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i know i need to love myself do you show yourself self love?

I often just take time to celebrate myself and talk to myself like I’m my own biggest cheerleader. I take time watching the way I talk about myself. Taking the negative things I say about myself is a way I show myself love.
I also take time to physically pamper myself. I take care of my hair and my skin and do a lot of bubble baths with candles. How I love myself on the outside helps the love I feel for me on the inside.
And I also love on myself by getting to know me. Like one day I realized that I didn’t really know what my favorite food was. Or that I didn’t really know what my favorite color was. Or that I didn’t know what kind of books I was into. Exploring my passions and exploring my likes and dislikes is a way that I learn more about myself. It gives me more things to love about myself.

Self love for me is often about the ways I invest in myself.


I want you to do whatever makes you happiest in the world.

Harry Edward Styles: February 1, 1994
Aquarius  ♒️  |  Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another. They love to make people laugh and cheer people up and it makes them feel good to make others feel good. They do not expect anything in return for this could put a damper on their freedom, they live with no strings attached. They are very unconventional and always full of excitement.



Don't leave your phone with the Second Unit - One shot

Hey ya’ll I had been taking a bit of a break from writing, but I felt a bit inspired and somehow produced this mess. (It may or may not be slightly Sherlock inspired).

If you are a fan of The Man Who is Scorpio, be not worried, I will finish it. IT WILL BE DONE. And I also plan to work more on my Angsty fic The One I can Trust. Plus if I get the inspiration, More Feisty MC’s.

So I hope you enjoy, I don’t think it’s a great work of literature by any means, but it was certainly fun to write, and that’s the point :3 Enjoy ❤️

Rated: 13 and up cause Language 😬 and insinuations


It was another average day in the second unit and the office was filled with the clickety clack of fingers on their keyboards. Over in the corner, at his desk, was Kirisawa on his work phone. He spoke in low tones as not to distract his fledglings.

Those so called fledgelings were unconventionally quiet, their eyes sqinted in silent concentration as they typed away at their reports. Even Asano was uncharacteristically interested, which was strange, as this time usually culminated with his afternoon nap.

Although the boys were at the top of their A-game, nobody could beat MC when it came to rocking out a badass, detailed report. You could tell she was on a roll, because her hair began to start inexplicably get tossled out of place. It was as if the very action of thinking was all it took for her to get knots in her hair.

Kirisawa watched as his teams’ noses creep closer and closer to their computers. He was waiting for it, waiting, waiting….. AND


The sound of a grumbling tummy momentarily made the room freeze. Everyone in the second unit began looking to each other to confirm the source of the sound. All eyes eventually settled on the tall form of Tennoji. He was looking off in the corner, a slight blush tingeing his cheeks.

A clap rang through the room and Kirisawa’s laugh soon followed it.
“Okay guys! Break time.” A touch of mirth could be heard in his voice. He found this game of ‘who breaks first’ extremely amusing. A game which MC frequently lost.

Everyone was at once at ease and the proud MC stretched her arms up, Eiki almost fell on the floor from leaning back, Asano’s head nearly audibly slammed on the table from the how quickly he fell asleep, Hanai took a deep breath, and Kyobashi made an insinuating remark pertaining to the stress relief of a break. Everyone stayed seated except for Tennoji, whom stood amongst the crew.
“Boss, I’m stavin’! I’m goin’ to the convince store down the street.” He now spoke to the general assembly, “Anybody want anything?”

Most everyone shook their heads 'no’, except Eiki who asked for an energy drink, as he and Asano had been on patrol last night and he was practically running on fumes, and surprise, surprise, MC whom responded with “Bitch, of course.”

She stooped down and dug around in her bag, pulling out around 300 yen and tossing it to Tennoji. “Get me some Strawberry Pocky!” Eiki made a small gasping sound, which MC understood. “Yeah, I’ll share,” she replied, somewhat put out.

Tennoji took the opportunity to jog from the room, eager to get something in his stomach, but only moments later a pleasing little ping sounded through the room.

“What was that?” Hanai questioned, sticking his neck out to look over the table. As soon as his eyes landed on Tennoji’s cell phone, MC had pounced from her chair and grabbed it.

“What are you doing?” Hanai asked, confused.

The conversation had secured the attention of Kirisawa, whom was sitting back and listening quietly.

Standing there, hunkered over the phone, a sly cheshire-like grin crept over her face, her eyebrows bobbed up and down in a rather comical way. “I’m gonna take like 4000 selfies.”

Hanai snorted in derision, and a chuckle escaped Kirisawa. Eiki giggled and asking if he could join. MC excitedly bobbed over to him and they proceeded to take goofy selfies.

Kyobashi watched them quietly, but as they continued their spam of photos, he narrowed his eyes.

MC took note of this and lowered the phone, “Are you really going to be a kill joy and tell me to stop?”
“Hm?” He feigned misunderstanding.
MC sighed and look back at the phone, but Kyobashi’s surprising reply left her both excited and curious.
“I just think you guys are aiming a little too low.”
Both Eiki and MC’s eyes grew wide. They slowly began creeping closer to Kyobashi, and with each step they neared, the grin that had appeared on his face grew wider.
“Give me the phone,” Kyobashi held out his had. MC placed the device in his palm. Kyobashi immediately began to work. To MC’s surprise, he unlocked the phone with ease.
“How did you do that?!” She asked, her eyes wide in amazement.

“I’m a world class hacker,” he said, “I can get into anything.”

MC eyes continued to widen until Eiki, stifling a laugh, put his hand to her ear and whispered “He’s watched Yutaka unlock his phone before.”

MC deflated a little, but Kyobashi continued to click away at the phone. “So…. What’s the plan?” She asked.

“Just wait.” Kyobashi said, his grin growing ever more sinister.

Tennoji strolled back into the office, unsuspecting of the devious plot that had been orchestrated for him. He moved around the table and settled into his seat before reaching into his grocery bag and tossing a box of strawberry Pocky to MC, whom excitedly snatched it out of the air. Ripping it open, she began devouring the delicious treat. Eiki at once converged on her and soon they both were crunching and munching on their snack, trying to hide their excitement for what was to come. Tennoji sat Eiki’s energy drink upon his desk before his eyes drifted over his own.

“Ah shit!” Tennoji had finally just realized. “I left my phone!” He quickly picked it up and unlocked it before going straight to his gallery. “SERIOUSLY?! You MUST be playin’!” He looked at the picture count. There were over 1,200 unwanted pictures that had been left on his phone, curtesy of Eiki and MC. Both culprits began to giggle as they munched on their snack.

Tennoji grumbled as he began painstakingly deleting the pictures off his phone. Kyobashi took this moment to stand up. “I’m getting some coffee. Anybody want some?”
There it was, the signal. The plan was a go. Unbeknownst to Tennoji, whom was still deleting pictures from his phone, Kyobashi stuck his hand in his pocket and pressed 'send’ on a pre-prepared text.

There was a quiet moment as the the Second unit waited. Tennoji noticed the silence and looked up with a grumpy expression. He had just opened his mouth to say something when:

The moan of a women, seemingly reaching full ecstasy sounded through the quiet room.

No one made a sound and Tennoji appeared quiet shocked as he looked around alarmed. MC took this moment to hit 'send’ on her text which was ready to go.

This time, the sound of panting mixed with naughty moans, was heard.

Tennoji had now pinpointed the noise and stared at his phone. “WHAT THE HE-.”

But Eiki had already pressed 'send’ on his text, and in the next moment a woman’s sexy snarl played out from his phone. He dropped it and sprang up stepping back, a blush already forming on his cheeks. Now was time for the finally:

All three repeatedly sent quick short texts, hiding their phones as best as they could behind their backs. In the end, it didn’t matter. Tennoji’s disbelieving eyes were glued to his phone as the mixture of noises began to pop out, blending together, one after another, in a very lewd chorus.

The noises stopped once no one could any longer control their laughter enough to send texts. Tennoji stood there, dumbfounded, eyes wide, and red as a tomato. He looked around the room in a complete daze.


Tears began rolling down the rest of the second units’ faces once they see that Tennoji realizes this was a prank. He couldn’t even find the words. Though, he didn’t need to, as Kyobashi took over.

He pulled off his glasses, tears still gathering in his eyes, as he wiped down his lenses with a cloth he produced from his suit pocket. “We changed the sound of you alert when you receive a message from, MC, Eiki, and I. The pictures were just an added bonus.”


“MC, here was our lovely voice actor.” Kyobashi’s smirk grew wider.

Tennoji sent an incredulous glare in MC’s direction, whom was laughing so hard she was wheezing, but once eye contact was made, she proceeded to lose it further. Tennoji then looked for assistance in Kirisawa’s direction, but the merriment that brimmed from the eyes and smile of his boss showed Tennoji that he’d recieve no sympathy from him.

Meanwhile, Asano continued to snooze on his desk, unaware the whole thing had even happened.