I’m introducing the No Sleep Till Palaio Faliro series. 

As some of you may know, I am currently living in a very teeny, very tiny, very old studio with the love of my life, Bill. We have been living together since December 2010 and while it may not be easy, due to the run-down nature of the apartment, I wouldn’t change one minute spent here. These have been the happiest days of my life, and still continue to be. The good news is, my dad is going to retire by the end of the year and move with my mom to our country house, which means me and Bill will have moved back in my beloved house in Palaio Faliro by February. 

So, I have decided to make most of our posters and prints myself. Custom made, our names forever on our walls. I want this to be our home, not just a house. So I guess this is what these posters will be about: love. Our very own safe place. I’ll be making one every once in a while, I’ll try to make at least one per month till February. This is the first one, it's called Home Is Where The Heart Is.
I hope y'all like them.