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Plants are friends, but they’re also food. 

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If you really want to spite post, an I encourage you to ;D, you should post Dorian and Ray together and kissing and things ;)

u nasty

and I like it

Me and my friend asked a wal-mart worker for his number for another friend (she was standing a bit away) and he said no and “I’ll take either one of your numbers tho” and we didn’t tell her bc we didn’t want to hurt her feelings and I feel so bad holy shit

@anomadx lol thanks. not speaking of myself but bengali girls are really pretty. I didn’t used to think this before bc I was so used to hearing people call bengalis ugly. But now I’m wondering why I even believed them


@god-ye we couldn’t meet up because you weren’t feeling the best. made you this lil ‘get well doge’ collab bcs i love u omg !!! rest well, sweetheart 

honestly imma give the get down a week to blow up before i start flipping on fandom even more because stranger things was out for a week and a half before anyone gave a shit about it so y’all got 7 days to hop on the get down and give it the huge fandom and love it deserves even tho it deserves your attention right now

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i would say bi because if you say lesbian i think it kind of groups feminine nb people in as girls, which is unfair- i have the same attraction though! I say bi

Good point….ive heard the opposite where i can bc theyre still feminine aligned in a way? I think I’ll keep saying lesbian for now until i date someone feminine nonbinary…im afraid if i say im bisexual ppl will mistake it as me liking boys+girls which is untrue.

please help me out ;;

i am in need of $27 by 11PM tonight. i’ve post this on twitter and so far no one has sent me a DM or anything. i really need the money.

so i’ve decided to sell my V HIP HOP MONSTER plush doll that i got at kcon ny for the exact amount. it’s mint condition; literally still in the box. usa shipping only though.


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Hi Toni ! I hope you're well ! I am really in love with that GQ photoshoot ! He looks more serious and adult maybe ? They're focussing on his music part and that's a relief not to see him branded as a fashionista yet again. I would love to hear your thoughts about it (read your tags tho, he looks so SOFT right ??)

Hi anon,

Its seriously beautiful.  He looks amazing, we know that of course and goodness me he’s a natural.

The colours of the clothes on him suit him so well.  I like that they talk of him falling into partnership with Giuseppe at PFW.   I like that the video is musician focused too though essentially still modelling. 

So we’ve had that today and then at 6pm uk time (i think)  we get the Get down song so its nice that we have the music following on from the fashion. 

Zayn slays in these fashion shoots and most importantly musically, and there’s never a doubt about that, its just that his team don’t as far as I’m concerned. 

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One of my Dir en grey stories: years ago the guy I was dating and I were driving somewhere and I had my ipod shuffling all their songs. As each one ended he asked, "Who was that?". Dir en grey. Next. Who was that? Dir en grey. Who was that? DIR EN GREY, BITCH. And he's just like "ALL OF THESE SONGS SOUND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE". Also, one day I sent some songs from DSS to the girl he's now married to and she was like, "I don't like it, there are too many different sounds".

Wow lol it’s like they bonded together out of their inability to understand their music. It was meant to be, I guess??? Your ex was kinda right tho like depending on the songs they definitely can sound like a completely different band which tbh I think is part of their charm

sidroq replied to your post: “it’s nice that everyone is like ‘fat people should wear whatever they…”:

yeah like sometimes i feel like this kind of positivity is a cop-out for fashion companies. like they don’t HAVE to make things that fit us well because “u can wear whatever u want! :) :) :)”

like…the laws of proportion and color still apply, i still want things that FIT


not-fat people can wear things that are too tight or too loose and it just looks fashionable but for us it’s just not flattering at all and people are just like “aw you just need to find your right size” even tho sizing is super unreliable


rules: answer the questions and then tag 20 people 
i was tagged by @promiscuousfangirl ((thanks dude))
1. How tall are you? 
5'5 if im not slouching lmao

2. What color and style is your hair? 
originally dirty blonde, thick and wavy ((its actually blonde balayage right now tho))

3. What color are your eyes?
blue, green, then yellow

4. Do you wear glasses?
nope, 20/20

5. Do you have braces?
nope, was supposed to get them but never

6. What is your fashion style?
anything thats clean and comfy lmao

7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks? 
freckles yes and im not sure what it is but i have a freckle/beauty mark thing on my right side near my eye

8. When were you born? 
June 1

9. How old are you? 
18 holla for gambling

10. Where do you live? 
Illinois, plz end my suffering

11. Do you have siblings?
I have a sister who is 7 hears older than me and a brother who is 4 years older than me. Im the baby and its pretty cushy

12. Do you go to school? 
at the moment, no. i will be going to MU in the January tho

13. What kind of student are you?
im only there bc i want to make mad
money someday

14. What are your favorite TV shows? 
X-files, Parks and Rec, Stranger Things, and SNL

15. Favorite past time?
i enjoy sleeping and anything outside like hiking, kayaking/canoeing, swimming, literally just being outside

16. What is your dream job?
Working as a park ranger in a national park or being a manager for a National Park ((would love to work in Zion))

17. Would you like to get married one day; if so, where? 
Yeah man and honestly idk. id like a nice wedding but at the same time i dont care. maybe California along Malibu coast? i think beach weddings are cool.

18. Would you like kids one day? 
Lmao no

19. Girly girl or tomboy? 
a mixture

20. Do you like shopping? 
Aw hell yah, especially online shopping

21. What countries have you visited so far? 
ive been to the Canadian border wen i was hunting but funny story, we couldnt cross over to Canada to hunt bc our four wheelers had American soil on them and the guards wouldnt let us cross bc of it.

22. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had? 
i was getting bombed on by planes and couldnt die but i felt the pain and i woke up crying and ive had that nightmare like ten times more since. 
23. Do you have enemies? 
I guess

24. Do you have a s/o? 

25. If not, do you want one? 
that’d be great

26. Are you open about your feelings? 
no. i bottle shit up like its my job. the feelings and emotions ppl see are not real, i usually feel a different way.

27. What’s your family like?
extreme assholes ((except my sister and brother, love them))

28. Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of? 
yeah, its my fucking choice and life.

29. Any pet peeves? 
PEOPLE WHO CHEW WITH THEIR MOUTHS OPEN YOU CAN ALL DIE. also ppl who talk all the fucking time, i dont want to listen to you or talk.

30. Do you believe in astrology?
i live off of astrology yah

okay so it says to tag 20 people and i dont know if i can tag that many people but ill try: @saint-in-sinners-eyes @stale-sandcastle @jordanstaalsmugshot @vladitarasenkos @cparayko @silverwindptv @stlouismizzou @dropthefuckingcoat @i-speak-hockey @dicapriyoyo @so-hockey-eh @robertoluongone thats all i can think of. if you want to do it though everyone is welcome lmao