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Hi! 💜 I'm a baby rad fem with a past of very intense liberal feminism, very closeted and very, very new to all this. Are there any blogs you would recommend for the newbies?🎉

There are a range of great rad fems to follow, but if we are looking at rad fems who very frequently write rad fem related original content:

@lesbiananarchy is pretty salty, she’s great and has this kind of ironic seriousness to her blog that I love, I would recommend her if you are a man hater

@girlgastly often has an upbeat protect my rad-fem sisters vibe (I only just realised I wasn’t already following her) but still deals with serious content

@destroymales goes from funny to serious in .5s she’s a man hater and I think she may be a vampire because she is never off Tumblr… also her username

@yonist-sisterhood is brilliant for lesbians, really down to earth and not down for any lib-fem bs, always has a comeback for everything, I’m laughing just thinking about it

@butch-chameleon is great she often talks about serious issues and how they relate to her, I have a kind of pls protect this smol child mentality when I read her blog even though she’s at college

@galsndogs​ is mostly a reblog blog, however I would go to her blog if I was in a bad mood to cheer myself up as she’s not too intense and balances the discourse well

@furiousfem is one of the first people I followed, she’s a pretty serious blog, often talks about gender politics and trans issues with critical analysis

@noodlez3 is an ex-Muslim, and one of my first follower. I hadn’t really thought critically about Islam before I followed her back, she caused me to move away from just Eurocentric politics, and is responsible for my changing ideologies

@nabokovsshadows was someone I followed shortly afterwards, a lot of what she writes relates to ideas outside of America and she is pretty controversial and often makes me feel uncomfortable, which I love

@e-cryptid is the first rad fem blog I ever followed, she talks about dysphoria, detransitioning, trans men and trans issues in general. Her blog is really complex, and has been very influential in the way I perceive myself and my body.

There are so many rad-fem blogs out there, and lots of blogs are really good, these are just a few of the ones with frequent original content that I’ve been following long enough to believe are credible. This is not a comprehensive list, just those I could think of off the top of my head.

Baby rad fems are wonderful, I hope you hang tight here with the raddest fam ever.

Okay, so story time.

When I was at a show once I met a guy. He was really nice and friendly and I talked with him a lot and after some time, I asked him if he was wearing make up, because his face looked so flawless, oh my god. The sad thing is, that he got anxious right away and said “Oh god, you can tell? I didn’t wanted anyone to notice, fuck. Please don’t laugh at me.” 

I was speechless for about a minute, because no one should get anxious about that. No girls, and no boys. I reassured him that I was more than okay with it and said “You know, when girls can wear make up to boost their self-esteem, guys can do it too. And dude, your make up looks flawless, it’s way better than mine.” and he smiled so bright and was so happy?!?! He wasn’t wearing any eye  shadow or stuff. Just simple concealer, foundation etc. and he contoured his face a little and after I said this he began talking about, why he was wearing make up. “I just use it to look like I’m actually alive. If I’m not wearing it, I look like the living dead and to be honest. I’m pretty insecured about my face and to hear that it actually looks good from a girl who’s eyeliner and everything else is on point, makes me really happy so thank you.”

Man, he was so nice and my make up was shit at this day, but we made us both equally happy by complimenting our make up and yeah, moral of the story:

Guys look bomb af with make up and you can’t tell me otherwise because I’ve seen guys who can do it better than 85 % of the girls out there. I appreciate guys with make up.

G/t idea:

Ooh you know what’s a seriously good trope in g/t?

Like, we all know how great protective giants are, especially if they’re the misunderstood and slightly more frightening looking ones in my opinion- so consider this.

A tiny is in danger- perhaps aggressive animals are closing in or a cave ceiling is about to collapse on them- when from the shadows a gigantic figure bounds forwards, running towards the terrified tiny!
They shriek and curl up in fear as they feel the ground shake, the giant nearing closer- they fear their day has just got even worse, so they simply scrunch their eyes closed and grit their teeth!

But the noise and movement stops and slowly they open their eyes, finding themselves staring at the material of a shirt above them and thick arms beside them, the giant having curled around them as the cave collapses/animals attack….
They’ve protected them and took the brunt of the perilous situation themselves.
The giants tucked their head in to protect their face from getting hurt and the tiny can see as they wince and flinch from whatever assault rains down outside of the safe space the tiny is in- so they kneel by their face and thank them, gently stroking their hair and leaning close in an attempt to keep the giant calm and reassure them.
It’s the least they can do, they did save their life afterall.

And then after all has died down and calm falls the tiny tends to the giants injuries, wondering quite why such a huge being would ever come to their rescue…

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Oh asdfg, your Toka is AMAZING. Seriously, Wear my heart on my fist is so GREAT and the more you write about her, the more I'm in love with her. She's perfection. ^^ If you don't mind me asking, what did you base your characterization on? I can't remember her from the manga, almost at all, so is there more of her in the anime or are you extrapolating (in which case, seriously awesome job!)?

Touka is barely a manga character, unfortunately. She appears for one panel during the founding of Konoha, and I originally defaulted to her because she was the only other named Senju in the databook. I took the little bit about that gave, squished in some of my other favorite characteristics, and…somehow ended up with something that was eerily similar to my wife??

Yeah, I’m not looking into that one too closely. But anyway, say she’s mostly based off Bet is the short answer. 

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imagine getting a shoulder massage from baekhyun and his (beautiful) skilful hands while he soothingly sings you a lullaby. and then his hand would slowly creep up to your neck and eventually your jawline when he turns your face around around to say, "cheer up sweetie! hwaiting!!" and kiss your lips to make everything better. :)


This is great!

But seriously……everything is still terrible.

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*pssst!* Hey! Did you know YaoiLover113 made her own Undertale AU? Our main stars and Sans and Papyrus and, guess what?! THEY'RE SHIPPED! A great AU, AMIRIGHT?! But seriously, it's called CristoTale..


- Mod Dicky is disgusted-y

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Hi~ Thanks so much for making a live stream with Jet, it made my day. You two also give me hope for myself and friends for same-sex marriage and general happiness as a queer couple, thank you from the bottom of my heart. (1/2)

(2/2) You guys are also super kind and talented. Seriously, your cosplays are goals. Have a great day, and enjoy your time with Jet!

Thank you so much for joining us! We had so much fun and we really hope to do it again soon! It’s so important to have queer representation and to show that it doesn’t have to always be a struggle. I’m so glad that we could bring you happiness! Thank you so much for the lovely message, you’re so kind <3 

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Why does everyone think Shinohara would be proud of Suzuya? I mean yea they worked together and such. But they all make it seem like more then just that. Its not like their family or anythig so he should caer as much as everyone seems to think.

Ohhhh honey. Oh bless your heart. What manga are you fucking reading.

Did you miss the part where Shinohara was the ONLY investigator who stood up for Juuzou? The part where Shinohara was the one who convinced them to even let Juuzou be in the CCG? 

Did you miss how chapter after chapter, Shinohara would patiently and gently explain things to Juuzou, over and over again, because Juuzou didn’t go through the academy?

 Did you miss the fact that Shinohara looked out for Juuzou, taught him, tutored him, stuck up for him, encouraged him, and believed him when no one else wanted to, when literally everyone just thought of him as a problem?Did you miss the fact that he figured out ways to work with Juuzou’s trauma and developmental issues instead of against them?

Or did you miss the way he helped Juuzou study and brought him snacks?

Did you miss how fucking proud he was of Juuzou when Juuzou passed his exams????

Did you miss how he cried when Juuzou lost his leg? How he sobbed and apologized? The pain on his face? How many times does Shinohara fight in TG? How many times does Shinohara sob in TG??

Did you miss the look of absolute relief on his face when, for one shining moment, he thought that the fight was over, that both he and Juuzou had survived?

Did you miss the fact that his own wife said:

Did you miss this entire fucking panel????

Seriously anon, really, what manga did you read??????

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves

The modern state of fandom involves an uneasy imbalance between fans and creators. The two groups both encourage each other creatively but lack a mutual partnership and mutual understanding of how fans’ collective creation might contribute to a storyline.

Though it would have been taboo in the past, fans who engage with creators in 2016 tend to assume they’re on equal footing with those creators, thanks to their role as active consumers of the narrative: Here is what we want your TV show to do for us, the paying customers who watch it.

But creators tend to engage with fans via a top-down approach. They are still viewing themselves as the powers that be, the ones in control, even if the fans aren’t. This is how we wind up with the kind of supreme disconnect between fans and writers like the one that has existed between Supernatural and its fan base for most of the show’s interminable run on air: A substantial number of the show’s fans are collaboratively creating a vision of a completely different show than the one being produced in the writers’ room.

It’s possible that shipping as ideology has arisen in part because of these imbalanced power dynamics with creators. After all, if you’re worried the creators won’t listen to you, or won’t consider what you have to say as equivalent to their own opinion, what better way to justify what you have to say than to package it not as once-shameful fan desire, but as ideology?

Remember all the possibilities for close friendships in HoO that were either dropped or pushed aside for romance?? Me too