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► Second Chance Season 1 Episode 5 : Scratch That Glitch

► Second Chance Season 1 Episode 4 : Admissions

► Second Chance Season 1 Episode 3 : From Darkness, the Sun

► Second Chance Season 1 Episode 2 : One More Notch

► Second Chance Season 1 Episode 1 : A Suitable Donor

Second Chance Season 1 Episode 5

Second Chance Season 1 Episode 4

Second Chance Season 1 Episode 3

Second Chance Season 1 Episode 2

Second Chance Season 1 Episode 1

Mary’s life is in danger when a dead pool predicts her death for the same day as an important Lookinglass product launch. Meanwhile, when Pritchard is needed the most, he fails to show up and winds up in the hospital after a near fatal brawl.

Tim DeKay, Robert Kazinsky, Ciara Bravo, Dilshad Vadsaria, Adhir Kalyan

Stan has a very complicated relationship with the concept of family. He started out really caring for his brother and then when his brother shut him out, he decided he really hated family,“ explains Hirsch, of Stan’s feelings when the series began. "He lived alone for a long time, and the only real family he had was Soos. When Dipper and Mabel showed up, it was kind of a second chance for him to have that relationship. Over the course of the series, Stan has regrown a damaged heart. He still feels very conflicted about his brother, but he has come to see what family is, and that’s something that both shows growth for him but also puts him in a difficult place in the finale. Even though he’s made up with Dipper and Mabel, he and his brother still have unresolved issues, and that’s something that’s unresolved and screwed up inside of him.

Go behind the scenes with Rob and the stunt team to see how they bring exciting action to the screen on SECOND CHANCE.

Yo Kanye, imma let you finish...

…but Taylor has the biggest heart of all time. So let’s talk about that, shall we?

Taylor Swift has been nothing but good to you. She had every reason to despise you, but she gave you a second chance (because that’s just who she is) even though she didn’t at all owe you that - and you repay her kindness by writing a song full of misogyny, sexism, and ego saying that SHE owes YOU and then have the goddamn nerve to call her up and want to exploit her and her platform to promote it??!

I swear every last shred of doubt in my mind (not that there ever was a lot) about you being a narcissistic, pathological egomaniac was forever removed last night. Your mother would be ashamed of you.

Gravity Finale

heh, I can remember watching the first episode of Gravity Falls. I didn’t really know what to expect, three years ago. I had seen little more than a few promo’s of the show, I normally wouldn’t have even known what was on TV but I was going through a phase of giving Disney Channel a second chance, so I gave Gravity Falls a chance.

I fell in love.

I remember after only two episodes I was so hooked, I rewatched those two over and over again, and even after that the very end of Legend of Gobblewonker still gave me chills when you saw it swimming unnoticed beneath the waves. Gravity Falls just felt different and unique.

I began to look up AMV’s for it. There weren’t that many, there was one pretty good one for This Is Halloween that I watched a few hundred times. I theorized. Then I found out that the weird whispering at the end was a code… mind blowing. Changed everything. I watched Youtube videos of theories, facts, anything really. Somewhere around then Reverse Falls poked up. 

I remember some of those weird theories we had. Robbie was a zombie for sure. Maybe McGucket and Stan were connected because they both had eight balls. Thinking there was a third sibling for Dipper and Mabel. We thought that the number of fingers someone had was how trustworthy they were or how much they knew. Good times. Just go back in @theories-gravityfalls to see them.

Then there was Bill and Season 1 finale and we got so much bigger. I pretty much watched it all. Did you even know that there was a time you could go through the fanfiction archive is like ten minutes?

IDK, I just think that this is all so… incredible. So amazing. It’s come so far. We’ve been through a lot, you know? I just… I’m really going to miss this. It’s been so great, all the art and the Au’s, the theories and ideas that we had. 

Thank you everyone, and thank you Alex

stay weird

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honestly i dont see why u dislike tsn admins so much like so many people dont like them when they havent talked to them in their lives and one of the admins specifically used to be kinda problematic in the past but she has learned and idk it just annoys me that everyone judges them without knowing them and they got annoyed w it too

Of the two admins that have been around for a while and the one who just left (not gonna comment on the new one quite yet), all three have shown themselves to be problematic recently. I don’t mean five months ago, I mean 2016, and none of them have given any sign that they want to change their behaviour and be more respectful. I’m all for second chances and I’d be more than willing to give them one, but they seem to have absolutely no interest in changing. If you want to follow a blog run by someone who’s willing to let problematic and often downright offensive comments slide and just “forgive and forget” at the drop of a hat, this isn’t the blog you should be following.


If you say that you have places to go, in opposite to my previous post (which was my second choice), this is what you get. After all the credits and the happy images, in where you see everyone enjoys being free (just like if you stay with Toriel)… You get this picture of everyone. The one that Sans apparently magically took.

It makes me really sad and happy… and also thoughtful. What if the other people you don’t recognize… I mean… who are they? And why do they make feel Sans happy? Or, as happy as he is with us/me now that he is free with the rest of the Underground? What happened then that made him lose his happiness? Is it related to the machine they keep in the secret room?

So many questions… and so many answers. I dare to say that, whenever I have a second chance… I’d like to play this game all over again. The same route. Though I will name myself Frisk to see that hard mode on the ruins.

myth: Bekka won't even give her second baby daddy a chance unless he pays her first! she just wants money! poor broke ass baby dad!

Fact: Alex found out I was pregnant the same day as I did and he told me he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby and would not give me any help. Throughout my pregnancy he checked in periodically and almost came to see me once but other than that he did nothing to get prepared for this baby. Do I feel bad he’s broke? yeah, that sucks. But that’s his problem. I worked up until I gave birth and I’m going back to work next week to make sure I’m not broke. it’s what you do when you’re a parent.

Alex has had plenty of chances to step up. Nine months of chances. Instead he has offered to sign his rights away multiple times, lives hours away, and allegedly works two jobs but remains too broke for support.

I can’t force him to be here for his daughter any more than I could have begged him to be my partner. He might decide to be dad of the year one day and the next day decide to never talk to us again– it would not surprise me in the least. The only thing I can do is file for child support so that he is required to give her something. And he has always known I was going to if he decided he wanted to be in her life. this isn’t news.

It’s not about money. I would rather him be broke on my couch and living as a family with us. I would rather he really move on and not have the potential to hurt his daughter. But if he chooses to be in her life I need him to make this commitment to her future.
Reparations ('Foundations' Verse)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Saras_Girl | Word Count: 92,767 | Rating: M

Summary: Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

You can also read it at

Review: I just can’t even… if I had to name a favourite drarry fic, it would be this one. It just floors yet comforts me every time I read it. And um I’ve read it a lot.

A lot of the time, a character is written troubled to make a bigger impact on readers, to create a little drama in a relationship. Or the troubles is all that is explained about the character. In this case, every character is flawed and human, but because the war made them that way - however that is not the only facet of their lives, where they experience happiness, lunches with friends, job promotions and setbacks, crazy furniture, meddling parents… actual lives

It’s Harry and Draco’s every day lives that captivated me, and how they incorporated each other into them. Their history is something they refuse to just get over, but is something they use to make a fundamental building block of their relationship. The characters stay true to their canon forms, but are given new dimensions and qualities that lend a “chance” to explain themselves, their personalities and motivations that they didn’t have in the books. And I’m not just talking about Harry and Draco. 

There is something so authentic and graceful about the way the events of the story unfold, in a way that nothing feels contrived. I’m becoming too effusive so I’ll stop the review now wow.

Sequel: Foundations (This is an actual continuation of the story, not just a sequel)

Word Count: 249,430 | Rating: M

Summary: When one door closes, another one opens… with a bit of a push. Life, love and complications. Sequel to Reparations.

Series of fics in this verse:Foundations’ Verse

Content/Warnings: Drug addiction/therapy (major theme of plot), Mystery

Mood Music: Strong - One Direction / Magnets - Disclosure ft. Lorde 

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I attempted the Genocide Route twice and something always bugged... if Chara desired power, why didn't they (who is slowly gaining control of Frisk's body) try to take Toriel's soul after killing her?

(undertale spoilers)

While Chara is slowly gaining control of Frisk’s body, they may only have limited control at the end of the Ruins. It is possible that Chara didn’t have enough control after fighting Toriel to take the soul and absorb it. You can review the analysis of Chara’s personality and actions to have a better idea of how their influence slowly grew and was made apparent. 

Now, what about when Chara has the soul in a second genocide run? Well, we don’t know what happens when a human absorbs a monster soul. Chara may not want to take this risk given their second chance at living. And at the end of the genocide route, it is clear that Chara does not need a monster soul to destroy the world. It’s also possible that they realised Frisk’s body is a lot more powerful with its ability to reset, load, and save. 

Furthermore, it is much easier to overpower a human child, who is learning, than an adult monster, who has established morals. The child is more susceptible to Chara’s influences, being both young and a human. According to one of the library books, humans have proven that they do not need love, hope, and compassion for their souls to exist, unlike monsters. This possibly makes humans more susceptible to certain feelings. And remember, when Asriel absorbed Chara’s soul, the control was split between the two. If this is the case again, then Chara may not be able to kill the monsters easily if Toriel is constantly fighting for control. Asriel, a fellow child, was able to stop Chara from attacking the human village. The overwhelmingly sweet Toriel would likely be able to stop Chara from hurting others as well.

It would be to Chara’s benefit to continue possessing Frisk’s body since they are guaranteed to gain more control as their influence grows.

A Second Chance(Closed)


Golden was sitting under a tree on Earth, sighing heavily. It’s been days now since they’ve been on the run, although they are capable of shifting, it won’t matter if they can’t even live more than a couple days without a body. They look up at the stars, “I just want a home…”

i was tagged by @fahey thank u!!!!!!! (ur questions r awesome)

ur supposed to answer the questions than make 11 of your own!! 

1) Maths or English? the thing is i LOVE math i just suck at it and english is like. my heart and soul so yes english 
2) What would your spirit animal be? a puppy, but like a frequently sad & angry puppy w existential issues
3) If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life which would it be? kill your darlings
4) What Hogwarts house are you in? ravenclaw
5) Have you ever been in need of a second chance? and did someone give it to you? many times. i think they did
6) Are you a forgive and forget type of person? kinda on the inside but on the inside i am petty and mean so no
7) If you were a fictional character what do you think your hamartia would be? (after having looked up what hamartia is) probably envy or cowardice. or like, clumsiness. if this fictional universe i am in requires math, then there’s inability to do basic math as well 
8) What country do you live in and which would you most like to visit? i live in russia rn and i would like to visit mexico so i could see all the cute places @lostgansey shows me but in real life. oh and to see her i guess , 
9) What book is next on your to read list? me and @terrasenscourt r gonna read captive prince !!!!!!!!! which is akjalkjdaljdl
10) How many languages do you speak? three fluently and one barely and one vERY little but studying it 
11) What is your favourite attribute? intelligence 

my questions:

1. what is one thing that always makes you happy?

2. what are three things that you love about yourself?

3. what is your aesthetic?

4. if you had to live in only one city for the rest of your life which city would it be?

5. the moon or the sun?

6. one fictional world you would like to live in?

7. do you prefer sleeping with socks on or off?

8. what color are your eyes?

9. what’s your favorite day of the week and why?

10. describe your perfect day?

11. favorite word?

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Once we find that which we truly love in life, we must take a step and pursue it. Indeed, we often get lost in the sea of daily tasks. We become comfortable and lose sight of our passion. Therefore, let us pursue our love the second we have the chance, as the risk of losing the opportunity is too large.

Second Chances pt. 2

So i wrote a bit more, quite a while ago and never posted it up here. this link here is the first part of the story with Zer0/Gaige/Angel in it and WOO! shes not dead and now she is getting a second chance at life.

It took them two days to dig through Hyperion’s data bases to find out where the equipment they would need was being held.
“Time to storm the keep/To train Frankenstein’s monster/Zed better not bail”
“It’s Ned, I think and he won’t. I don’t think at least. Maybe. We should probably have guns with us though.” Gaige smiled at Zer0’s new arm, “That stuff is amazing, I mean I can use magnets to make smooth moving joints, but that stuff is soooo cool.”

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Character Analysis: Sparky

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Name of your muse: Sparky

One picture you like best of your character’s FC:

Sparky is a firestarter. His mad obsession with fire has sent him from asylum to asylum, being marked as a madman in Silvemroon and surrounding vicinities. He has been released with the promise that any sudden activity would lead him back to the asylum or prison. This picture is ideal. He’s constantly tightening his jacket around himself, insecure with his “madness” and feeling like an outsider compared to the rest of the world.

Two head canons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

1. Sparky was one of the many patients who did not run away when the Quel’thalas Well-Being Asylum. He blamed Melaeth for releasing him from his magical barrier shackles and this confession allowed Sparky to remain free instead of charged for arson. Melaeth was declared missing and deceased, so the culprit was gone and Sparky got a second chance.

2. As a child, Sparky’s teacher told him he failed at magic. Magic was not in his blood and this was an insult to his family. As a result, Sparky focused on fire, a little too much, become obsessed with the bright flame, immune to the initial burn, and manipulating the element, bending it to his will. After burning his teacher, Sparky was called unstable and he was forced to live in the asylum from there on out. His true name has been forgotten. He only goes by Sparky now.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

1. He enjoys walking alone. He observes people, studies them, creates stories about them in his head and speaks to no on.

2. On occasion, he’ll go dancing and drinking, but he only drinks so much after an incident where he drank one too many drinks and he combusted. It frightened him and it took a while to get everything under control. He did get burn a bit in that incident.

3. He likes to watch nature. Birds, animals, flowers. These are normal and beautiful to him. The only purity in life. 

Two things your muse regrets:

1.He regrets burning the asylum down. Several patients died and he felt responsible, but it was a nice place in his mind. It didn’t deserve to burn.

2. He regrets forgetting his name and family. He feels so lonely now and he’s eager to belong.

Two phobias/fears your muse has:

1. Sparky is afraid that people are going to point at him, laugh, and call him crazy. This constant fear has caused a sort of complex in him in which he simply does not trust others. He’ll mingle and interact, but he’s ready to light someone on fire.

2. He’s afraid he’ll be used and killed, either by the government or by others, something that he’s trying to figure out under the Rat King.