When you try to make an Olitz gifset from season 1 and you get caught in The Trail….


“After a long day of shooting, I like to burrito up with my Yang-klet.”

Great blanket, custom job. It’s warm, it’s fluffy, you’re gonna be toasty. Rolls up nice for travel and awesome for at home/dorm/etc. Get yours today!

Inquiries/orders/contact: queen-valkyrie
Starts at $35USD (+ shipping)
Custom designs available

Get yours today!

Why insult someone’s music taste? It’s a really spiteful thing to do. People feel a real connection to the music they listen to, so if someone is obviously really enthusiastic about a certain artist, let them be. You don’t have to like them, but they obviously do, so don’t ever make people feel bad for the music they like. It’s just wrong. We all have different tastes, so show some respect.