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Tired Harry

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“Where are y’goin’?”

His voice was strong and accentuated, slow and raspy as his head appeared from beneath the duvet. His curls matted and sticking it all directions of his head, his green eyes squinting against the LA sunshine filtering through the curtains of the master bedroom of his Beverley Hills home. With New Year just starting and the break in full swing, Harry had immediately suggested a getaway trip to Los Angeles for a time well spent with just the company of one another - parties at Jeff’s house, late night dinners at restaurants along the boardwalk, cuddles on the sofa as you watched the reruns of American shows replaying on TV, and lie-ins that weren’t interrupted with phone calls demanding for him to come in for meetings or to meet up with someone to discuss topics of work. He enjoyed his time off - no matter where the two of you were - because it just meant he got to spend his time with you and only you. His attention undivided and set upon the one person he was most looking forward to being with on a daily basis. 

“I’m going to pop down to the little cafe on the corner and get some breakfast for the two of us. Those muffins and croissants they had on show yesterday looked so good,” you smiled, tugging on your brown Chelsea boots to match your denim shorts and the shirt you’d stolen from Harry’s bottom drawer. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes. Might give Glenne a call, see if she wants to meet me there,” you added, sitting on the corner of the bed as you brushed your hair with a brush that was settled upon the vanity of the bedroom, beneath the mirror and beside the large wardrobe. 

A whine left his lips as he dropped his head back to his pillow, his arms up in the arm as his ringless fingers retracted and stretched out into the air as he puffed out his heavy breaths. 

“Come back to bed. M’not hungry yet,” he mumbled, a giggle leaving your lips as you gently peeled back the duvet from his body and looked at his fresh morning face. No concealer applied, no spot cream sitting on his acne marks, and the sleep still evident upon his facial features. “M’cold now. You have to give me a cuddle. Warm me up before I die of hyperthermia,” he whined out, his palms covering his face as he dug his fingertips into the corner of his eyes, wiping away the sleep and brushing it upon the cotton sheet covering the mattress.

“Stop being a whiny little baby, mister. You could get changed and come with me if you’re really wanting to be around me,” you smiled, letting the duvet fall from your grip and letting it rest above his naked lower half. His boxers being discarded through the middle of the night when he became too warm to lay in any clothes that were restricting against his body. “Honestly, you never warn me when you sleep naked. You think you can just do it freely?”

“You like when I sleep naked. Gives you better access in the mornings,” his voice came from beneath his palms, muffled yet audible as you pressed a hand to his belly. Your fingers brushing lightly against the coarse line of hair trailing from the bottom of his belly button to where his pubic bone and v-lines were poking through his skin. A cheeky grin lifted at the corner of his lips as he lifted his hands from his face, a blush on his cheeks. “If you go any lower, a little something might happen. I had a dream,” he started, hoisting himself up on his elbows and letting his hair fall behind his shoulders.

He need not say more. 

Through the night, he’d tossed and turned and kicked and waved his arms around every so often. His feet coming into contact with your legs every so often as he rolled across his side of the mattress, his head dropping to your shoulder as he snuffled out soft snores and mewls once his leg was hitched over your own. Soft prods against your hip was enough to give you the idea he was dreaming about something particular; and it was usually something you would tease him about the following morning, as his face contorted in confusion until he realised and clocked on to just what you were speaking about. 

“It was pretty steamy. Had you in Jeff’s hot-tub, bikini shorts aside as you-”

“Don’t go any further, mister. Or I won’t bring you back any food,” you warned, poking at his belly button before standing up from your place on the bed, and shuffling around the bed to your side. “Do you want to come with me or not?”

“I want to come with you,” he started, before yawning and covering his mouth with your hand. “But can we have a snuggle first? I won’t try anything. I just want a cuddle until I wake up completely,” he added, lifting your corner of the duvet up and patting the mattress. “Please?”

A sigh left your lips as you kicked off your boots and sat on the bed, laying back down upon the bed you’d left just an hour ago.

“Knew you’d give in. You can’t say no to me, can you?” Harry teased, rolling onto his side, propping his head up with a hand as he hooked his other arm around your waist. “Once I wake up properly, we can call Jeff and Glenne and we can go out for a proper breakfast if they haven’t eaten already. If they have eaten, then, too bad. You’re stuck with me,” he smirked, before dropping his head down and letting it lodge in the gap between your pillow and his own. “Did  I see my shirt on your body, huh? Did I say you could wear it?”

“I don’t really care. I like it.”

“You look better in it than I do. You’ll upstage me in my own clothes. That’s how fit you look,” he chuckled, his warm breath fanning across your collar bone showing from the unbuttoned buttons you’d not done up. “Maybe we could just skip breakfast, and I’ll fuck you in that shirt. Nothing better than sex in Los Angeles with your girlfriend who’s wearing your clothes,” he murmured, his toe prodding at your ankles.

“Hm. I’m hungry though,” you mumbled, lacing your fingers through his and squeezing it tightly within your hold. “I mean, I am down for sex but I need some energy in me first.”

“But, if we have sex now, you’ll work up an appetite and I’ll be more awake at the end and it’s a win win scenario because then we can go for breakfast,” he explained, lifting his head back up so his green eyes could stare intently into your own orbs. “If not now, we can do it later. Maybe in Jeff’s hot tub.”

And with that, you gave his shoulder a smack before grinning at him softly. 

“You’re unbelievable. I don’t know what I see you in you. I honestly don’t know why I like you,” you joked, pressing your lips to his forehead.

“Hm. You like my penis. I think that’s the only reason you’ve stayed,” he smirked, a yawn leaving his mouth.

“Sure. Sure. You keep telling yourself that, mister.”

* *

harrystyles: Breakfast can wait. 

Baby Prince Jimin

If you hear choked sobs and the sound of a heart being shattered into millions of pieces then it’s probably me.

  • oh my gooood baby prince jimin his here
  • actual ray of sunshine i mean
  • like we’ve all heard jimin’s angelic giggle now just imagine it coming out of baby prince jimin
  • he’d be sooooo cute and squishy
  • baby prince jimin would be so polite
  • like he’ds bow down to all the guards and maids
  • and they’d be all like “no no no prince jimin you don’t need to bow down to us”
  • but jimin would just pout and say “but you all do so much for me this is the least i can do”
  • and then they just melt bc prince jimin is too good for this world
  • omfg imagine the king is in a very important meeting with kings from other kingdoms
  • and baby prince jimin suddenly appears on his father’s lap
  • the other kings are taken aback and they eye jimin’s father
  • but he just pats jiminie’s head and continues conversing with the kings
  • throughout the meeting jimin would play with his father’s cloak and run his fingers over the smooth silk
  • and he’d reach up and pluck the king’s crown from his head and put it on
  • but the crown is too big for him and it’d end up going over his eyes
  • and now the other kings can’t help but chuckle at baby jimin’s cuteness
  • one day the royal family decide to take a casual stroll in the village
  • and jimin spots a bakery and begs his mother to stop there
  • of course she gives in
  • and then prince jimin practically runs into the bakery catching the owner by surprise
  • a few minutes later jiminie strolls out of the bakery with a piece of bread in his mouth and a bag filled with bread
  • he goes up to random people in the village and offers a piece of bread to them
  • honestly prince jimin would be so precious and everyone wishes he could stay young


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to my precious namu - 

happy birthday! you’ve worked so hard these past few years - from being a top idol to the greasy woohyun we all adore. thank you for being the sunshine and pillar of INFINITE, even if you’re hurting inside. there’s nothing but happiness i wish for you and i hope this year will be a year infinitely (hah, pun.) better than the last. thank you for being you, and happy birthday!  사랑해! 

“Imagine and dream. Then the world will change to how you want it to be.” 

Happy Birthday

In a day like today Monday February 8th a wonderful, courageous and lovely person was born.
My evil twin @krissielee came to this world.

She, ladies and gents, is funny, highly intelligent, gorgeous, creative, supportive, adorable and above all of that, she has an amazing ability to see the best in people.

My dear Krissie, you mean a lot to me. You have helped me in so many ways. You are a sunshine and a really amazing friend. Thank you for your friendship and love.

Thank you for being there when I needed it the most, thank you so much for all the love you have given me and this little fandom. 

You deserve all the best and more, your beautiful heart deserves all the blessings the universe can allow.

I love you.
Happy Birthday Dear!

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What kind of boyfriends would bts be??

Jin: He would want to be casual but show you his love in small gestures, or the Awkward but Loving boyfriend

Suga: He can be distant, but when alone he completely and totally changes to a sappy, romantic guy, or the Flipside boyfriend

J-Hope: He will always try to make you happy even when he isn’t, or the Ray of Sunshine boyfriend

Rap Monster: Would trust you with all of his deep, inner thoughts and tells you everything, or the Confidante boyfriend

Jimin: Would want you both to do everything together and will almost never leave you alone, or the Always By My Side boyfriend

V: Will be the only reason as to why you act the way you do, childish and silly, or the Brings Out My Inner Child boyfriend

Jungkook: He would act all cool, but he really needs you more than he lets on, or the You Are My Only Weakness boyfriend

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So, I think I can at least schedule out some stuff for this week, minus ships, I’ll have to tend at those another time. But, other than that, I can get some other stuff ready for you guys, so I hope I can get it to work out for my other post days. If you haven’t already, follow for more content.  I hope it works with you guys, and I hope I didn’t lose all of you. Until Wednesday, I hope you liked this question and I hope you have a good day anon!

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rules: bold all the things that apply to you!

I am in high school
I am in college/university
I’ve graduated college/university
I like my job
I’ve worked a job I’ve hated

I’ve never had a job
I am shorter than 5’5
I wear glasses (usually contacts)
I have a tattoo
I have more than one tattoo
I don’t have tattoos but I want some
I’m vegetarian
I have allergies
I’m self-conscious about my body
I’m sarcastic

I’m shy
I’ve been called over-emotional
I have a strange sense of humour
I’m an atheist
I have red hair
I have blonde hair
I dye my hair regularly
I wear a piece of jewellery at all times

I am an only child
I have more than three siblings
I have a niece
I have a nephew
I’ve failed a class
Choose a song: R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
I can play an instrument
I can speak two or more languages
I’ve hugged someone in the last 24 hours
I’ve kissed someone in the last 24 hours
I have a best friend
I’ve known my best friend for more than 10 years
I have met a friend from the internet
I’ve kissed someone of the same sex
I’m in/have been in a long distance relationship
I’ve had a one night stand
I’ve had sex in the past month
I’ve been dumped more than I’ve dumped someone
I’ve cheated on someone
I’ve met someone famous
I’ve been out of my home country
I’ve broken a bone
I’ve spent more than six hours straight online
I’ve done volunteer work
I’ve won a prize at school
I have friends who are married
I have friends who have children of their own
I have been in a wedding party
I’ve ridden in a limousine

I am a morning person
I am a night owl
I like anime
I like Disney movies
I like comedies more than action films
I like action films more than comedies
I always order dessert
I hate fast food
I can’t cook
I enjoy puns
I enjoy being alone
I read for pleasure

I don’t play video games
I believe in ghosts
I believe in aliens
I enjoy conspiracy theories
I’ve been somewhere considered ‘haunted’
I’ve stayed up all night for no reason
I’ve had a Skype call with more than four people
I can’t keep secrets
I’m good with children
I’ve cheated on a test
I’ve watched an entire season of something in one day
I am wearing something green right now
I am wearing something yellow right now
I am wearing something purple right now
I’ve never tried alcohol
I’ve had alcohol while underage
I’ve played a drinking game
I’m scared of snakes
I’m scared of heights
I’m scared of spiders
I’m scared of clowns
I collect stamps
I collect comic books
I keep old bus/train tickets
I have more than three keyrings on my keys
I don’t know the words to my national anthem
I’ve been to a professional sports game
I’ve had my hair cut in the past month
I’ve cosplayed
I can’t swallow pills
I miss someone right now

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I’m adding the source on fanarts icons FROM NOW ON  when I can find it.  The old posts will remain without source, unless it is reclaimed by the artist/the original link is sent by you guys.  Put the source in previous posts would be hard-work. I have too much work already, trying to make my followers (and future ones) happy everyday.  I have RSI but I 'm still here doing my best to answer everyone as quickly as possible, with the best quality. It’s difficult to take care of this blog all in my own. Thank you very much, sunshines.ʕ・ิɷ・ิʔ

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preferred nickname:
I’m a pretty sunshine individual, so only the most unpretentious & least-glum names you can think of, like; Iblis, Maddalo or Melmoth.
sun sign: taurus
favorite color:
 sooo many. I really like burgundy, purple, marigold, forest green (but all greens are so calming and pleasant to me) and blue (blue gives me life). 
favorite disney:
peter pan or alice in wonderland bc these escapist films came at the right time in my young years… 
favorite ghibli: my first one was Kiki’s but my favorite is either Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke
lush forest, breezy oceanside, sunny countryside, bustling city, or lonelymoon: lovecat moon
3 books you’d recommend: On UglinessThe Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Environmental Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-First Century Past Imperfect: Facts, Fictions, Fraud American History from Bancroft and Parkman to Ambrose, Bellesiles, Ellis, and Goodwin .Please read, re-read, discuss, shout about these books. These books are so important, especially for y’all history lovers out there. 
3 albums you listened to recently: Lots of study music; The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser from Coil, Murmuüre from Murmuüre (SO SOOTHING) and Rafael Irisarri’s soundcloud profile.
favorite tipsy beverage: whiskey, raki and neat absinthe
favorite tea: chai & matcha 
favorite other beverage: dalecoopercoffee.jpg and most ciders  
what are you wearing: my comfort gayth Hamlet t-shirt + ribbed black cardigan and these lovely uniform grey trousers and my decaying combat boots & many scarves: a monday look. 
dream city to live in: Venice
why: to continue (ad nauseam) my deep love affair with my favorite swamp & to keep my RA under control & because I’ll end up in La Serenissima, if it’s the last thing I do. 
dream city to travel to: Cairo or Istanbul
why: to connect with extended family, maybe & it’s always been an aspiration. so much of my past is linked to these two cities, & it tugs at my academic interests. But of all the cities I’d travel to, these are the utmost important on my list.
narnia, hogwarts, middle earth, wonderland, never never land, or oz?: but what if all I want is peace and serenity and quiet and most importantly, to feel safe?? 
current mood: u n h o l y
say something nice about yourself: Well, I *chuckles, waggles brows* I’ve written a little something I feel good about…
dream aesthetic: somewhere on the spectral spectrum of daddy mcqueer’s menswear fall 09′, Orlando if Orlando was delegated to the tippy Toppest seat in some sort of Banquet of Chestnuts scenario & three pastel suburban vampires raisin’ hell
5 things you don’t want to live without:
my small but loving group of very close friends (my squad) who Put Up W/ My Laundry List of Problems (you know who you are), my BOOKS, hope, the will to continue to create Art
what does your url mean:  MORE INNOCENT THAN ‘TWOULD SEEM

inspired no less by this gem~  
your blog in 3 words: gaygoth pyrotechnical byronanism  

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hi i'm going to tell u about my cute aries bf!! he has a pisces moon, gem rising, and gem venus and omg he is such a ball of sunshine and he makes everyone's bad moods disappear instantly. he's so friendly and loyal and at the same time sarcastic and quick minded. he's rly bad at romance but he's always endearing at the perfect times. i can see the actual change in comfort; he doesn't feel like he has to make jokes all the time now. we can have serious conversation without him feeling awkward.

AW so happy for you two cuties 💕

So, I’ve been wanting to make a list of my favorite Game Grumps episodes for a while, as well as playthroughs I think would work really well as a starting point for anyone interested in getting into the channel. 

Listed below are my most beloved Grumps eps - I highly recommend all of these if a) you know you’d like Game Grumps but aren’t sure where to start, or b) you’re a fan and just haven’t watched them yet. 

Battle Kid Fortress of Peril; 3 Episodes*

 Wind Waker HD; 73 Episodes*

Shadow of the Colossus; 29 Episodes*

 Super Mario Sunshine; 51 Episodes 

Pokemon FireRed; 114 Episodes 

Katamari Damacy; 20 Episodes

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories; 23 Episodes*

DreadOut; 9 Episodes 

Bloodborne; 109 Episodes

Yoshi’s Cookie; 2 Episodes*

Heart of Darkness; 17 Episodes*

Trauma Center Second Opinion; 50 Episodes

Sonic Boom; 47 Episodes* 

Super Mario 3D World; 59 Episodes 

Super Mario 64; 62 Episodes 

And, of course, you cant overlook the great one-off eps! I’d say all of these work as great introductory episodes*. 


Play with the Teletubbies

Dennise the Menace

Amazing Frog?

Lizzie McGuire 3: Homecoming Havoc

Action Girlz Racing

*great ones to start with if you don’t watch GG but wanna get into them.

I tried to keep the list as short as possible, but honestly I love so many of their playthroughs! These are just what I consider my top faves, ones I’ve watched more than once and am always up to recommend others seeing.

(Note: all my recs are Danny-era episodes, so sorry about that! I’ve been watching GG since they started, but most of the Jon-era ones simply don’t appeal to me as much as the Danny-era ones do, nor do I remember  them quite as well.

I mean, y’know,  beyond the obvious, of course.)

It’s one thing that Taehyung is drop-dead gorgeous when you look at him, and it’s another that he has such an adorable, upbeat, and quirky personality behind his handsome appearance, and then it’s just an all-kill that underneath all of that, he has this gigantic heart that loves and adores everything and everyone. Taehyung is just layers and layers of beautiful perfection. 

You are my 3AM thoughts, my 6AM thoughts, my 12:31PM thoughts, my 5:52PM thoughts and my 9:41PM thoughts. You’re not just on my mind when I can’t sleep, you’re on my mind when I’m doing math problems, when I’m washing the dishes and when I’m babysitting a bunch of loud kids who won’t sit down.
—  you’re on my mind constantly. all day, all night.


I knew they had a big house but, to the point of having a freaking gate! Also, the last name thingy and the fact that they have that comunication device (No idea how its called in english) its all so overwhelming.

My babies are rich xD 

I bet everything I have into saying this picture was taken when they first moved to their fancy new home.