concerned eyes, your expression questioning.

“It’s more that it made me realize how much time I’m wasting,” he said. Now his hazel eyes found yours and locked with them. “And I’m sick of wasting time.” His voice was barely above a whisper and you felt like the air around you was suddenly charged, crackling with electricity. “I am so insanely in love with you.”

Your lips fell partially open and your heart leapt in your chest. The silence couldn’t have stretched for more than a split second but it felt like it went on forever. “Sam, I–” You didn’t get anymore of what you were about to say out before his hands were clasping your face and he was kissing you.

And you sunk into him freely and willingly, showing him as best as you could that you felt the same way, had felt the same way, for a long while.

Just did this BIZZARO live on the Periscope app. You can watch me draw it if you find me on the app and see recent videos. I was listening to some hardcore rap so if you can’t handle terrible language, don’t watch it! Sorry! But next time I’ll be more mindful of what I’m listening too live haha!

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Marco, Wirt, and Dipper. All trying to get girl advice. How do? Who ask? How did Wirt get three girls??? He doesnt even understand. Yes. Boys need girl advice and fast.

May I have your name? Anonymous?

Sorry I’m late. It took me a while to draw this comic.

I like your idea, and the sentences you used to describe the situation.

I just…bad at romantic…


Son of a bitch...!

I *knew* that face looked traced. Look at this!


Dear God… this explains it. I saw some of his Star Trek stuff and it seemed decent, but then you see the Lost Ones and how dreadful he is at drawing faces… and this is why. He must have been fucking directly tracing the entire fucking time, and that was the only reason why his stuff on Star Trek looked *halfway* decent. 

This guy. This fucking guy. 


literary witch heroines: beth march

abilities: homemaking magic, spells and potions, telepathy with her sisters

Beth’s magic is quiet. Beth weaves silent protection spells into her knitting, whispers calming incantations to the household creatures, and attempts to mediate between her sisters with no magic at all. Her magic draws strength from the home and in turn, she makes the home powerful and safe. Her magic never touches far beyond the house, but Beth thinks that’s alright. Beth’s magic was at home, and that’s just as special.

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Is there a way you overcame copyright I mean with the use of the Sherlock wallpaper and the Olympic logo?? Or did it just not matter. I really want to do art like this and I'm still all confused of the whole copyright aspect

It would be a problem if I marketed it. For instance: You can draw Micky Mouse all day long, and you can draw him for your friends and Micky enthusiasts, for money or for free. It would be a problem if you made prints to sell on a large scale because Micky is owned by Disney. Does that make sense? Not sure I’m wording it too well. OH! OWAN. Take OWAN, for example. I can distribute that within fandom because it’s a fandom thing. I’m not really doing it to make a lot of money. It’s just fun and fan inclusive. If I mass marketed it and sold it in bookstores and on the BBC website or something, I’m sure it would be frowned upon. I believe Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain at this point, though, so my point may be moot.

If anyone can better explain what I’m failing, please feel free to add to the conversation. ^^