forgive me by itami-salami

i actually cannot specify when this would take place cause i got several ideas at once and i want all of them to happen lmaoone
could be a reunion after rick come back from prison
or morty seeking comfort after a harsher adventure
orrr just rick having problems and morty being more emotional about it than rick is ;V at least on the outside 
idk there is just too much , choose one |D

Some Headcanons:

- Danny is bisexual
- Sam knows good memes. Tucker, too. Whenever Danny gets hit in a fight all you hear is 2 uniscent “MMM WHATCHA SAAAAY”
- Jazz knows good memes but doesn’t let anyone know
- Dash loves John Green novels
- Paulina actually loves anime
- Valerie is bisexual
- Who’s gay? Dani, duh.
- Dani officially becomes a Fenton when Jack and Maddie adopt her after being her “foster parents” for 6 months
- The Fentons make a family outing to go see Ghostbusters
- Danny gets horrified when the 2 Busters’ hair turns white after coming out of the portal bc “wHO ELSE WAS THERE????”
- Danny, Sam and Tucker are together
- “So you’re dating both of them?” “Yes.” “Do they know?” “Yes. Yes they do.”
- Tucker gives Danny a kiss and Sam whispers, “it’s not gay of he’s dead”