“Don’t reblog this post if you don’t have x”

The classification of mental disorders into tight, neat, little boxes is a social construct, it is very common for disorders to overlap and coexist in a way that makes individual classification supremely difficult. It is very easy to isolate people who are suffering and could benefit from a community of people who UNDERSTAND when those kinds of standards are enforced despite the reality of the way mental disorders actually affect different people.

There’s a difference between asking that neurotypical people not reblog mentally ill posts, and barring an entire group of people that simply don’t have a very specific diagnosis from support and validation for shared symptoms.

@lawlesslifter blocked me straight after they wrote:

You are erasing intersex people. Intersex people have existed for just as long, and once again intersex people have been recognised to varying degrees throughout history. So no, the human sex is not dymorphic, and it’s possible to recognise/classify at least 5 sexes amongst humans.

Gender identity, gender expression and gender roles are different things. Identity is who we know ourselves to be, expression is who other people perceive us as, and roles are constructed in relation to those two things. Roles are oppressive, gender is not. It is oppressive to misgender people and deny their reality. 

They brought intersex people into it, which is not proof of more sexes - intersex is a variety of rare, abnormal CONDITIONS, not proof that sex is a social construct lmao. bringing intersex people into these discussions is really just pulling at straws and is offensive to intersex people. 

1. what is gender then? if you have a “gender identity”, what are you identifying with? gender IS gender stereotypes, how else does “gender” describe men and women if it’s not using pre-existing gender “roles” and stereotypes? gender is based on PRESUMPTION about the sexes because gender has no tangible worth. sex is biological, so it DOES have merit. 

2. expression is how others perceive you? so you’re saying if you wear a dress and makeup, that is you “expressing” your womanhood? that is obviously problematic, because women aren’t inherently feminine - and we want to DESTROY beauty standards, not promote them! 

3. if the roles are constructed from “both of those things” then you’re admitting how gender as a whole is misogynistic and facilitates/promotes stereotypes and therefore misogyny. 

you do not have a leg to stand on. 

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I'm kind of freaking out because idk if I'm straight bc I get turned on at the the thought of kissing a girl but I've also liked this one guy since I was in like 4th grade and idk what the fuck to do because I could never come out or say I'm not straight because my family and friends would honestly disown me

I think everyone is bisexual. Of course there is a very large spectrum but we are sexual beings and there is no reason anyone wouldn’t be attracted to the same or opposite sex if it weren’t for social constructs telling us to be a certain way. In my opinion, it’s perfectly natural. Also important to note, you don’t have to tell anyone about your sexuality if you don’t want to. If you don’t feel like your family would be supportive, there are plenty of other places to go. There are amazing online resources, groups, moving to a more liberal city! As you grow up and have more independence, you will realize this. I’m really sorry you feel like you can’t be yourself with your family / friends but everything happens for a reason. And I think you are put in that position to make yourself stronger! To give you empathy and depth, and understanding for others in your position. You will grow into yourself, you will change and adjust. And you will become more confident with who you are to the point that you will find friends who ACCEPT and LOVE you for you, no matter who you’re attracted to and you won’t accept anything less <3

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"there is only male and female biologically" im intersex, my anatomy says neither if you want to run off that, yet terfs still think living humans who are proof "biological sex" is a social construct and flawed is "fake" or "h*rm gender". smh.

Terfs don’t give a shit about anything but flaunting cis privilege like….. Why are terfs so happy about being transphobic cis lesbians it’s so disgusting. Using privilege to attack the people you oppress and being proud of it is so fucking low

@ghoulishundertakings replied to your post “I’m going to make this very clear, i came across a doctor strange blog…”

I haven’t seen any yet but I know I will and I am D: ab it

I just want you to read the tiniest portion of this bullshit

If we were to have Strange be a different ethnicity than white— white people would do this: they’d internalize that race as somehow being inferior due to his actions, as opposed to checking their own privilege. Delving into the comics has really shown me how better I have it over different ethnicity women [Again, socially-constructed and I personally think it’s dumb, but not everyone else thinks so.]

In the comics, he IS white, and this very fact does work in the favor of the reader.

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If your 21st was on the 22nd, we're birthday twins! Happy birthday! Thanks for a great blog!

It was on the 17th, but close enough! Time is a social construct anyways. Thank you xo

being ugly is powerful when u accept it. its not the ugliness that’s harmful or bad its the fact that you fight it. i know this sounds mean spirited but im telling you, rather reminding you, that beauty is a social construct just as much as ugliness is. they’ve weaponized both. only accepting yourself and loving yourself as is turns this weapon onto them. they bank on you never doing this. this is for everyone. all genders and ethnicities, all ages.

fat rolls are not bad. prominent hip bones are not bad. blotchy, scarred, ridgedy bumpy skin is not bad. black and brown skin are not bad. hairy lips, arms, legs, stomachs, and knuckles are not bad. short hair is not bad. ugly is not a synonym for bad. ugly is not wrong. you are not worth less because you are ugly!! you are a person worthy of all the love and happiness life has to offer and you deserve it like anyone else.

sometimes i think about what the world would be like if pokemon were real, and i thought last night

what about pokemon discourse

“reminder that “starter” pokemon are a privilege, not everyone can have that luxury”

“cubones are NOT cute, youre romanticizing the loss of its parent”

“pokemon contests are a social construct that leads people to believe some pokemon are cuter/cooler/smarter/tougher/more beautiful than others and if you partake in them you are scum uwu”

anyways if pokemon were real i wouldnt be on tumblr

Well, that’s their colours truly nailed then isn’t it?

OK, so I’ve not been about, and this may be everywhere in which case consider this a signal boost:

From the AFA - Asatru Folk Assembly Facebook page:

Today we are bombarded with confusion and messages contrary to the values of our ancestors and our folk. The AFA would like to make it clear that we believe gender is not a social construct, it is a beautiful gift from the holy powers and from our ancestors. The AFA celebrates our feminine ladies, our masculine gentlemen and, above all, our beautiful white children. The children of the folk are our shining future and the legacy of all those men and women of our people back to the beginning. Hail the AFA families, now and always!

Matt Flavel
Alsherjargothi, AFA

Unsurprising, in a sense. Contextually, the “beautiful white children” is for me, the standout thing. OK, so you’re Folkish, but the assumption that skin colour is a marker of ancestry, or that a so-called gender binary traditional family must produce “beautiful white children” betrays a very clear colourist stance which seems to be rooted in the terror of so-called interracial mixing in the US. A terror which has, very predictably created a porn category of interracial, which boggles my mind even to this day, some 20+ years after first seeing it online.

But anyway:

That’s their colours nailed. That’s what they are, job done. Message received,
Social justice, shipping, and ideology: when fandom becomes a crusade, things get ugly
Fans merely rooting for their favorite characters to get together has somehow evolved into ideological warfare.
By Aja Romano

An excellent piece on fandom by @bookshop, and the ways shipping can become a form of ideology. It reflects quite a lot of my own thinking about the OUAT fandom. I would love to discuss it if anyone is interested!

Dead naming is not violence

I got dead named today in a meeting. Our group finance director called me by my old name. The one I dropped three years ago.

Now 12 hours later it would appear that I’m still alive. Unscarred mentally or physically. It was absolutely no big deal.

So why didn’t I explode, or self harm or kill myself? After all, “dead naming is actual violence” I’m told. “Dead naming and misgendering are literally responsible for the deaths of trans people”.

And I know that for many trans people these things do hurt. They are crushing. I know this because I’ve been there. I used to feel devastated, crushed, invalidated and ashamed.

But something changed. I started to understand how gender is socially constructed. How society conflates femininity with being female and masculinity with being male. I came to accept that it’s ok to be a man who looks and acts like I do. How there should be no need for anyone to think I’m ‘actually’ female to be a perfectly valid and worthy person as I am. Accepting this meant I no longer had to live with the cognitive dissonance of knowing that females don’t father children. It meant I was able to let go of the volatile, unstable belief system that despite objective reality I have a female brain and that made me a woman.

So I wasn’t upset, or damaged by somebody using my old name because it doesn’t burst my bubble of lies.

People don’t commit suicide because they are dead named. They commit suicide because they are volatile and unstable and their self worth is fragile because it’s based on lies.

This is what transgenderism does to trans people.


@mbtiguy look

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- Believes in class hatred of men

- Believes gender is a social construct and criticizes men for acting like men

- Makes it so that if you get divorced you have to give her half your shit

- ensures men get no say in parenthood decision and can be forced to pay child support

- Pretty much has to be a crack whore to lose custody in the event the father wants full custody

- Tries to ensure an accusation of rape is enough for conviction

- “Where did all the good men go?”

At age 21, both Uranus and Saturn make hard aspects to themselves, as does the progressed Moon. Jupiter doesn’t make any important aspect, so the expansive buoyancy of Jupiter won’t soften the experience

Suddenly, you are an adult. Some countries recognise age 18 as being an adult, although this is a social construct. At 21, you become aware that you must stand on your own two feet and your parents will not necessarily be the safety net they once were. Uranus has shaken the ground, so the foundation is no longer there. Saturn is making the details of adult life a conscious obligation.