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You hesitate at the start of every answer... and you seem a bit..Mad. I believe you don't want to remember Papyrus. You, and your mind does not want to remember the tragedy and heartbreak associated with that name, so you are blocking your memories out. But, one way or another, they will come back.


A new virus #humanitywillsoonmarchinmasses #thebeginningofourdownfall #judgementday 〜 おきゃむら

Virus Warning!

If you receive a message saying:

“Hello somebody wrote something about you on this blog. visit [link]” don’t click the link.

It is, from my understanding, a Trojan Virus; meaning that the message will be sent to everybody else either following you or that you’re following (I was sent the message from a mutual that hasn’t messaged me before).

Stay safe!

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