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And by his likes he's like a huge fan of Justin Bieber???

Every freaking hockey boy under the age of 25 is a fan of Justin Bieber for some reason

I remember when I was doing some reading for the 2016 draft, way before I knew anything about Nolan, I saw a pic of Kale Clague at a JBieber concert. And oh look, Kale’s teammate was there too

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because i know you are the person of explaining why fashion is what fashion is it possible that you could please explain $430 for a plain black tshirt by gucci. is it the cost of the materials plus the cost of honest labor? (this question brought to you by harry styles' fashion choices)

Basically yes.

T-shirts tend to have a very healthy margin padded into them, but I guarantee that with brands like Gucci, they have a garbage margin on lots of things so it evens out. Generally speaking, brands like this don’t make any money on clothing (insane, I know) they make all their money on accessories, and licenses for cosmetics perfume etc.

The final retail price (in this case $430) is double the wholesale cost of a garment - the amount the shop pays for the item.
So the shop pays $215 for the garment, Gucci HQ has to fit in all their materials, trims, cutting and sewing, grading, marking, bagging, tagging, shipping, branding, company overheads, taxes and PROFIT into that 215.

Needless to say it goes quick. Especially when you’re paying Made in Italy wages.

Now if Gucci sells their tshirt to a Gucci boutique (which they absolutely do - the whole world of merchandising is essentially figuring out what to buy for each store) they will obviously earn ANOTHER profit in the retail margin, but even the retail margin needs to accommodate the cost of setting up, maintaining, and running a shop.

That said! Gucci doesn’t just sell to Gucci stores, they sell to all sorts of shops. And with those other retailers - Net-A-Porter, Barney’s, Saks, Nordstrom, Liberty, printemps etc they only get that first cut, they need to be sure to pad out the margin on the low priced items to accommodate for the CRAZY fabric and sewing expenses on all those hand embroidered gowns and shit you see Florence Welch walking on red carpets.