The Great Wall: First Look: See magnificent images from the Matt Damon monster movie

Appropriately for a movie about one of the Wonders of the World, The Great Wall is huge. Directed by House of Flying Daggers and Hero filmmaker Zhang Yimou, it is the most expensive Chinese movie of all time. But if you’re expecting a lofty historical epic about the 13,000-mile wall’s construction, well, expect again. In these exclusive images, you can see the vibrancy and imagination in Zhang’s vision.

Believe it or not, The Great Wall is actually a monster movie — and these shots show the fantasia-soaked pageantry that many remember from Zhang’s most widely-seen spectacle, especially in the West, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which he directed himself.

The new film, which will be released in 3D on Feb. 17, 2017, stars Matt Damon, leading an international cast of actors that also includes Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Willem Dafoe (Platoon), Chinese superstar Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, which was remade as The Departed), pop icon Luhan, and actress Jing Tian (who will also appear in next year’s Kong: Skull Island).

World War Z author Max Brooks had a hand in developing the film’s screenplay. In an interview with EW, Zhang (via a translator) describes the array of challenges, risks, and rewards that come with making his and his country’s biggest film ever.

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etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.28.16

theme thursday: rockin’ moroccan decor ideas

the iris // vintage boucherouite kilim rug by loomandfield

to cap off an amazing moroccan design-themed day, i’m going to show off some rug faves from loomandfield. all of these babies are vintage moroccan beauts. i love the muted vibrancy of this first find!!

April 28 2013

I refuse to believe this is just black and white,

because when I am gray, when I am the dull color of dirty concrete, and dark clouds,

you are bright, sunny yellow, that radiates and warms my cold feet.

when I am craving the ocean, and “I miss you” pours out of my lungs until they are dry,
you are a deep, brilliant blue, making me remember what it feels like to be washed and healed by the salty waves of the ocean.

when I don’t understand the way people break others, and the way people forget to love,

you are a loving, dark mahogany and you break with me over the pain of our friends.

and the vibrancy of who you are, spills over into everything, and

I am honored to have them spilling into me.

anonymous asked:

how do you color your gifs? they're so nice!!

Well I did a colouring tutorial once before but I’m game to do another. This one will be more of just basic colouring and not so much changing colours like my last one was.

So we’re going to take this:

and make it into this:

I used Photoshop CS5 but this will work for any Photoshop program. This is not a tutorial on the process of making gifs, just colouring them.

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for one of my fav gals, @irohino ♡ //  ©

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The part of your life that matters more than anything is the present moment. It is where your energy is centered, your senses are awake, and your soul is seated. Focus on the beauty of right now. Let go of anxieties about the future and regrets of the past – they only serve to distract you from the vibrancy and radiance of the here and now. Inhale. Exhale. Learn to truly live in this moment, and trust that it will carry you gently into the next.