Bruh, Mark’s video made me so uncomfortable. He didn’t even acknowledge that Felix dehumanized US. The way he says “felix is NOT an anti-semite” almost sounds like he thinks we’re ridiculous for thinking there’s even a possibility that he is. He’s joking, DUH, lighten up. Sorry not sorry man, but as a jewish person, I am very wary of goyim making jokes about Jews. One doesn’t have to consciously, proudly be racist/anti-semitic to say racist and anti-semitic stuff. I know I can say dumb racist shit that I hadn’t even considered might be fucked up but when it’s pointed out to me I apologize and learn. 

“I’m not even defending the jokes that he made, because even he has apologized for them” alright but you’re also not saying that you believe he went too far, that his jokes were inappropriate, or something like that? That would have been nice and made me trust in Mark’s reaction more. Felix is hurting, and I feel for him a little because being a dumbass doesn’t warrant death threats and “go kill urself”, but also? We are hurting??? Mark doesn’t seem to acknowledge that we’re hurt???? Also his whole intense, pissed demeanor is just off-putting but that’s my own hangup about men talking, and I won’t tone police him. Mark buddy I know you’re trying but you didn’t handle this well. 

But Seán, oh man, his video was comforting to me. l felt that he cared that people, not just Felix, were hurt. He was calm and kind and ready to be like “yo I love this guy but he did something stupid and had to face the repercussions, and tbh that’s fair. Let’s all grow from this.” Thank you, Seán.

did i ever show you this edit i made

dreamteamnoona  asked:

Where are you from? What's a Moomin cafe? And when can I visit???

Ah I’m from Malaysia but I visited a Moomin Cafe in Hong Kong last year when I went there for MAMAs. Basically it’s a concept cafe based on the Moomin cartoon, it’s really cute! There are also branches in Tokyo and Thailand. The front of the cafe looks like this (there’s a Moomin merch store next to it)

And the interior has an adorable cozy design with Moomin art on the walls 

You can order Moomin-themed dishes there, most notably your drinks can come with Moomin coffee art!!!

And best of all you get to dine with Moomin plushies! The staff are really friendly too they come to your table once in a while to switch the plushies so you get a chance to eat with all of them~ This one is Snork Maiden

So basically right now I’m trying to save up money so one day I’ll be able to bring Renjun there and make him really happy! You can come too haha~

I said this a long while ago, but I think it’s something to note again since I recently got a question about dream placements. I also feel like doing story time so lmao

I think Saturn slapped my idealistic ass in the face when it came to relationships. I remembered complaining in my mind, going “Why can’t I just find the man of my dreams!? Only then will my life will work out well! Why are guys so evil and mean and BAD!! I have NO hope WHATSOEVER because guys are idiots!!” (I don’t think like this anymore, fyi)

And right then, my last ex came into my life, and he was the man of my dreams. Nerdy, really tall, timid, somewhat feminine, artistic, with an interest in video games. He was majoring in game design and he thought almost exactly like me in everything. My “dream guy” literally just turned out to be a guy who was a reflection of me… Which makes sense because of my 7th House stellium. Then, I saw the ugly parts of myself through him and he eventually left me (in less than a month!!) because you know, it’s quite hard to keep anyone with a 7th House stellium in a relationship. We ironically try very hard to be accommodating when we actually drain our partners at the end of the day.

But anyways, I felt like Saturn slapped me in the face, because the breakup literally screamed, “You now actually got the man of your dreams and didn’t manage to keep him. Are you happy now? Probably not because your dreams are unrealistic and you need to embrace the flaws of yourself and others if you want to keep a relationship!!”

And then a few months later, my current boyfriend popped into my life and he was obnoxiously different from me, but I’ve never been so happy :) I’m also thankful for him teaching me to be independent to not to be overly reliant on others for happiness (7th house stellium issues) since he’s such a quiet introvert <3

i think there’s a flaw in my code

i write to deal with my own experience of mental illness and!!! this happened!!

TRIGGER WARNINGS: mental illness!!!!! description of panic attack situation, and possibly psychosis? also mention of delusions.

keep yourself safe, always always <3

(read it on AO3)

today, it’s tuesday, and his mind is loud.

he hasn’t slept yet, because it’s choking. it is stifling - the fear. the panic. bubbling thick and clinging in the marrow of his bones, like an infection. 

he’s pressed flat to the bed with the weight of it aching on his ribs.

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big blogs that became big blogs by not caring about or just not talking about fandom/social issues? can’t even relate. how do they do it

Each day is born with a sunrise
and ends in a sunset, the same way we
open our eyes to see the light,
and close them to hear the dark.
You have no control over
how your story begins or ends.
But by now, you should know that
all things have an ending.
Every spark returns to darkness.
Every sound returns to silence.
And every flower returns to sleep
with the earth.
The journey of the sun
and moon is predictable.
But yours,
is your ultimate
~ Suzy Kassem

~ Art by Antonio Mora
~ George RedHawk PhotoAnimation