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I Had soo much fun drawing this guy! He came to me in a dream and told me to draw him so I did :)

I mentioned in passing to Russell that we were probably done with River,” Moffat told interviewer Jaci Stephens during a Bafta talk in New York earlier this month. He said, ‘You can’t be done with River! No, no, no. Capaldi and Kingston, it’s a sex storm!’ So if you see an episode called Sex Storm by Russell T Davies in his post-Cucumber years… [there will be] lots of editing from me saying ‘We really can’t do that, you’ve forgotten which show this is….
—  Steven Moffat, Radio Times 5/22/15

Chloe Perrin Shares Highlights From the Venice Biennale

Perrin Paris’s creative director Chloe Perrin is no stranger to Venice. “I lived in Venice for a bit of time when I was a student working at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum,” she says. “I’m lucky I found a room to rent from an old Italian architect who guided me through town to his favorite local spots, away from the countless tourists. I have been going back for the Biennale - this is my second - ever since, and walys make time to go back to my favorite places.”

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So on the bus these upperclassmen and my sophomore neighbor were playing ab/ap songs and I looked over the seat and was like ‘omg I love fob, im wearing their shirt rn’ and my neighbor was like 'it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing their shirt. Do you even know what song this is?’ and he started playing uma thurman and like two beats into it I said uma thurman and he gave me the dirtiest look and I shot him the same one and said

'don’t test me on this shit I know more than you ever will’

AfterLife’s Britain’s Got Talent Audition - Rehearsal Footage

‘After getting all 4 yes’s from the judges, unfortunately we never made the semi-finals of BGT 2015, so here is a rehearsal video of the routine we performed for our audition, Please Like and Share #IrishDance #BritainsGotTalent #BGT #AfterLife#DavidGuetta

Choreographed by: Tom Brosnan & James Greenan
Dancers: Tom Brosnan, James Greenan, mitchellhodges96, Callum Spencer, Erin Trevena, Aoife Kennedy, Chloey Turner, Louise O'Sullivan ‘