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"A native of Isla Paradiso, Maria Sanchez has always had a love for the planet. And it seems to planet has a love for her, as well. As soon as she and her family moved to Bridgeport, she longed for the sunny, heat filled days of her beloved home of Isla Paradiso. Wanting to try out a subsistence lifestyle, Maria has decided to move herself to a tiny little island just a few miles from Isla Paradiso. Planning to live off of the land and sea, she only plans to go to town for necessary things that she can’t make or find. Just how long with Señorita Maria last on the lonely tropical oasis she plans to call home? Only time, and Mother Nature, will tell.”

No legacy for her. thought i was ready for one…turns out i’m not.


- Hours Later -



The annoying sound rang through my ears. I cracked my eyes open, but quickly closed them as I was blinded by the bright white light. Squinting, I tried opening them again while placing my hands over my eyes to shield them. As my eyes began to adjust to the light, I noticed that I could only see the ceiling.

"What the fuck?" I spoke in a hoarse voice. I could tell by the decorating of the room and beeping of the monitors that I was in a hospital. Reaching down, I began feeling around on the bed, searching for the bed remote. Once I found it, I pulled it up and pressed the button to help my upper body raise up. Once I got to my desired angle, I felt pain run up my left arm, more pain in my pelvis, and I felt a migraine beginning to come on.

"Ah." I grunted out. Looking down, I noticed that my belly bump wasn’t there anymore. Did I…did I lose the baby? Oh my God, what happened? Looking around the room, I spotted Maurice sitting in the chair with…Jordyn laying in his arm.

"How’s Daddy baby girl?" Maurice smiled. Jordyn let out a small coo as I saw her move around in her small blanket. Tears began filling my eyes as I continued to watch them interact with each other. I quickly wiped my eyes and sniffled. I guess I did it too loud, because Maurice’s head snapped in my direction.

"Oh, look who’s up." he smiled. I smiled back lightly as I watched him stand up. My heartbeat increased as he walked towards the side of the bed and stood there. He then leaned down and stared at me.

"You gonna kiss me or what?" I asked. Maurice began to chuckle lightly as he rose back up.

"Me? Kiss you?" he laughed. My smiled slowly faded as he patted Jordyn on her bottom. "Why don’t you ask lame nigga for a kiss?"

Oh shit! I thought all that shit was a dream that happened! Fuck!

"But, baby-"

"Nah, save it. I don’t wanna hear it." he spoke. Maurice then handed me Jordyn, causing me to tense up. I looked down at her to see that her eyes were wide open, staring back up at me. "Here, bond with your daughter."

"She’s beautiful." I whispered, stroking her small cheek. I watched as her blurred eyes looked from Maurice and then back at me. She opened her mouth and showed her toothless gums before letting out a small whine. Looking at Maurice, I forced a smile and said "I think she wants you."

"Nah, I think she need to stay here." He spoke, putting his jacket back on.

"Wait…were are you going?" I asked.

"I’m going to Skylar’s party." he replied, putting his phone in his pocket. I looked down at Jordyn and bit down on my bottom lip.

"Can you tell her I’m sorry?" I asked.

"I don’t think she wants to hear nothing from you." Maurice replied, shaking his head. "Look, I’ll be back around 11. Don’t keep Pumpkin up too late, me and her gonna talk about ya’ while you sleep."

I nodded slightly before cracking a small smile.

"Alright, well…have fun." I said. Maurice scoffed loudly before walking out my hospital room and disappearing around the corner. Jordyn let out a small cry as she wriggled around in my arms. "Shh, shh. Mommy’s here baby. Hush."

All I can worry about right now is Jordyn. I’ve forgiven myself and all I’m asking is for God to forgive me. I know that Skylar hates me, but I can’t let all this drama affect me and the baby. I just hope that she can forgive me after all I’ve done.


I ran a hand over my face as I made my way to Skylar’s house. All this shit that happened in one day was fucking with my head. A nigga was about ready for a shot, shit a couple at that.

"All this fucking drama." I scoffed, turning a corner. Man, I was so ready for this night to be over with.

Once I arrived to Skylar’s house, I parked in front of her mailbox and walked inside. Looking around, I noticed Dad’s car and another familiar car outside. Shit, I couldn’t tell who’s is was, but it was familiar. Shit, outta everybody that drives that type of car in Santa Barbara, it might just be my mind fucking with me. Sighing, I walked onto the porch and walked into Sky’s house. Mushing my eyebrows in confusion, I looked around her living room and noticed Mom and Dad cuddled up on the couch.

"Um, hey." I spoke. The both of them smiled at me as Mom got up and hugged me, squeezing the shit outta my cheeks. "Ah, damn."

"What you say?" she snapped, putting her hands on her hips.

"Nothing, ma’." I chuckled, rubbing my jaw. Dad then got up and dapped me before nodding his head. "Aye, where Sky at?"

"Oh, she in the kitchen still making food. We gon’ eat in a minute." Dad spoke. I nodded my head before walking into the kitchen and looking around. I then spotted Skylar with her back to me in front of the stove.

"There all done." she said to herself. I eased up beside her and rested my elbow on her shoulder. Skylar let out a loud gasp as she gasped. "Shit! You scared the hell outta me."

"Calm down, it’s just me." I laughed. "Scary ass." Skylar joined in with me as she wiped her forehead with a cloth.

"Sorry, I’m just nervous about everything." she said.

"Why? Just a lil party."

Skylar began blushing as she shrugged her shoulders. I looked at her sideways before chuckling.

"You aight?" I asked. She nodded her head before reaching behind her and undoing her apron. "Well, look. I know you don’t wanna hear this but Irene said she sorry about everything."

Skylar rolled her eyes before turning and gathering up the food.

"Look, I know it’s fucked up and I’m sorry too. I know how mean I can be sometimes, but I want you to know that I love you. I feel like I could’ve protected you from all this, sis. Um…and I wanna show you something else." I said, taking my phone out my back pocket. I went into my gallery and pulled up a picture of Jordyn.

"Jordyn Mariana Brown born April 11th, weighing 6 pounds and 7 ounces." I chuckled. Skylar gasped as she looked down at the picture.

"Aww, she’s beautiful, Maurice. She looks just like you." she cooed.

"Yeah, that’s why she cute as hell." I bragged. Skylar and I both laughed again before putting my phone away. She then grabbed the tray of burgers and turned around.

"And by the way, Maurice, I accept your apology. And you don’t even have to worry about Isaias. I kicked him out and he moved his things out the house." Skylar said, walking into the dining room.

"Good, nigga better not come close to you, Irene, or my child ever again or that nigga gonna get the shit beat out of him. Skylar laughed as she sat the tray in the middle of the table. Sitting down, I scooted my chair in and looked at Skylar.

"Um, can everyone come and take a eat at the table, please?" Skylar announced. I watched as everyone got up and came to sit at the table. Of course, Mama and Dad sat beside me. To kill a little time, I showed them pictures of Jordyn and began telling them about her. While I talked to them, a man sat across from me, but never made eye contact with me. Damn, this nigga looked familiar as shit.

"Who the fuck is he?" I mumbled under my breath. All of a sudden, another guy sat beside him and patted him on his back. I heard Dad kiss his teeth and saw him shift in his chair.

"Ignore him, Chris." Ma whispered. Damn, what was going on? Both of them niggas looked familiar, but I couldn’t tell who the fuck it was. Shit, Dad likes everyone except Skylar’s brother and biological fathe-…Bruh, what kind of bullshit is this?!


I watched at everyone sat at the table and began turning their attention to me.

"So, um, I guess you all are wondering why I invited you here." I smiled, playing with my hands.

"Yeah, and why is the food so small?" Zayne asked.

"Well, I um…I’m gonna have to get used to serving things in such a small portion." I replied. I watched as Chris mushed his eyebrows together and look around at everyone. "Nevermind that."

I turned around and grabbed the tray of drinks, setting them down on the dining room table. Everyone looked at them in curiosity as they waited for me to announce my ‘surprise’.

"Why do you have the drinks in baby bottles?" Chris asked. "You still drinkin’ from them hoes?" I let out a small chuckle as I held my stomach.

"Well, the baby bottles…I’m gonna have to get used to using those too. It too has to deal with the announcement." I spoked. My mom gasped loudly before letting out a small whimper.

"Oh my God." she spoke, gripping onto both Chris and Maurice’s hands.

"Mama, what’s wrong? You ok?" Maurice asked, becoming concerned.

"No, no." she smiled, standing up, looking at me. "Skylar, she’s-"

"That’s right, guys. I’m pregnant." I said, rubbing my stomach up and down. I glanced over at my Dad to see him tearing up and looking down. Wow, I guess he’s happy to have a grandchild.

"Well, I’ll be fucked. I’m getting another grandchild." Chris chuckled, standing up. I got tears in my eyes as he walked over and gave me a tight hug. "How far along are you?"

"I’m about 3 weeks." I croaked out. My mom then hugged me and began rubbing my belly. Giggling, I kissed her on her cheek and smiled. Looking where Maurice was sitting, I noticed that he was weirdly staring into space. My smile faded as I excused myself and walked over to Maurice. Sitting down beside him, I placed my hand over his and watched as he slowly looked at me.

"Maurice, are you…are you mad that I’m pregnant?" I inquired. Looking into his eyes, I saw that they too were becoming watery.

"No, of course not." he said, I smiled as he wrapped his arm around me and gave me a side hug. Surprisingly, Maurice gave me a kiss on the top of my head and told me

"I’m…I’m happy for you. I mean, I ain’t want you to have a baby by that lame nigga, but still."

Giggling, I patted Maurice on his chest and sighed. Honestly, this is the closest that Maurice and I have been in the 22 years that I’ve known him. We hug each other from time to time, but he’s never cried around me, kissed me, or told me he’s loved me in a long time. I’m actually pretty happy to have this moment with Maurice. I haven’t bonded with him ever since he’s met Irene…


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 192:
R.D. Evans Vs. Pinkie Sanchez
Beyond Wrestling Ring Leaders: Night 2 [June 19th, 2011]

The name of this show is appropriate considering both R.D. Evans and Pinkie Sanchez are both great ring leaders. As Archibald Peck, fans of R.D. Evans grew used to his comedic antics in the ring, but take him very seriously when he’s “on”. Pinkie Sanchez also shines in this match with some great facial expressions. Beyond Wrestling is a very fun show, taking place in front of wrestlers exclusively and perfect for learning and advancing in your craft. Enjoy!


Observing Mexico’s meaningful moments with @chicosanchez

For more on Chico’s observations, follow @chicosanchez on Instagram.

Spanish photographer Chico Sanchez (@chicosanchez) walks the streets of Mexico as an observer. “I like images with a meaning,” he says. “Not only beautiful pictures, but something that conveys a message.”

Chico says some of his photos are artistic, but others are just informative. “That’s what entertains me, capturing things without judgment,” he says.

After spending seven years shooting in Venezuela, Chico moved to Mexico, where he’s been focused on photographing everyday life. “Mexico is magic,” he says. “There’s an impressive diversity, an impressive cultural richness. In Mexico, you open your window anywhere and immediately can take a picture.”

Chico particularly likes shooting with his phone as opposed to a heavy camera. “I travel with it and I’m capturing everything I see,” he says. “It’s like writing an encyclopedia.”