Mo ther fucking tumblr app
Every time i open it, it pLAYS THE LAST THING I LISTENED TO
So naturally bonetrousle starts playin’ at full volume in this quiet little waiting room.

I sit on my phone to muffle the sounds of a voice actor screaming NYEHEHEH directly into my ass.

List of Stories

All of the stories below can also be found on my AO3 profile, I do update tumblr first.

A Life Unseen - An AU, Frank cheats on Claire story. Frank cheats right before Claire falls through time and how her relationships/experiences will differ from the books since she doesn’t have that anchor of Frank trying to get back to.

Mo Chridhe - Modern AU of Claire and Jamie’s lives

The Crook Chronicles - My half is set for Mr. Crook, @lenny9987 and I have paired up and she has written Mrs. Crook.

Endlessly - *New* story based on @gotham-ruaidh‘s Endless Loop Theory

For the Love of a Soldier - Also known as 1940s Claire and Jamie, it’s an AU set in the 1940s with Jamie a Scottish solider and Claire a nurse meeting during WWII.

A Second Chance - Yet another AU where Claire goes back through the stones with Bree, 2 years after leaving the past before Culloden.

Changing History - One shot AU where Jamie and Claire were successful in getting the Bonnie Prince to go back to Italy and not start the rebellion. Their experience after with a certain Captain of Dragoons.

Just a Man - Currently a one shot, but soon to be multi-post, from Jamie’s point of view. Current post is set (book world) right after the wedding when Claire faints.

25 Days of Outlander - Posts are tagged with 25 Days of Outlander, Gotham-ruiadh,& Lenny9987. There are a series of 25 “Favorites” that I’ve chosen to write short fanfictions based upon. Currently there are 11 posts for that particular set.

Claire’s Not a Fetch - Completed AU where Claire goes back and stops Jamie from marrying Laoghaire in Voyager.

The Sorcerer and the Stones - Master Raymond based story (currently complete. Future chapters possible)

Christmas Faith & Alternate Story Line- Christmas based stories with Faith Fraser as the main character

Christmas on the Ridge - Fluffy Christmas morning opening presents story

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Can i ask? What made you first into opm and which aspect of it that made you so and invested (haha) to it? :D

Lmfao I wlll never not find this funny.

The thing that got me into OPM is I was scrolling tumblr and came across this video, of this weird ass fight scene of some bald dude and a ninja getting slow mo PUNCHED IN THE DICK and I was like OMFG THIS IS ART WHAT THE FUCK and played it twenty times and finally found the anime and was like hell yeah guess IMa watch this

So then I started reading the Manga cause the anime was so great and then i was like holy shit theres a WEBCOMIC?? and jsut it has been a slow descent from there lmao

Sonics dick punch got me into OPM. thats it.

tagged by @halfblackclover​!! ty & sry this is so late lmaoo :^) stay great!

1. Write your name in song titles

Just give me a reason (p!nk)
Everything stays (rebecca sugar)
Sugar sugar (the archies)
Soap (melanie martinez)
I Knew This Would Be Love (Imaginary Friend ft. Kina Grannis)
Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn’t Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything (undertale soundtrack)
Always (p!atd)

2. Why did you pick your url?

I am homestuck garbage :^)

3. What is your middle name?

I don’t have one! i’m asian : ‘)

4. If you could be any fairy tale/fictional being, what would you be?

i’d be a shapeshifter and i’d be me but a little taller and with good skin

5. Favorite color?

pink or tbh any pastel 

6. Favorite song?

o h i’m still…working my way thru the undertale soundtrack, like savouring it…it’s so good…but tbh downtown by mackLEMORE (lmaoo) is my jam its just so fun to me .. also p!atd is very good and i like mother mother a lot? ghosting is a good 1

7. Top 4 fandoms

i’ve resigned myself to being homestuck garbage forever, annd i really love undertale and steven universe and oh boy well there are a lot but i think paranatural is super underrated lmao 

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

sometimes when i’m stressed i come here and i see something hilarious and it helps :^) i also just like seeing ppl be creative on here

9. Tag 9 people (only do it if u want to!!)

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Changed my URL from EorzeanWatch to my character’s IGN VyseriaPweda because I’m too shy to snap pictures with people I spot in game so it’s not really a blog about Eorzea overall, at the mo it’s just about my adventures/mistakes (lol)

Every time I see a follower/someone I follow on Tumblr in the game (Odin server) I get too scared to say “Hi!” so until I grow some metaphorical balls and contact more Odin server residents to share experiences with I’m revamping my blog (still same person and blog though). I’ve also changed a bit of my character’s backstory that’s on my page. (Some of it didn’t add up and I also wanted it to be a bit more tragic/mysterious)

Happy birthday 🍺🍻🍸

I hope Okay will be our always, okay? Okay. Wala akong masabi kasi nasa sayo naman na ang lahat. Happy birthday bubu, thankyou for being one of my friend here @ tumblr. Your genuine smile, your pretty face is such a blessing for me. (Bahala nag boret) Next time na yung gift sa kasal mo. Ahaha jk. Unya unya, tarung gyu'g skwela para sa future. Once again, youre beautyful and happy birthday @ecamazing 💋

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That time, i started stalking you on social media accounts. Nung nakita ko tong tumblr mo, tapos nagbackread ako napansin kong di lang pala ako yung nagaadmire sayo. Sabi nung prof, give letter daw sa taong hinahangaan mo. pero inside the campus daw, kaya sabi ko sayang. kaya eto dito ko nalng ilalagay yung confession ko. I didn't do it para mapansin mo or what i just want to express how i feel. What made me admire you more? Sa mga jokes mo. Kahit sabhn nila corny to pero for me hindi eh. - :)

Pakilala ka nalang :)

i have no idea what this tag is called

I was tagged by @violet–crossing
again i was mildy surprised

name/nickname: Lyric
star sign: Scorpio
gender: female
height: 5′1
fav colours: Wine red, Navy Blue, or Sapphire Jade Green or Emerald.
current time: 11:15pm
average amount of sleep: 5 - 7 hours
last thing i googled: “Knee Arthritis doctor thing”
number of blankets: 2, but one I hug while I sleep
fav fictional character: KOS-MOS, and Shion Uzuki (both are Xenosaga)
fav book: I haven’t read a decent book in a long time to be fair
fav band/artist: Streetlight Manifesto
my dream job: Voice actress
when did i create my blog? This one, just recently.
current follower count: I don’t like to talk about follower count
what do i post? ACNL for the most part
what made me get tumblr? @uchifawn made this tumblr for me
do i get asks often? rarely

I am tagging~

@uchifawn but i think she did this

aside from the first two I tagged randomly just because why not, no one is obligated to do this, and if anyone wants to do this and I didn’t tag them you’re all welcome to say i tagged you because why not people like tags.

….Good focus mos times, ya knoww, shit Im tryinn …so, why blinkin Lott, was tha worse dat Can Happen, ya know baby ceiling Hott, sound lyk some bullshitt, bad Feelinn, Caught ….Intuition since time Out & corner Talk …I will not, I will not …lol nigga Fuk dat Standards plot ….while ma cuddyz Playinn …young nigga waz, So anxiouss …lyk babygirl why ya playin ….but cuddy memba wrestlin, thas tempa waitin, time 4 bathin, yellin “..I called Last!” ..then ya mad kuz now that water Cold, memba talks on dat wood seat, now we pull up, dont get out creep, not welcome where our kin Sleep, still love tha P, that shit Deep …how it get lyk this …didnt feel it but see tha bleed, hoppin fence scrappin knee, big Cuddy say, We lettin Family downn ….O, We rockin Crown …“ahh nigga dey Gon See” ….that Be: …Lil Cuddyz Lol…. Yeaa cuddyz its yo time nigga Gon Shinee Passion thru tha Grind some how itz gon be Fine….

Nakakamiss magkaroon ng kada dito sa tumblr. Yung feeling na sunodsunod yung notif mo galing sa viber dahil sobrang daldal ng mga kausap mo. Tipong hindi sila nauubusan ng kwento. Gising na gising sa gabi, medyo sabaw sa umaga. Hahaha. Nakakamiss lang. Alam ko namang hindi na nila ako namimiss dahil ako rin naman ang unang umalis. Drama ko potuh. Pero sana bumalik yung kada at mas maging close pa next time, at mas lumaki pa ang family natin :)

Barely Underage Little Seeks Care Giver

Name: Monday

Preferred Titles: Baby girl, princess, momo, Mo

tumblr url: monday1113 

Description of Me: 5'1" chunky girl, brown hair, light skin, wears glasses, pretty cute blue eyes I’m an emotional roller-coaster at times and will send texts about a new episode and my reaction that won’t make a lot of sense. Passionate about a lot of things.

Interests: sewing, toys, crafty stuff for the most part ^.^ I’m artistic

Age: 17, will be 18 in less than 6 months

Little Age: Depends on the day? Ranges from 2-6 usually, possibly younger

Location: NC

Partner Preferences: taller than me, strongish, must enjoy being up at night. Looking for a very good care giver who understands I’m not always chatty, or clingy. Must be able to put up with me having feels over cartoons. I’m pan, so all caregivers are welcome. :)

Other Information: message me for more if you have questions :)


Damn, hinahigh blood nanaman ako, its a second time na may nambastos sakin dito sa tumblr. Ang hirap magging mabait tapos in the end babastusin ka rin pala. Nung una di ko kineri knowing na sasabihin sakin na “Ang hirap kasi mag-pigil” tapos ngayon panibagong tao nanaman, after ko magging friendly dahil kaka follow niya lang sakin biglang titirada ng “I feel horny and I need company”



Instagram Extension

Sobrang wala na talaga akong time, kaya mukhang duplicate ng IG account ko na lang itong tumblr. Ganun pa man, di ibig sabihin non ay wala na akong time para balik balikan ang account ko dito. Dalawang session na sa klaseng laging nababanggit ang Tumblr. Then narealize ko, di pala totoong mga weirdong gaya ko at gaya mo ang nakakaalam lang ng Tumblr. It was actually considered as one of the unicorns in the field of Entrepreneurship. Year 1986 nang ipanganak sa mundong ibabaw ang CEO ng Tumblr based sa video na napanood ko sa klase ko sa UP. Ay! Two years lang ang tanda nya saken.

At dahil doon, narealize kong di pa pala huli ang lahat. Malay mo, malay ko, balang araw, magiging CEO din ako ng isang multinational company. Maiaahon ko na ang bansa ko sa kahirapan. LOLs.

Balang araw, maiimbento na rin ng tao ang pagbablog nang mas mabilis na di nangangailangan ng conventional na pagtatayp, mas madali nang magkwento, mas marami nang pwedeng ikwento, di ka na lilimitahan ng oras. Di na to magiging Instagram Beta, kundi mas malaya na tayong makakapagkwentuhan. Dire direcho, walang putol, walang edit, walang pagkukunwari,

Hindi naman malayo yun sa pwedeng mangyari. Yung gravitational wave nga ni Einstein, 100 years bago napatunayan. Mas mataas yung posibilidad na mangyayari kaagad ang voice to blog encryption, at mabilis itong magiging available sa lahat.

Gustu ko ulit makipagkwentuhan, magsulat, at makipagtalastasan.


Oxymoron by Dan Gildor

Via Flickr

I didn’t like the vibe in Seaside what with yet another questionable restaurant recommendation from the internet*–this time, Pigs ‘n Pancake.** So I did not stay long. On the way out of town, I had to pause when I saw this sign. Oh how those Oregonians must love an oxymoron. * [ed note: This was all before the advent of Yelp.] ** [ed note: I had gone to Mo’s Restaurant in Florence on a recommendation to try their clam chowder. I was disappointed. It was mostly potatoes in a thin broth with the clams cut up so fine that you would barely even know that they were in there. I couldn’t understand why folks thought so highly of this place as to recommend it, but clearly they have because the line of tourists snaked out the door and through the gift shop.]

Sobrang pangit ng umaga ko. Ghad. Di pala nagpost yung entry ko kagabi. 2nd time na tong nangyari. May problema siguro si tumblr pag mob ang gamit. Hirap kaya nun itype -_-. Tapos nalaman ko pa na magbabakasyon sya. Dati rati ako yung una sa mga taong nakakaalam ng mga plano nya. Ngayon, malalaman ko na lang sa mga status nya sa facebook. How sad. Hahahaha. “Isama mo naman ako sa mga plano mo, kasi ikaw kasama ka sa mga plano ko”. Jk. Ganyan mga linyahan sa walang forever na movie e. Hahaha. Tapos! Nakakabastos pa yung radyo kanina. Wag daw mag’emo-emohan at lungkot-lungkutan kasi wala namang kayo. Oh e ano pang pake mo? Choice ko to. Hahaha. Galit? Chot lang. XD Anw, have a day! Excited na ko sa bicol trip namin this weekend ^^ Sa wakas, makakahinga na din ako. Yun. Aga ko kasi sa office e. 30 mins early, bihirang mangyare to. Geh.

Nov. 12, 2015

Kuya Chard! Ilang buwan na rin pala nuh? Kuya, miss na kita. Sensya ha, kasi hindi ko nasuklian yung pagmamahal mo sakin. Sensya kasi na kuyazoned kita. Sana magkausap na rin tayo ulit, pero kung dumating yung araw na yun sana nakamove on ka na sakin. Sorry kung nasaktan kita that time, di ko rin naman kasi aakalain na maffall ka sa sa isang tulad kong walang kwenta. 

Kuya, sorry talaga. Ikaw lang yung nag iisang kuya kuyahan ko :)

Sana mabasa mo to :< kaso wala kang tumblr :3

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NAME: Mogamoka (not my given name)

NICKNAME:Mo (not my real nickname either)


GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 158 cm ( 5'2ft )








+Lancelot from Kingsman

FAVORITE BANDS: One OK rock, Rookiez is Punk’d, High Kings, Celtic Woman, Peter Paul and Mary

DREAM JOB: getting paid for simply wandering around tumblr and twitter

WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW:  What are you wearing right now? how  do I suppose to know?

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: 14th March 2013, Ishida Ryuken’s birthday fanart was my first post




WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS “PEAK” (WHEN DID YOU GET MORE FOLLOWERS, HAVE POPULAR POSTS ETC):  whenever I’m reblogged by Doctor Who official tumblr ^////^

WHO IS YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER: @ms-random1401 , thanks for tagging^^

My sister

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: Not really. sometimes

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: it’s been  my internet name for long time. :)

Again I’m not tagging anyone ;P