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Is “stealy wheely automobilely” on YouTube?       

Now it is.

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LoveHacks Characters as Textposts (Part 1)
  • mc: "that was impulsive. you probably shouldn't have done that" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • mark: *on the first date* uh ... heh ... *sweats* umm ... so uh do you say 'gif' or 'jif' hahaha
  • ben: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BREASTMILK ... BATMAN! i meant batman! "lmao i'm dying" don't worry breastmilk will save you
  • cole: you've heard of grand theft auto, now get ready for STEALY WHEELY AUTOMOBILEY
  • brooke: it's very important that i'm both cute and powerful
  • horatio: me at a party: gosh golly! this beat is ... whoo! this beat is ... DANDY!
  • sereena: "you promised not to tell" hitler promised not to invade czechoslovakia, jeremy. welcome to the real world
  • leah: i'm a lesbiab. lesbiam. less bien. "it's okay take your time" girls
  • felix: *eats a handful of chili pepper* AM I HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU YET
  • isabel: "are you a big spoon or a little spoon?" i'm a knife
  • tj: "women aren't complicated. you're just dumb" O.O
  • martin: i take the R out of pretty
alternate names for popular video games

stealy wheely automobiley

time is an illusion, Shaka Brah

Satanic choose your own adventure book / Panic! At the Wendigo

the same fucking franchise again but it’s in 3D and they have raccoon suits now

scary graphics and nice blocks / the dragonblock comes / everything you build blows up because creepers so fuck you / survive simulator 1998