Owaranai Seraph Season 2 Episode 2 part 2 Subbed

Not gonna lie, this one was painful to sub and reminded me why I swore off subbing after the first set of Owaranai episodes…that’s your warning that I’m not a professional and probably made mistakes, but here you go. Please no re-posting anywhere.

I will update this post when I post part 3 

Part 1

Part 3

“Boba Tea Date” - Jikook

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Here’s my contribution to the fandom

for @btsfeelz cause she is a sweet little cinnamon roll, luv u babyface <3

and for @shiningjimin cause shes feeling under the weather and i wanted to give her a pick me up <3

Love all you guys. Have A Very Jikook Vday 

(ps: slighhhtttly got the idea from this work that was for shiningjimin lol? It’s just cause of the boba…BUT I DONT WANNA TAKE FULL CREDIT CAUSE IT WASN’T MINE SO YEA BOBA IS GUUD FOR TA SOUL HAVE A GOOD DAy…imma stop now..)

The Bible is one giant Love Letter to us. Written in blood, united in love, and with the most glorious ending. No fairy tale could ever rival the work of art God has written in His Word. Once upon a time begins in the creation account and the garden of Eden. The most heroic act of love is displayed in the Gospels when Jesus laid down His life for those who had rejected him. And “happily ever after” is yet to come. We will one day be with Jesus forever, worshiping Him, adoring Him, and basking in His perfect presence. Our minds can’t even begin to imagine how incredible this “happily ever after” is going to be.

The love of God goes deeper than a box of chocolates and bouquet of roses. It sent Jesus to die on a cross. There has never been a more heroic act of love displayed in all of history. Jesus is the Perfect Prince. He is everything we could ever need or long for in a love story. He is the cord that holds all things together in the universe, your life, and your love story.

Don’t miss the romance of today by looking to the flowers that will fade and the chocolates that go bad. God is wooing you. He is calling you by your name. He is the perfect fit to fill the hole in your heart that no person ever will. Whatever your situation may be in today, (married or single) God’s love is unchanging. His grace is never ending. He longs to meet with you and fill that hole in your heart with the love only He can give. Open your Love Letter today. He is reaching out to you with the most tender arms, offering abundant life and perfect romance. Your love story is right now. #aGodsizedlovestory #lifelivedbeautifully

I think there’s a slight parallel between clarke and lexa’s pasts in 3x04 and I’m gonna talk about it because I’m a nerd.
So basically everyone clued onto the fact that, by killing the ice queen, not only did lexa solve a lot of the current problems she was facing but also she gained vengeance for costia, which is something (we can assume) she’s been waiting to do for a long time. However lexa has never been able to get that vengeance because she’s a strong politician first and chose to make the coalition rather than act impulsively out of her grief. Now that she has finally balanced the scales so to speak, she can let go of some of the weight she’s been carrying around all this time.
Talking about moving on though, what else happened this episode? Finn’s ashes were spilled. Now I realise that they weren’t scattered or anything beautiful - just dropped by a drunken jasper - but it still means something. The sky people (and clarke) must’ve had finn’s ashes all this time, never allowing themselves to let go of him. Perhaps it fueled anger towards the grounders in a few of them, but in the people who were close to finn, especially clarke and raven, the ashes must have been kept as a desperate attempt to cling on to finn. Hell clarke or raven probably requested for the ashes to be kept.
I know clarke is off in polis but, metaphorically speaking, the fact that finn was finally let go in the same episode that costia was avenged is probably not a coincidence and symbolises that both clarke and lexa finally are ready to move on.

I’m running a marathon

Hey everyone!

In October (yes I know this is a while away) I am going to be running the Bournemouth marathon.

I have a place running for a local charity called Julia’s House -  they are a charity based in Dorset (aka where I am originally from before I ran away to London).. They support families with life-limited children, providing frequent respite care in their local hospice and in families’ own homes. They are there year-round and in a crisis, offering emotional and practical support, emergency respite and end-of-life care.

Unfortunately they are also one of the UK’s worst funded hospices and because of this they need as much support as they can. I know many people that have benefited from their services - it is truly an amazing charity.

Here’s where I could really do with your help. I need to raise at least £500 and ideally I would love to smash that and even push to get £1000. I am shamelessly asking for donations from anyone and everyone so that I can raise this amount and really help out the charity.

If you have even £1 spare and would like to donate please follow the link below! Any amount will be amazing and it’s going to an absolutely incredible cause.

Thank you so so much for your time!

David x x x

these ask hit me kind of hard honestly because i absolutely remember what it’s like to be young and wanting to see people like me but never getting that opportunity, so today i’m going to try and be brave and share my story despite how scared i am that people will reject me and hate me for the experiences i went through. i know there are other muslims who’ve gone through similar things and they deserve to know the stories of people like them so they don’t feel alone in their experiences.

don’t feel obligated to read this because i know it’s really long and really intense, but i’m tired of hiding. i want people to know what life was like for me. 

tw for abuse, suicide, abandonment, and homophobia.

(god, tumblr, please don’t hate me for this…)

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"Boku Dake ga Inai Machi" Live-Action Film

Sanbe Kei’s “Boku dake ga inai machi” gets a live action film adaptation, to be released on March 19. Tatsuya Fujiwara (Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin, Battle Royale) will play the protagonist Satoru Fujinuma and Kasumi Arimura (When Marnie Was There, Strobe Edge) will play Satoru’s part-time job coworker Airi Katagiri. 

Trailer (may contain spoilers):

Narrator: A masterpiece mystery manga that won many awards gets a long-awaited film adaptation.
Satoru: It happened again. Time turned back. Revival.
Narrator: If he doesn’t stop an incident, time turns back.
Airi: Fujinuma!
Narrator: A man who is wrapped up in a phenomenon called “Revival.”
Airi: Fujinuma!
Satoru: Mom, don’t you feel anything weird?
Narrator: If he only knew the future, he could save the lives of those he loved.
Satoru: Time is moving again. Mom noticed something.
Satoru: Mom! Come on, Revival, just work!
Text: 18 years ago.
Satoru: No way. Why am I back in elementary school?
Teacher: What’s wrong, Satoru? Take your seat.
Satoru: I know. I came back to before Kayo Hinazuki was murdered.
Text: A classmate killed during his boyhood years.
Kayo: Don’t come any closer.
Narrator: To solve the mystery of both cases.
Policeman: Wait!
Airi: Why would they suspect you, Satoru?
Narrator: He travels between past and present.
Airi: Satoru!
Satoru: Airi!
Satoru: Why is Airi being targeted?
Narrator: He must protect the ones he loves.
Satoru: This time, I’ll finish what I started.
Text: To protect you…
Airi: Satoru didn’t do it!
Satoru: Thank you, for believing in me.
Text: I’ll redo the past.
Mother: Don’t give up halfway.
Satoru: I just feel like making you happy.
Text: Even if the future changes.
Satoru and Logo: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

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