Actively be trans inclusive in your discussion of reproductive justice and healthcare access.

I am a person who needs birth control for medical reasons, and who has had difficulty obtaining it without health insurance. I am one of the people who benefited in the past from the Obamacare birth control coverage rule. I am not a woman.

People of all genders need access to reproductive healthcare–whether that’s pelvic exams, breast exams, ultrasounds, abortion care, pregnancy related care, testing/treatment for STI’s, and more.

Don’t forget trans people in the fight for reproductive justice.

So there you have it. If you have a uterus and have sex, you don’t deserve to have rights anymore.

Seriously, normally antis at least pretend to care about the pregnant person and dance around the question like a prima ballerina. I have never been given such a clear answer.

Pro-life unless the fetus was conceived in rape! Then it’s suddenly okay to abort. This anti-choice logic will never be understandable to me.

i know that tumblr is very America centered, but what is happening in Poland is truly horrible and i wish more people could hear about this.

since our president Andrzej Duda won in 2015, our authorities have become more and more conservative. at this moment it’s like authoritarian power; some motives are really, really close to totalitarnian. it all turns around religion. there is no place for you if you’re a woman, a lgbt+, from other country, if you have other skin color. it started when the authorities wanted to take from women all laws about abortion - you had to give the birth to the child, no matter if it’s from rape, if you could die, if the child would be deformed or unable to survive more than 10 minutes. abortion would be fully illegal and if someone would decide on this, you could go to a fucking prison. they want to take away the right to choose what’s the best for us. fortunately we had a lot of protests - black protests - and they suspended the case. for now. 

now there is happening hunger strike. doctors residents (so doctors who finished 6 years on uni, had 13 months of practice and is working over their specialization, for example psychiatry) wants to increase expenditures on health care to european norm, so not less than 6,8% GDP, also they want to decrease queues to doctors (i had to wait more than half a year to go to the specialist i needed immediately!! sometimes people wait more than year!) and they want to eliminate bureaucracy. strike started two weeks ago and authorities said we don’t have money. guess what? 

because they donated to the most conservative parties and people. they donated to a “resort” called Odwaga (it means bravery). it’s a center when they treat homosexuality like a sin and conversion therapy is a normal thing

there is more, a lot more. people are terrified. they want to take away from us our right to decide, to choose and to speak. 

please reblog this so people can read this and keep our country in your thoughts. please, please. i beg you.

There is never a point when the pregnant person’s body stops being theirs. Stop insisting that there is. It’s disgusting. The pregnant person’s body is always theirs. And they can always withdraw consent from ANYONE who would like to use it.
Flint’s lead-poisoned water had a ‘horrifyingly large’ effect on fetal deaths, study finds
The fertility rate in Flint, Mich., dropped precipitously after the city decided to switch to lead-poisoned Flint River water in 2014, according to a new working paper. That decline was primarily driven by what the authors call a “culling of the least healthy fetuses” resulting in a “horrifyingly large” increase in fetal deaths and miscarriages.

This is genocide. 

[note: anti-choicers stay the fuck off of this post, a groups’ birth rates dropping because they are having miscarriages due to being poisoned is not in any way similar to elective abortions]

That whole “Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms, therefore they clearly don’t care about women’s health” argument always really made me angry, because it’s this sneaky little anti-choice trick where they take a benign fact about health care, and distort it into a sign of evil, negligence, and wrongdoing.

Mammograms are performed at IMAGING CENTERS. They are not performed at regular outpatient offices. However, you cannot just walk into an imaging center and make an appt for a mammo - you first need an order written by a medical provider. Like, say, your clinician at Planned Parenthood. And that clinician is the person who will call you afterwards with the results and determine an appropriate follow-up plan based on those results.

So no, Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform mammograms. Neither does any other OB/GYN or primary care provider or ANY OFFICE that isn’t an imaging office. That is how health care works. If anti-choicers have a problem with that, then they need to take it up with all of health care.

Good news! Oregon just EXPANDED abortion access, taking a firm stand against Trump’s extreme agenda: 

“The measure, called the Reproductive Health Equity Act, requires health insurers to provide birth control and abortions without charging a co-pay, and also allocates state funds to provide reproductive health care to non-citizens unable to access Medicaid.

The Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon, which helped write the law, said that the new legislation will not only increase access to abortion, but also birth control and postpartum care for low-income women. It also adds that this is the first legislation in the States to comprehensively address systemic barriers to reproductive health care.