2.8-Million-Year-Old Cycle Of Human Cruelty Continues Unabated On Elementary School Playground 

As the students of Hamilton Elementary attacked and tormented one another on the school’s four-square courts and atop the jungle gym, sources confirmed they exhibited the same aggressive, spiteful, and often ruthlessly violent behavior inherent in humans since the earliest bands of Homo habilis began to fight among themselves ages ago.

“I hate you, Aaron!” said third-grader Joshua Stevens during the 30-minute recess period, displaying the hostility and senseless brutality that are a fundamental part of his genetic makeup and shared by billions of his ancestors, who even in prehistoric times mercilessly set upon their fellow hominids at the slightest provocation. “You’re stupid and I hate you.”


Rebecca Sue Powers, a member of the Bentonville School Board in Arkansas, is being called out after posting disparaging comments about a student on Facebook.

Bentonville is considering adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes in its nondiscrimination policy. A student named Victoria Mantel is an advocate for the measure and was featured in an article about it.

Powers is a staunch religious conservative and wrote on a public Facebook page that the girl was rude and “an atheist,” which she actually isn’t. (And even if she were, so what?)

Reacting to a post about a pro-gay student protest on the “Protect OUR Children BPS” Facebook page earlier this month, Powers commented, “The young lady that… is heading this up is an atheist. She is also rude, and disrespectful. I had the displeasure of watching her at the Mary Beth Tinker event…” […]

Though she insulted a child on a public Facebook page, Powers says her “comment was meant only for private discussion… I am sincerely sorry that these remarks became public, and I sincerely apologize for any hurt this has caused to any student who believes I was identifying them.”

Powers argues in her statement that, “as usual in debates about homosexuality and cross-dressing, when these divisive issues are forced on school boards by those who wish to normalize harmful behaviors to impressionable children, supporters of these categories make accusations of ‘bullying’ when confronted by the truth.”

What iiiiiif school board members just didn’t say mean things about students in public? Or in private, for that matter? Or at all? Or what if they just decided to respect the students they supposedly work on behalf of, no matter their beliefs?

A Plea From Yonkers Animal Shelter

Transporters Without Borders

URGENT PLEA: Please take a couple minutes to watch and meet just sampling of Yonkers NY Animal Shelter. They are packed. Big dogs living in small cages. The dogs are loved but spend 99 percent of their day behind bars we are only open 5 hours out of 24. We are very low traffic. And get almost zero rescue help. These dogs may not be on a euth list but it doesn’t mean they are any less deserving or want to go home any less than other dogs. They are full & must turn away owner surrenders. God knows where those they can’t help end up. Please don’t forget about all of the homeless pets who are spending this glorious day inside our shelter walls… dreaming about being a part of a loving family. The Yonkers Animal shelter cats and dogs who are so deserving of a home, and so want to break free from shelter living, and start enjoying their lives. They are full to capacity and really need fans, neighbors, fellow animal lovers to help spread the word about the AMAZING pets who are in desperate need of homes! Please… PLEASE, look for your new best friend at YAS. Promise, they will thank you every day, rain or shine, with endless love, snuggles and kisses! Yonkers NY. More info. Pls email Leslie at Or 201-981-3215

Yonkers Animal Shelter


Dogs who enjoyed being dogs today…Wilson, Lulu and Jupiter were caught on camera while in the pool, while Bono and Roxie already stepped out….wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the dogs could be adopted and play in their very own doggie pools? You can help make that happen by sharing their stories ,or in this case, just a few fun pictures. or 201-981-3215

Thanks to Eleni for showing these guys a good time and for taking all these great shot

werewolfzero asked:

OH OH OH you made another part to dad Sidney aaaah! So cute. And the world knows he's a papa! How did they find out; did Sid just come out with it, did a snoopy reporter see him walking around 'in disguise' with her, did Geno get overheard babbling to Gonch in Russian about what a cutie Elizabeth Crosby is?

3/? of the teenaged parent!sid fic. 1, 2.

There’s a press conference, the unexpected kind that years later people will come to recognise as something big going down (Sid’s concussion, Tanger’s stroke, Duper’s blood cloths, Olli’s cancer. And okay, yeah, mostly that’s all been rotten luck, but the big announcements starts with Lizzie).

There is a lot of shock, naturally. It spreads outside of the sports media into mainstream news until it becomes national, and then international news.

The attention is…overwhelming. It’s unlike anything Sidney has ever experienced, and he’s been living in the bright glare of the media lights since he was prepubescent. There is a crazy three months of unrelenting questions and attention, reporters trying to discover the identity of Lizzie’s mother, the circumstances of her conception and birth – it’s a lot, and through all of it, Geno is there to support him.

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Translated by sasuisgay

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‘One really powerful realization we’ve had is that we need to love the bully just as much as we love the bullied,’ says principal Curt Carpenter. Carpenter has noticed that kids who bully don’t know how to deal with something that’s happening in their lives. ‘Especially when kids are little,’ says Carpenter, ‘things come out in funny ways.’ If a child does bully others, Carpenter makes sure he or she knows his or her choices are not good, but also addresses it with love and teaching.

Feeling broken from the stones and sticks thrown,
yet wholly perfect as she is and was,
not realizing THEIR own brokenness,
THEIR own jealousies,
nor THEIR own deficiencies.

Shattered for THEIR disease
–THEY transferred THEIR symptoms.

THEY preyed upon her naivete,
being wreckless and unsympathetic to
the price she would pay,
as THEY built THEMSELVES up,
by tearng her down.


Feeling the judgements surround.

Feeling trapped and hated.

Bleeding from THEIR bullying barks,
not realizing THEIR bite lacked teeth or truth,
a teenager,
her reality was muddied by her youth
and she could only panic.

Becoming frantic,
dying to be numb
to the taunting.

THEY bullied.

She felt the gangs of hideous laughter,
verbal jabs and dark humor morph into the sum of her self image.


Torn to pieces,
she sought peace.

She decided to cut THEM loose,
cutting herself.

THEY’ve merely just begun;
having merely thinned the innocent heard.


Throughout the school the day after,
her name became the buzz.

THEY’d transferred THEIR symptoms.

she had been wholly perfect as she was.


anonymous asked:

Hi Sam, I have a workplace question for you. What do you do if your workplace 'bully' is your superior? I need my job but I can't go to this person for anything without her talking down to me and treating me like I'm wasting her time. Other employees have noticed how badly she treats me and have assured me I'm not imagining it. I need a cost of living increase (5 years, no raise) but I fear asking for even a meeting with her. Any help would be appreciated.

Ugh, Anon, that’s tough. I’m sorry you’re being so poorly treated by your boss. 

I rarely recommend going to Human Resources, but it is an option – make sure you start keeping a record of your boss’s behavior (inappropriate speech, abusive behavior, etc) and talk to your coworkers to see if they’ll back up what you say if you go to HR. Keeping a record and locking down help is a good thing to do whether or not you plan to take it up the chain. 

If your boss has a superior you can talk to, you might try going to them for the raise instead; if they ask why you aren’t talking to your boss, you can say that you don’t feel they treat you fairly, and that other people have noticed you get the brunt of their abuse. Or you can open with that, but remember to have your records ready.

You do have the option of asking for a meeting and asking for a raise as a way of creating a record – especially if you can communicate with your boss by email, do that whenever possible so that either she doesn’t have the option to be abusive or you have a written record of it. If that’s not possible, ask a coworker to be nearby when you request a meeting, so that you have a witness. You can’t exactly bring a coworker into a meeting to ask for a raise, but you can take careful notes about what your boss said and go to their boss, or to HR, and discuss your boss’s behavior.

But honestly, were I you, I’d polish up my resume and start job hunting. Abusive people generally don’t change, and abusive jobs are just so terrible. You may not realize how terrible until you’re out of there, but trust me, there is a better job available for you with someone who won’t constantly be bullying you. Ignore your boss, check out of anything but your actual required duties, and start looking for somewhere better. Especially if you haven’t had a raise in five years, you can probably find somewhere with better pay even to start. 

Good luck, I know it’s not easy. Remember to keep records, get support from your coworkers, and have witnesses around whenever possible, regardless of what you do. 

anonymous asked:

Once Carl finally accepts the he an Jack really are a thing would he do allot of unintentional pda? Like after sleeping with Jack for so long Carl no longer knows about personal space when it comes to Jack. And Jack doesn't want to push him away but he isn't really out yet to every one else /especially/ not his family

In reference to the college AU, I’m guessing? Though a lot of this could apply either way, haha. 

But OH yeah. DEFINITELY. Carl is veerrry touchy feely when it comes anyone he likes - it’s part of his possessive, fun-loving nature. He’s almost aggressively loving. And Jack is the opposite - he needs to be a strong-willed manly man who doesn’t put up with hugs and all that nonsense. 

I think Carl would mostly respect Jack’s boundaries, and most of Carls friends would figure “well that’s just Carl” - they know he’s handsy and affectionate and weird, and they just roll with it. But Jack would definitely get prickly about it sometimes and wind up shoving Carl away and hurting his feelings. 

He probably buys Carl flowers and chocolate after. It’s not like he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Carl, he just has “NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING OH GOD I’M GOING TO RUIN THIS AND THEN I’LL BE GAY AND ALONE AND MY WHOLE LIFE WILL BE WRECKED OH GOD OH GOD.”

Basically, Jack is deeply in love, he just has no chill. And Carl has too much chill. It makes for some explosive situations. >3