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omg what happened! and im so happy for you

sooo i was originally out for the lead in this movie, a high schooler, and my skype interview with the director he kept going on and on about how great my audition was and my authenticity would take me so far and even if i didn’t get cast in this role he still would maybe try and find a way to keep me on the project 

and then two months later i get a call from my agent and it turns out they did find a way by completely rewriting one of the smaller roles for me aksdjflad and the director just called me and we had a little chat and he was like “i just knew you would take care of it, and you will bring such a vibrancy and raw-ness when you come on screen, i just hope we can do you justice, we look forward to debut-ing you in our little project” and i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHH so!!!!! i have my first SAG movie this fall and i am SO PUMPED 


So I guess this is kind of a followers gift. I’ve been using this action for awhile and I think it looks pretty nice. I’ve only used it on CAS screenshots, but it would probably look good on other photos.

So, this action:

- Brightens things up

- Adds a bit of vibrancy

- Makes your photo look nice af

Feel free to play around and tweak it if you want! Tag me if you used it!

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i remember windy days filled with adventures,
our long hair cutting swiftly through the air as the colours intertwined,
your red vibrance. the sun; bright and vivacious
and my dark black. the night; solitary and thoughtful.
we laughed as we leaped from rock to rock
until huddled together against the rock cliff.
we told each other stories there,
our arms would fly through the air, conducting the symphony of our laughter and of our love.
the salty sea breeze always present on our skin and on our tongues.
i remember i could taste the salt but all i wanted was to taste you;
i took your hand in mine and bought it to my lips,
the roar of the wind in my ears silenced under your gaze.
then suddenly i could taste the salt upon your lips as they captured mine
—  those windy days | e.y.