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Half-Life (1998)

Portal (2007)

Left 4 Dead (2008) by Valve Corporation  

Fun Fact:

Gabe Newell, the current CEO of Valve Corporation, originally dropped out of Harvard to pursue a career at Microsoft Corporation. After helping produce the first three iterations of Windows and becoming a “Microsoft Millionaire”, Gabe saw the success of Id Software’s Doom and Quake and decided to found his own video game company, now known as Valve. 



FINALLY, here are the next pages! since i couldn’t get one out last week, i made it my life’s mission to get out two this week! i even finished ahead of time…how cool is that?! maybe one day i can get a buffer going again.

i can’t believe i’m FINALLY out of the living room. it’s been over 2 months! soon: the underground. get hype!! #outofthelivingroom2k17

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Headcanon: Carlos quotes GLaDOS when he's mad at Cecil
  • Carlos: Did you know that people with guilty consciences are more easily startled by loud noises -
  • Train horn: *blasts*
  • Carlos: I'm sorry, I don't know why that went off. Anyway, just an interesting science fact.
  • Carlos: Okay. Look. We both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster.
  • Cecil: *is terrified*

dragon age: inquisition fic where the herald disappears from haven and cassandra is furious because she thinks they’ve done a runner the moment they had some freedom like ‘nope, i am fucken outta here see ya.’

…but it turns out they’re just unconscious in the chantry undercroft because they knocked themselves out on that one low hanging light while exploring.

The best part about Ford’s stupid tattoo is that it’s unlikely those tribesmen had an awareness of the work of Smash Mouth which means Ford had to describe the tattoo he wanted to them, he picked out that tattoo, he composed and designed it, he was like “yes. Yes I AM an all-star. I deserve this.”

Portal M!As
  • Now You're Thinking With Portals: Your muse has acquired the Portal gun.
  • Make Life Take The Lemons Back: Congratulations, your muse has a surplus of lemons.
  • The Part Where He Kills You: Your muse has gone insane with power.
  • Because I'm A Potato: Your muse has learned something important about themselves, but have become weak and defenseless in the process.
  • Tiny Wheatley Did All This: Your muse has accomplished their ultimate (or very large) goal, but at the cost of losing someone/something important to them.
  • SPAAAAAAAAACE: Pick one of your muse's favorite things. They are now obsessed with it and refuse to talk about anything else.
  • Her Name Is Caroline: Your muse is compelled to tell secrets, whether their own or about someone else.
  • The Cake Is A Lie: Your muse no longer can tell the truth about anything!
  • AHHHH! BIRD! BIRD! BIRD!: Bad luck haunts your muse no matter where they go and what they try to do.
  • Pit Boss: Your muse has become extremely clumsy and falls frequently.
  • I Don't Even Know What I Just Said: Your character can only communicate in languages foreign to them.
  • One Day They Woke Me Up So I Could Live Forever: Your muse is now an android.
  • You Mute Lunatic: Your muse cannot speak. (But may or may not become 5 times as sassy.)
  • Could You Just Jump Into That Deadly Pit There?: Your muse has developed a desire to murder, but they are hilariously bad at it. (Something gets in the way, interruptions, missing shots, etc.)
  • Hey, The Name's Rick: Your muse has become annoyingly adventurous.
  • Rats Cannot Throw Up: Your muse has become a source of endless useless knowledge, and must tell the world! Unfortunately, no one cares.
  • They Told Me If I Would Ever Turn This Flashlight On, I Would Die: Your muse is suddenly paranoid about anything new or unknown to them. Really, it could kill them!
  • It Bloody Worked! I Hacked It!: Your muse's talent is now incredibly difficult for them to accomplish.
  • First You Will Be Baked, Then There Will Be Cake: Your muse has become extremely sarcastic and can't help but crack jokes. Even if the jokes are at the expense of others.
  • WHEEEEEEEE: Your muse has gained a new talent, they're great at parkour! However, it is now the only way they get from one place to another.
  • Your Best Friend: Your character now has grown extremely attached to an inanimate object of your choice. A companionship that not even a fire could kill.
  • Still Alive: An old fear has returned to haunt your muse again.
  • ????: Your muse hears strange and mysterious voices in their head constantly. Does it drive them insane, or does it help them through life?
  • Want You Gone: Having grown antisocial, your muse has attempted to lock themselves away.
  • Moon Rocks: Your character has become incredibly ill.

so like, what if, right, what if hawke has never seen varric in anything like the gun show armour at all. like, it’s not like she’s never seen his arms before, of course she has, but she arrives at skyhold and of course he’s just dicking around the keep in his dwarf about the house gear which she’s seen like a squillion times, but then idk he has to go out for something something the inquisitor said so ANYWAY

and like, he still has bianca ofc, but he’s with a reputable organisation now, and he’s been given proper gear, upgraded, dwarf suitable, varric-specific, so she’s just like expecting chest hair and the works (and it’s not like she isn’t secretly suspicious the chest hair is ACTUALLY FULLY ARMOURED because how no one’s tried to stab him in it, she’s got no idea)

except he comes out and he’s wearing that armour and y'know, he’s been helping out with the inquisition in not just a killing things kind of way so he’s built a bit more muscularly than she’s used to 

so hawke is completely struck dumb, scared to open her mouth because she’d just drool everywhere and okay, she’s always been into him but never mentioned it because reasons and stuff and then there’s that whole mysterious bianca “i’m already taken” thing, y'know, it’s not like he ever made himself seem remotely available after all??

except now she just wants to touch him, feel his muscles flex, his shoulders, maker’s breath, his damn shoulders, wants him to pick her up and fuck her against the wall and–

of course varric is varric so he notices she’s gone weirdly silent when usually he has to bribe her to shut up and it worries him because it’s out of character for her, and so he’s like “hawke, are you okay? is there something you want to tell me?”

and it’s on the tip of her tongue to blurt it out, how much she fucking wants him except she says “no,” and “it’s okay,” and “maybe i’m just tired” and he smiles and pats her hand and says something about her long trip to skyhold and to go and rest and he’ll see her when he gets back, okay?


“I’ve always meant to ask, Varric, when we met in the Merchant Guild, you seemed to be waiting for me.”
“That’s a statement, Hawke. What’s your question?”
“Were you waiting for me?”
“Actually, I meant to catch you before you saw Bartrand.”
“But you knew I’d be there.”
“Maybe I wasn’t obvious about this already, but finding out things I’m not supposed to know is pretty much what I do.”

  • fadetouched: varric's good in that he can admit he LOVES hawke, it's the being IN love that's a problem
  • sydsleroux: awww
  • fadetouched: a fine distinction
  • sydsleroux: one he would definitely make
  • fadetouched: "how long have you been in love with hawke, varric?"
  • fadetouched: "hurrrrrrrghghhhghghg"
  • sydsleroux: "oh no i seem to have to go and do something else ANYWHERE ELSE"

Troy Baker & Courtnee Draper - Will the Circle Be Unbroken (BioShock Infinite)