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Can I get a Super Junior reaction about you representing your country at the Olympic Games (You are their foreign girlfriend) and you are up against South Korea in the finals?

Super Junior: When you’re his foreign girlfriend and  a representative for your country in the Olympic Games and you’re up against South Korea in the finals.

Considering how long ago the Olympics ended, I’m sorry for taking so long. With school and personal life it’s hard to find time to sit down and do reactions straight through ^^; No matter, I hope you enjoy!

Leeteuk: *Keeps getting asked who he’ll cheer for* Why can’t I cheer for both!? That’s like asking me if I support Super Junior or Super Junior-M more, obviously I support the both of them!

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Heechul: *Appears there* Don’t worry babe, you’re going to do great! *Notices tabloids surrounding them* What do you guys want?! There’s nothing worth stalking us for to see here!– It’s not like our relationship is a secret!

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Yesung: *Watching the event carefully* I love [Y/n] just as much as much as I love my home, so I will support the both of them no matter the result.

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Kangin: *Friends start commenting on his cheers for you* What? That’s my girlfriend! Is there something wrong with me for supporting her!? What if that was you’re girlfriend?! Wouldn’t you want to cheer her on as well??? *Continues scolding*

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Shindong: You know what? It doesn’t matter who I cheer for because if one doesn’t get gold they’re going to get silver, so I’ll be happy either way!

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Eunhyuk: If I don’t cheer for [Y/n] then that makes me a bad boyfriend, but if I don’t cheer for South Korea then I’m a bad citizen–I can’t watch–Someone tell me what happens! *Covers his eyes with see-through material*

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Donghae: *Overhears someone saying something rude about you* How about you actually watch and see what happens before you start badmouthing my girlfriend?

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Siwon: There honestly could be no better match up to represent in the finals then these two don’t you think? And I’m not just saying that because [Y/n] is my girlfriend and because South Korea is my home, I’m saying it because it’s true.

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Ryeowook: -With a big crowd and see’s you get good point* WHOOO GO [Y/N]!!!!–*Notices everyone staring* Oh uh…. I mean… Go South Korea you can do it!~ 

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Kyuhyun: A country has more of a chance to join the Olympics then a single athlete is to be picked to go. So for this year, I’ll be routing for [Y/n] because after seeing all of her hard work myself, I want to see her make it!

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Zhoumi: Oh this is an easy decision!– TEAM [Y/N] ALL THE WAY!!!~♥ *Goes into complete fanboy mode on TV*

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Henry: *Pops open champagne before the event even starts* What? Still too early to celebrate [Y/n]’s victory? 

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LMFAO…Donghae gets the brick holding up the toys in the crane machine

BONUS: Siwon totally losing his shit about it…hahahaha