[Before Anything Else] *ULTIMATE LIFE BIAS*: MY PARTNER. No doubt.

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I know nobody asked… But here it comes my complete and updated version of Ultimate Asian Music Biases (not just kpop) as of today (August 31st, 2016). 

Also: my biases wreckers, in order in which they fuck me up the most (most to least, but ultimately I’m a coy hoe like Baekhyun and most members of these groups do mess with my heart). Bonus: people that make my heart flutter. The order of the groups/bands/labels is random.

[BIAS LIST] @@kpopthirstaddicted​ / @smutfictionaddicted

[1. EXO] BIAS - Kim Jongdae (Chen) *ULTIMATE KPOP BIAS*:

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[1.a) EXO] Bias Wrecker N.1 - Zhang Yixing (Lay):

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[1.b) EXO] Bias Wrecker N.2 - Byun Baekhyun (Coy Hoe, Little Shit):

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[2. BTS] BIAS - Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster):

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[2.a) BTS] Bias Wrecker N.1 - Park Jimin:

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[2.b) BTS] Bias Wrecker N.2 - Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

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[2.c) BST] Bias Wrecker N.3 - Jeon Jungkook (Kookie 🍪):

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[3. BIGBANG] BIAS - Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon):

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[3. BIGBANG] Bias Wrecker - Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P):

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[4. B.A.P.] BIAS 1/2 (they’re tied) - Choi Junhong (Zelo):

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[4. B.A.P.] BIAS 2/2 (they’re tied) - Jung Daehyun:

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[5. FT ISLAND] BIAS - Lee Hong Gi:

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[6. GOT7] BIAS - Im Jaebum (JB):

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[7. AOMG label] BIAS - Kwon Hyukwoo (Loco):

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[7.a) AOMG label] Bias Wrecker - Park Jaebeom (Jay Park):

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*BONUS* - People That Make My Heart Flutter:

[8.a) People That Make My Heart Flutter] - f(x): Amber Josephine Liu (Amber):

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[8.b) People That Make My Heart Flutter] - Park Jimin (Jamie):

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[8.c) People That Make My Heart Flutter] - Huang Zitao (Z.Tao):

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[8.d) People That Make My Heart Flutter] - Pil Seojin (Bii):

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[8.e) People That Make My Heart Flutter] - Henry Lau (Henry):

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[8.f) People That Make My Heart Flutter] - Super Junior: Choi Siwon:

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This list will probably get longer as time gets by. 

I dare these lovely people to make their Ultimate Biases List as well (but you can make it shorter and without gifs if you please): @babydontpcy @oppasprecum @smuttyfairy @chenderellastrash @jude-harlow and whoever wants to play!

Submissive [Donghae x You] Fanfic - pt. 16

Type: Smut + Series

Rating: R [Contains swearing, sexual encounters/references, violence]

Characters: You, Donghae, rest of SuJu [*Other characters from other bands may be added]

Description of Story: At one SuJu fan signing, you thought you were going to be another fan that meets Super Junior. Yet, Donghae thinks differently. After weird encounters with this Kpop Star, he starts to spend crazy amounts of money on you. But it all doesn’t come for free. He starts to expect you will give him something in return.

Length: Long

This part includes: Chilling with the other Suju members

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random question tag/bias tag

tagged for 2 relatively similar things by @jinyoung-trash and @jiinyeong , thanks lovelies!

1) Who was your first female bias? 

someone from f(x), i think it was krystal??

2) Who was your first male bias? 

siwon (ayyyy)

3) Who are your current biases? 

my one and only choi youngjae, sungjin, hoshi, xuan yi, arin, joy, and i’ll stop there before i start overthinking 

4) In the entire kpop industry, who’s closest to your ideal type? 

i think ideal types are weird?? but honestly speaking, youngjae (shocking isn’t it)

5) Have you ever attended a kpop concert/fanmeeting/fansign?


6) If so, which group/artist? How was the experience?

i’ve seen a lot of groups at kcon, i’ve been to a 2pm concert (took me months to recover from that one), got7 fanmeet, and a got7 concert (i don’t think i had ever had so much fun as i did that day i don’t know how i survived tbh)

7) Which group/artist would you like to see to live? 

seventeen oh my god who do i have to talk to someone bring seventeen to me please

8) How did you get into kpop? 

youtuber influences and hey i got curious

9) Who are your OTPs? 

2jae and markjin 

10) When did you start to ship them? 

2jae: real got7, season 1 ep 2 at exactly the 9:02 marking (and no i don’t have this memorized I’m not that weird this is just for reference wink wink)

markjin: idk i think it was when i realized i had too many pictures of them together tbh

11) What’s your favorite fanfic genre? 

crack idk I'm somehow really into angst?? i read anything tbh as long as it catches my attention and also, as a wise person once said, “tsundere who’s heart is melted by sunshine” yeah same

12) What is your favorite music genre?

im all about ballads tbh give me some sad song with good vocals and I’m set

13) Who is your bias boy group?

B1A4 and got7! can’t choose one its beyond me

14) Who is your bias girl group?

i change bias girl group too often but right now its oh my girl i think they’re the ones

i always tag the same people and they never do them which makes me sad so i’ll tag @leedonghate , @bts-no-jams-only-mango (told you i would tag you in everything punk), @byun-berry ,and @azureyjae


LMFAO…Donghae gets the brick holding up the toys in the crane machine

BONUS: Siwon totally losing his shit about it…hahahaha