What really pisses me off is when some people start discussing weight loss with me then say “Your still fat though?” especially PTs and strangers who see me now admittedly over weight than the average guy I always say “I know what I’m doing I was once 20st dropped it, put some back, learnt my lesson, & now on the right journey again” Hate being judged by people with less knowledge then me! I know every persons body works different but one concrete fact I can give about weight loss is to just run! move your body, your legs, power walk, do what you can!!! IT WORKS!!!! I only relapsed because I went back to eating wrong and stopped moving but I realised and put a stop to it before I got back to the left photo, I’m now in the middle of those two photos (20st v 12st) #weightloss #paleo #paleouk #fat2thin #fat2fit #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #weightlossinspiration #paleo #paleouk #paleodiet #balanceddiet #vegetarian #vegan #diet #modernman #foodie #eatclean #cleaneating #healthyliving #healthyfood #eathealthy #lifestyle #hiit #fitfam #motivation #uk #gym #cardio #running #derby


Hallo!! I’m starting a new tag called #condition awareness. Basically, you can use this tag to spread awareness about your condition.

So I have Celiac Disease, which means my body isn’t able to process gluten, which is the protein in wheat and other grains. In effect, I can’t eat wheat, rye, or barley. I am extremely sensitive to gluten, meaning that if any food is contaminated by or contains wheat, my body and digestive system will reject it by vomiting it up. (Sorry if that is gross but that’s how it happens).

I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old (I am currently 13), but my doctors think I’ve had it since I was 3. Back when I was diagnosed, it was a pretty unknown condition, as research was (and frankly still is) underfunded. It’s believed that this condition had gone undiagnosed for two years (remember this was early 2000’s, about 2005), because it was simply dismissed as a stomach bug that every kid got from the dirty toys at preschool, but what was unusual, was that it occurred two times or more a week. For almost two years, I wasn’t getting a lot of nutrition, because when my body rejects the gluten, it brings up all the food I had eaten in the past 12 hours. My parents would feed me foods that they thought would help my stomach calm down, including bananas, apple sauce, and toast, which triggered my reaction a couple hours later and I would start the whole cycle over again.

At roughly age five, I stopped getting taller and starting loosing weight instead of gaining it. I was loosing it fast, and after a few weeks of loosing weight, my scrawny five year old body struggled with handling the repeated vomiting. Twice I was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, caused by the loss of liquids in the process of vomiting.

After I started loosing weight, my parents finally brought me in for allergy testing. I was tested for the 8 most common allergies, and lucky for me, they also tested me for Celiac. Before the Celiac test, I had to purposely eat foods with gluten in them and consequently, I vomited it all up. It was a nightmare. Lucky for my health, I tested positive. My parents and grandparents had no idea what it was, and the doctors couldn’t provide much information because there wasn’t much information to be provided. The only information my family had was that I had to be put on a very strict gluten free diet. A few months into the new diet, and I grew three inches and gained six pounds.

It’s now been eight years since I was diagnosed, and I’m healthy again. I still occasionally get sick, like last night, which inspired me to tell you my story. I have met so many amazing people on this journey. I have had the opportunity to educate others on my condition and provide information to doctors on Celiac Disease. I’ve been able to go to summer camps with gluten free options and make many new friends with my condition. If you have a condition and want to educate people about it, use the tag #condition awareness . Thanks for reading! -Dana

I mentioned a few posts ago that I would be posting specifics on diet changes I’m making. I am absolutely a foodie. I’ve always loved food, so cutting things out is super hard (I don’t think it’s easy for anyone). I once had a trainer that had me keep a food journal, it worked really well to keep track of what I was eating and drinking. Also, Being aware that you have to write EVERYTHING down makes you think twice before just eating it. 

I am starting by cutting out WHEAT PRODUCTS. I do have a gluten intolerance so I shouldn’t be eating it anyway. I have gotten pretty bad about a grilled cheese sandwich here and croquets there..and pizza. So! I’m back to zero gluten! and absolutely nothing with soy sauce in it as well. (Soy Sauce is made from fermented wheat–Most sushi places offer Tamari Sauce as an alternative.)

The other thing I’m cutting out completely is DAIRY PRODUCTS. I was eating a salad yesterday and was a few bites in before realizing that it had Blue Cheese Dressing on it…fail. I love cheese, but it has to GO. I have already been substituting unsweetened Almond Milk in my coffee in the morning. I’ll be continuing that. Butter will also be sorely missed!

I should be cutting out all refined sugar and alcohol, but the diet is already hard enough. I don’t want to set myself up for failure in this whole thing so I am allowing my self some sweet things like Sorbet and some wine in moderation. I have been eating a good bit more fruit. Fruit is really sugary but it’s an improvement to anything with processed sugar. 

I will be cutting more things out, but I’m starting here! 

No Gluten, No Dairy

Reduced Refined Sugar and Alcohol.