Hi, ELF! So 2 petitions were created saying that real ELF wants Kangin to stay with Super Junior.

   Here are the links: 1st one and 2nd one.

   It doesn’t mean that we support Kangin’s actions, but that we still want him as a Super Junior member, we still here for our Kim Youngwoon.

   When you sign the petitions, if possible, share on Twitter/Facebook using the tag #강인은글로벌엘프의보호아래에있다 (it means “Worldwide ELF Protects Kangin”) and mention @smtownglobal and other accounts like @soompi  @allkpop. K-“ELF” petition against Kangin already has over 500K signatures. 

   Let’s show real ELF power ♡ SJ + ELF = Family.

 "If you can’t accept all the 15 members, then what kind of ELF are you…?“ - Heechul

 "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” - Lilo & Stitch

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[INFO] There’s a petition against the stupid one made by haters asking for Kangin to leave SJ so please sign the one I-ELF made!

!! SIGN HERE: worldwide-elf-stand-with-kangin

The other petition already has over 500K signs. T________T

Again, ELF support Kangin still but we do not and will not defend his actions.

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I won’t be writing about what happened because we all know it. But I want to say something about “ELFs”, mostly from South Korea, that want Kangin to leave Super Junior.

Firstly, let me quote Heechul the King:

“If you can’t accept all 15 members, then what kind of ELF are you…?”

Heechul has spoken.

Secondly, being in Super Junior and SM in overall is Kangin’s work, right? Yes, it is. So driving isn’t a part of his job. I can assure you that my mom wouldn’t fire anyone from her company for DUI because THEY DO NOT DRIVE AT WORK. My dad on the other hand is a truck driver, and believe me, that’s the job which you can lose because of DUI. So why on Earth would you want Kangin to lose his job, actually, when he didn’t do anything that damages it.

Of course, you would say - “He’s a star, he must keep an image”. I don’t want to defend him, because he did wrong, but I can assure you there is police and there is law, and it is their duty to take appropriate measures to punish Kangin, NOT YOURS. And everybody makes mistakes. If he hadn’t hit that stupid lamp, no one would have probably ever known that he was DUI. It is not right, of course it is not, but what media is making of it…No one was hurt, calm down.

Oh no, sorry, some butts were hurt of some so-called “fans”.

I feel like I’ve read somewhere that Asian fans (especially Korea-China-Japan) do not forgive their favourite idols smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc.

So you’re like their mothers now.

I repeat it once again, like in Hyunseung’s case.


ELF stands for Ever Lasting Friend.


EVER includes good times and bad times and the name itself makes it our duty to STAY FRIENDS FOREVER.

Would you abandon your best friend because of such thing? No, you would say “Dude, be more careful! It’s good nothing has happened to you. Have they already investigated you? You lose your driving license or not? Whatever, next time just call me to pick you up or something? And don’t pack yourself in any more trouble!” Blackjacks lost Minzy this year, Say As lost Jia, B2UTIES (at least the real ones) lost Hyunseung. Earlier f(x) fans lost Sulli. SONE lost Jessica, long time ago we can say. EXO-Ls lost Luhan, Kris and Tao. Kiss Mes (recently) lost Dongho. We, ELFs, have already lost Kibum and Hangeng. But it was so long time ago we can deal with it. Do you want to join the group above once again?

If you don’t want Kangin to stay, get away or don’t call yourself an ELF. Or both.

Yours sincerely,

An European ELF

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160527 Promo unit performed for teenagers today ^^


   Hi, ELF! So let’s go to the point…

   Even through we don’t know what’s behind the whole situation and Kangin’s personal life, we all know that what he did was wrong, irresponsible and could had caused worse consequences. We won’t take care of him like he was a victim or a baby.
  Some of you probably already read some comments saying mean stuff about him and asking to Kangin leave Super Junior.
   We, ELF + SJ, are a family. And, as ELF, we should show to our beloved Kim Youngwoon some love, right? ^^
  On May 27 from 7AM til 9AM (KST) we will use on Twitter the tags #StayStrongKangin #ELFWithKangin. ARMY will be helping us using the tag #ArmyWithELF ♡ You can also use #StayStrongSuperJunior ^^  
   Thank you for reading it~

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