hey guys! i’ve reached a milestone in my followers so here is your little treat! i just wanna tell you all how much i love and appreciate each and every one of you. for those who know, 2017 has not been a good year for me. i’ve gone through the toughest time in my life and i just wanna thank you all for your love and support. omg i can’t believe how many beautiful spirited people that i’ve met on here, i can’t tell you how grateful i am to have all of you. thank you all for being there for me and sending all your love. i hope you all know how much it brings a smile to my face that i get to share the same passion with all of you, people who actually understand why i love football so much and actually put up with the amount of teams that i follow. my blog is a big pile of mess so thank you all my little sunshines for sticking with me! ps side note i would die for lionel messi? I LOVE YOU ALL

here they are my lovelies! in no order! i just went through my following list!! bolded italic some lovely people that i’ve gotten to know or blogs i really love!! (if i forget any of you i’ll come back and add you!)

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So my blog is like deleting/unfollowing mutuals, I guess it’s possible you won’t see this if it happened to you but I almost never unfollow people intentionally because you’re all my perfect sunshine angels - so if you happen to be wondering why we aren’t friends anymore please just message me or follow me so I can follow you again!! TUMBLR FIX YOUR HELLSITE PLEASE

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TadashixReader where the reader is scared of storms?

He could literally feel you shaking against him, and he tried his best to keep collected as his fingers rubbed deep into the bare skin of your arms. He swallowed thickly, listening to the rumbling of distant thunder, while you curled up against him, hoping he’d protect you from it all. “You are my sunshine,” He sang deeply, his voice coming more from the chest than it was coming from the vocal cords, “My only sunshine….” He paused, letting his last note string through the air. You looked up at him, your eyes teary and your mind foggy. He was already looking down at you, and as he pressed a small kiss to your forehead, he rubbed up your arms to your shoulders.

“You make me happy, when skies are grey…” Tadashi hummed gently, feeling you relax slightly against him, only tensing when you heard a large clap of thunder. You jumped into his arms, his strong muscles holding you tightly.

He began petting your hair in a delicate manner, “You never know, dear…” He sang into your ear, his fingers now rubbing up and down your back in a soothing manner, “How much I love you…” Digging your face into his shoulder, he felt slight tears hit his shirt. He swallowed thickly, rubbing your skin still, “Please…” He kissed your hairline, “Don’t…” Another kiss this time to your right ear, “take,” Another to your cheek, “My sunshine,” One to the side of your mouth, “Away.” Tadashi looked down at you, kissing you fully on the mouth.

3:37 pm; 4th of April 2015; Australia

For nearly 4 years I have gotten to watch Austin grow, not only physically, but as an artist, I have gotten to watch the mahomie fanbase grow, I have gotten to watch Austin share his amazing talent and get more recognised, I have gotten to watch Austin do what he loves for the people he loves, I’ve gotten to watch his passion for music grow. And it has been the biggest privilege to do so.
Thank you Austin Carter Mahone, thank you for all you have done for me, thank you for making me smile, thank you for making me laugh and making me happy, thank you for giving me a second family, a family of over 8 million brothers and sisters and memories I will never forget.
So that leads me to say Happy 19th Birthday Austin, I hope you have an ameezing (see what I did there😏) day, because you deserve that, I can’t wait to celebrate many more.
I love you with all my heart sunshine, and thank you again for everything. X
austinmahone michelemahone

Okay, so my dashboard just...

So I had this splendid idea of hearing to the song You are my sunshine by sons of anarchy… and when I reloaded my dashboard THIS ^^^^ was there and now I’m crying because all this feelings and OTP and uuuuuugh -cuddles in a corner-

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You Are My Sunshine

Being married to Harry was one of those experiences where in the middle of eating out at a fancy restaurant, he’d have requested two straws and would stick one in each ear and cross his eyes and you would start laughing and suddenly stop and think, “holy shit, I’m married to this lame-ass weirdo.” You loved him a lot, but you often found yourself wondering why the actual fuck you married a six and a half foot tall child. Of course, when your son was born, it only got weirder. Your baby taught himself to stand by pulling himself up on Harry’s hair. His first word was boots. Not dad, not mom, not kitty, not some weird sound you two pretended was a word, but boots.

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First of all sorry for the shittygraphic, I really had no time but I did wanted to do this.

Okay, so as it’s my birthday (I’m super excited omg) and I finally reached my birthday goal all thanks to you, I decided to make my first follow forever.

I want to thank all my followers because I wouldn’t be where I am without you, and you are all my little rays of sunshine. And as I didn’t really know how to thank you all for your awesomness I decided to create a Fandom Family for you all so I would have a special place for you in my blog. Here it is if you’d like to join it (you would me make even happier).

And to all of the blogs I follow… I really have no words to express what you mean to me, but since I’m supposed to be writer I’ll do my best (even though this isn’t my usual writing language). You’re the sunlight that cheers me up when I’m feeling blue, you’re the stars in my darkest nights, you’re the lighthouse that guides me to the shore when I feel like I’m drowning, you’re the fireflies that take my fears away when the nightamares haunt me. You, your posts, your funny tags, your endless cute rambling and your awesome messages are the best to make me smile whenever I’m not feeling right. So, really, thank you.

I should probably start before you start hating me for this never ending post.

The sweetests:

I’ve had the huge pleasure to speak with you all, and I want to say that no matter if we’ve only spoken once or twice you mean the world to me.

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Finally I’d like to remind to all of my followers (mutuals or not) that you’ll always have my ask (and my heart) open for whatever you want.

One day, one rhyme- Day 773

If this is the last time we meet
Please look at me, and not your feet.
Take courage, and I hope you know
How much I wish this wasn’t so.
I’ll remember you all my life,
Through sunshine, rainbows, tears or strife,
As one who knew me more than most
And of whose affection I’d boast.
The clever one, who’d not give in,
The one who taught me how to grin
At all the curveballs life would throw,
And though I wish you wouldn’t go,
I understand the choice you made
And from my life I’ll let you fade,
Not because I want it this way.
It hurts too much for you to stay.

It’s been a dark and scary few days here. I won’t lie. But this morning, we woke up to glorious sunshine and a better day.  It was so beautiful, shining in my window while I sat with my coffee.  I often sing to Mr. Mitts in the night, when he can’t sleep.  This video is only from my camera, low quality and poor sound (plus a poor songstress!) but I thought of all of you..that often in my darkest moments, you all bring sunshine to my life.  I love you guys x o

AND, for @weencounterednowildbeasts, a little tune for your birthday x o

Wowza, four hundred followers so I’m gonna make my first Follow Forever ever. Because you guys are my faves and I love you all (even if I’ve never talked to you but that’s probs because I’m a lil’ scaredy cat and I’m nervous to talk to you guys.) Anyways, thank you all for following me and bunches of kisses being sent to you all!

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♡thanks to arielwrites for the graphic and shoutout to rp-puckerman for being my 400th follow♡

i hit a follower goal recently, plus i’ve been woefully inactive on tumblr the past while, so i figured it was a great time to make a follow forever for all you guys who i don’t talk to or interact with nearly as often as i should. it’s also good timing because teen wolf is starting back up, and i hope to make a bunch of new friends in the hustle and bustle of S4. :) this went on for way longer than i thought it would, sry sry sry for your dash/inbox/eyes.

the greatest people you will ever meet (and the worst and sometimes the prettiest but only on days that end with y)

i heard of something called a ‘network’ around the time i met most of these people. nobody explained to me that it meant you would meet a bunch of amazing insane people who would make your tumblr experience 100x different. you guys are just… i appreciate you all. the ones who i talk to all the time, the ones who i only get to talk to when the planets align just right. you all are the best.

abysmallydeep ✿ adderallandsarcasm ✿ antilinskibleep0bleepclawstoagunfightcomealongstilinskiderekthegrumpemilytumblsherehale-andcohuntressofmyheartknotnowstileslydiahmartinn ✿ mrsnugglebumneorxnaroguestilinskisterekdimplessterekloveandfeelsttdowtwerkingstilinski

why did you even??

my first few followers on tumblr were these lovely people. most of them followed me from ontd and for some weird reason they still follow me. it’s pretty likely i wouldn’t have any followers to this day without them. (things are bolded in this post so i hope it catches you ontd peeps’ attention lol)

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you are all my sunshine let me shower your urls with flowers

all of you guys light up my dashboard like a firefly butt. a very bright, beautiful, and occasionally pornographic firefly butt. seeing you reblog things from me makes me dance with joy and it’s insane to think one day you clicked follow on my blog and then just didn’t click unfollow a minute later. i feel kind of bad for having tricked you into thinking that i’m good enough for you to follow. i’m still getting a handle on this whole mind control thing.

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the peter to my stiles (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


callie is so amazing and i can’t write enough words to express it. what started out as an out of the blue message that i wrote and rewrote 100 times spiralled a little out of control and now she knows things about me that i’ve literally never spoken about with anyone else. even though i am a terrible conversation partner and i let life overwhelm me into turning into a hermit and i make egregious social faux pas like forgetting to message back for over 9000 years she puts up with me. i’ll never understand it. going over our emails always makes me smile like a freak. i’m ridiculously lucky to get to read her million word meta in my inbox whenever i want. basically, follow her if you haven’t. 

here’s my blogroll. <3 everyone that i follow is amazing, so you should check them out! if you aren’t on here, i promise it’s through no fault of your own. i wrote over this post 100 times and the tumblr mention feature kept overwriting everyone’s names and =.= i don’t want anyone to feel excluded. find better people to follow i am the absolute worst. what who said that.

Hello there, so because I have recently reached my goal, I wanted to make a follow forever, that is also the first one on this blog. You guys have helped me so much and made my life so amazing and I love you so much. You are all so talented and smart and beautiful and you deserve everything in the world. I love you and hope that you know that you can always come talk to me.

Also, huge thank you goes to my amazing people from themlarries. You guys are now a part of my life and you have been so supportive when things weren’t good for me and you are so funny and gorgeous and smart and talented and I love you so much, you are all literally my sunshine ok.

(I follow too many people I am srry if I forgot anyone, please do message me if you think you should be in this and arent)

(It is not strictly in alphabetical order because I am lazy and also I am trash)

(also if I follow you it will show as baerauhl, because this is my sideblog)

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#: 16meets18

Thank you, Agnes x

Hey there sweeties! I haven’t made a follow forever like in years but it finally came the time cause MY BLOG IS 2 YEARS OLD!!! Thank you so so much for all of the lovely people who stayed with me for this long (especially despite the fact that i’ve dramatically changed fandoms many times) i love you all<3<3<3

my sunshines (hover over your urls)

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lovely people who make my dash perfect

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