Cleaning out the ol’ inbox has inspired me to create a side-blog entitled @youve-got-hate-mail. I’ve got a bunch of hate mail that I’ve received queued up, and I’ll also take submissions in the form of screenshots. 

The blog is intended to be part sad social commentary, part shaming of garbage humans who write hateful messages online. Warning: the messages I’m posting are not censored (though I’m doing my best to tag stuff), and they feature a lot of name-calling and other nastiness from these losers, and a lot of snark from yours truly.

This is how I’ve chosen to deal with the hate that being a feminist blogger on the internet elicits; if you’re comfortable participating, that’s great. I don’t want anyone to dwell on their hateful messages, though. Take care of yourself first!

A post for those who dislike Communismkills

Listen, I don’t like CK, I disagree with most of their beliefs and hate some of their past comments, but having people falsely accuse you of being a pedophile is wrong.

What some people are saying is gross and they are taking it too far. So what if CK has some shit beliefs, they aren’t a pedo or a nazi and falsely accusing them of it is horrible. 

If you don’t like her, then ignore her. If you hate her, then fine, whatever floats your boat as long as you aren’t lying about her. If you want her to die or have been spreading rumors about her death (Which I have seen from three different blogs) then you need to stop because that’s scary and a terrible thing to do. It isn’t funny to spread shit like that, okay.

Yeah, I dislike and disagree with some/most of CK’s comments, but that’s no reason to be a horrible person. Don’t you have better things to do than hate on people who don’t care about your mean comments? CK’s right, most of the time you will not get a safe space on the internet, and it’s not just because of jerks who enjoy interrupting them with their rude opinions, it’s also because of people like you who do the same shit but claim it’s suddenly okay because they were mean first. 

We get it, you hate CK, and maybe she has some terrible opinions, but that’s no reason to lie and bully someone like this. Ya’ll need to chill, because it isn’t funny to call someone a pedophile or a nazi, it’s really not,

A reproduced postcard circa early 1900’s of the “Real Carabinieri” translated; Real Police with a #canecorso #dog

#Italy is home to two (2) #police forces, with the #polizia the regular state police while the #carabinieri being part of the #army.

The Carabinieri was founded by Victor Emanuel I, Duke of Savoy and King of Sardinia almost half a century before modern Italy came into existence with their
name coming from the carabina, the #rifle they traditionally carried.

Every major country has utilized in their #military as well as #lawenforcement some type of #breedsofpurpose Italy’s choice was and still is the Cane Corso. A large, athletic #mastiff

Note the ear crop style, a slender framed dog and a tail that isn’t docked unlike today’s #dogs

#history #pitbull #Rottweiler #pets #instagood #instadog #instalike #boxer #germanshepherd #guns #malinois #neo #dobe #bulldog #bullies #dontbullymybreed

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Okay, so since Mr. Greg is currently my favorite Steven Universe episode and I do in fact ship Greg and Pearl together, I’m going to voice my opinion to this blog.

Some of you have been bashing and blocking blogs because you believe that everyone in the gregpearl ship is being lesbophobic. But have you noticed that Rebecca Sugar never said anything about the fact that the gems have suddenly all been assigned to the female gender? She has said it several times that the Crystal Gems and all other gems that we have met are agendered gems. I believe that they simply use these pronouns based on physical appearance. And those are just a composed form of energy. Their bodies aren’t technically real. The characters themselves have even said before that they can change their appearance whenever they regenerate. Some of them look more masculine, some more feminine, but none of that even matters. Because these characters are agendered space rocks, i don’t believe that we can stick an earthly sexual label on them that would only truly pertain to them if they actually had a gender. Being an agender person using a female pronoun in love with a female doesn’t make you a lesbian, and being an agendered person using a female pronoun in love with a man doesn’t make you straight. I don’t believe that you can label someone a certain sexuality unless it has been clarified either by the person themself or by the creator of the character. Shipping two fictional characters does not in fact affect the real world, no matter how much you think it does. If it affected the real world, they’d be real people. There are enough wars going on right now that actually address real problems. Whether or not you hate someone for shipping a fucking space rock with a guy is completely your opinion but do not insult others simply because they don’t share the same opinion. That’s not how religion works, that’s not how sexuality works, and that’s not how being a supportive member of a fandom works. Please think about how you would feel if the words you are posting would affect you if it was someone else posting it against you and check yourself before you hurt someone else.


bae-in-maine  asked:

I just spent an hour stalking your #the critic hashtag. It was time well spent. Thank you for calling out her shit over and over again.

Amazing. I’m sad I don’t have every post tagged. I’m missing probably like the first few dozen or so. Those were before I was blocked and I could actually call her out properly. I miss those days.