As a substitute teacher I’ve noticed that white teachers (especially the female ones) are way too easy on the white boys. I’ve had white boys talk back, disturb class, and straight up refuse to leave when I told them to. I’d go to another teacher (usually a white woman in this school system) and they’d just take them out in the hall, talk to them, and send them right back saying “They promise not to disrupt anymore.” And sure enough, five minutes later, they’re back on their bullshit. But little black boys? If they make a face or blink the wrong way they’re ready to send them off to the office. I’m not saying they’re all innocent, but they do get in trouble at a higher rate. And with black boys, I just have to talk to them and they’ll stop. Noticing this I’ve realized why so many white men think they can get away with anything, they were never shown any real discipline. And I side eye any white teacher that will yell at a black child for something less than a white child will do.

I think the only way I wouldnt care about people who aren’t Black using the ‘N’ word is if it was as acceptable to use the racial slurs of other races. The same people, who aren’t Black, who think it’s cool to use the ‘N’ word would most likely have a problem if racial slurs that are directed at them was part of people’s everyday lexicon. It’s hypocritical, because if rappers finally started using other racial slurs in their songs I imagine people would see it as a problem. If it can’t go both ways, it shouldn’t go at all.

The media is trying to hide these news from us, because they are afraid. They are afraid of the movement ,they are afraid of our disobedience,because it feels like oppression to them. Colin Kaepernick started a movement that united black people in their fight for justice and it’s beautiful to see  so many people taking risk to stand up for their beliefs.#blackexcellence

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what writing missteps do you think ghost1.0 made? i have it on my wishlist and i'd like to know if they're something i think i could handle or not

(With reference to this post here.)

Oh, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that got my goat, but in the interest of avoiding nitpicking I’ll just hit the highlights:

1. The early promotional run-up made a big deal about the game having a female protagonist, but out of a cast with nearly a dozen voiced roles, she’s practically the only woman with dialogue. (I think there’s, like, a female newscaster who gets a couple of lines at one point; other than that, the protagonist is it.)

2. The male lead is a smarmy dipshit who lies to the protagonist, conceals information from her, and treats her badly to the extent of denying her basic personhood, but in the end it turns out that she’s grateful for it because at least he acknowledged her. You know the whole “male attention - even negative attention - is intrinsically valuable to women” trope? Yeah.

3. At one point, the male lead’s buddy - who is also the only black speaking role in the game - steps up to argue in favour of civil rights for artificial intelligences. It’s a little on the nose, but you can see where they’re going with it - but then he proceeds to construct an analogy comparing the civil rights movement to the animal rights movement. It’s by no means the only “black character obviously written by a white dude” moment for that character, but it’s probably the worst.

Relaxing my hair to make my colleagues comfortable.

I work for a chinese company and they want to fly me out to their headquarters in China for 3 months and I have no idea what to do with my hair. I want to blend in and fit in as much as possible, but I don’t know how to braid so a wig is out of the question - if i get my hair braided before I leave - i’m not keeping crusty 3 month braids. I can’t get a weave either because there aren’t stylists there who could help me change it. Braids or locs would make me stand out too much, and so would my natural hair. With the humidity there flat ironing my hair is pointless. I feel like the only option I have is to relax it, but whenever I think about doing that it makes me a little sad..

It just sucks that our natural hair texture is not seen as professional. It sucks that our hair dictates our entire life.

I honestly don’t think some people realise how significant the small details in movies, such as the new black panther movie, can be. The sheer fact that these women are openly wearing their natural hair (in Afros, with shaved heads, dreadlocks, canerows etc.), wearing their geles, and head scarfs, not only shows a celebration of the multiple African and Caribbean cultures but displays the beauty of our natural features…too often we are reprimanded for our natural hair, skin colour, and our cultural dress…this is an example not only of small yet significant progressions in Hollywood but also an acceptance from the ‘black culture’ internally…it shows that there is no good or bad hair and that all of our cultures are significant and should be celebrated openly and freely

It’s been wild to me, about spirituality and faith.

First of all, I respect Christian/Catholic/Baptist faith, I was raised in that. But I don’t run with it. Because it has been an active, and very successful, tool to erase not only black identity but also our roots from where we come from.

I’m happy that I’m seeing more and more black women have a growing interest in looking into Hoodoo (non religious) and Vodou (the religion) because, let’s be real, only women seem to have an interest on improving from deep within the soul so that it can reflect in reality. I’m ecstatic that I’m seeing black people getting interested in ancestral work and worship. It’s encouraging to see us start to pick up the pieces and comb thru the bullshit and misinformation out there, but…

It’s like a game of extremes still. Like, say you’re into spirituality but only the “light and bright” parts (Reiki, Akashic Records, Chakra cleansing) and completely shit on “that devil worship” (spirit work, shadow work, dealing with anything labeled “low/negative energy”). And shit on anything labeled “witchcraft”, because that’s “low = bad/evil” energy. You’re missing the whole point of spirituality. It’s the understanding and study of the soul, ALL OF IT. That which is good and that which is bad, the prejudices (we all have them, don’t lie) and the things we’ll defend with our dying breath. Hatred and love, light and dark, and all that gray area of apathy and gray arts.

It’s interesting, but it’s wild. Because it’s an ongoing process of deconstructing what’s been forced on us for hundreds of years. And it’s difficult, but it’s worthwhile.

Don’t even get me started on black witches *men included, though some try to gender discriminate by saying only women are “witches” and men are “warlocks”, fuck outta here) that vibe hard as fuck with Greek, Norse, _insert non African and open pantheon here_ and get jumped on by the black witches that SOLELY work with African magic and worship as well as getting dogged by non black folks who share in their faith, that’s a whoooole different beast.

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I feel like the last post (submission w/ raccoon & trash panda) may be kinda offensive because unless I'm mistaken coon is a slur... Please fact check me and ask other people but oh man

hm yeah i just looked it up and youre right. i edited the post. (though it can apparently also just be slang for raccoon, so i dont think it was intentional)

aaand i just realized what’s been bothering me abt this premise, the sentinel services as ice allegory part, not the ‘white ppl discover prejudice when they are the victims or whatever’ part

it’s that mutants are an allegory for lesbians, ppl of color, undocumented mexican day laborers, muslims, or whatever else mike pence is afraid of

and jesse from burn notice went from zero to mutant racist* bc a mutant killed his daughter

this is an old neoliberal saw from the x men, that magneto et al really //are// dangerous, whereas the x-men are the model of whichever minority we’re working with today

but it’s 2017 and trump has a muslim ban and is deporting dreamers and building a wall to keep out kids fleeing violence from central america and wants to bring back conversion therapy

and here’s jesse from burn notice saying 'mutants are an allegory for whichever minority killed my daughter’

jesse, a white guy with an ak-47 killed your daughter

not that i expected a lot of nuance from fox anyways but hey this is a broken premise