Why am I ALWAYS wrong???

I mentioned to my mom about signing the boy up for the Big Brother program, I think it would be good for him having another male role model. He gets super attached to any guy I bring around, even if the boy doesn’t know we are dating. Like Manny, he thought we were only friends. So she tells me today that if I sign him up it’s basically telling my dad he’s not a good enough role model and I’d rather have a stranger around instead of him and it will hurt his feelings. No matter how I’d respond to that I’m fucked. Yes my dad is around and a role model to look up to, but d-bag isn’t around and the boy can’t have enough men to look up to. Not to sound like a bitch, but it’s not about my dad, it’s about what I think is best for my son.

seeing as every day is the same and it’s sucking the life out of me I’m not going to be sad anymore about not being able to wake up until the evening. yeah it’s annoying but I can’t do anything about it because I’m unwell and I still manage to get all of my work done and pass my exams and I work hard in the time that I’ve got and I can’t rewind time or get my tuition fees reimbursed so I’ll just keep doing my best with the cards I’ve been dealt because realistically that is all I can possibly humanly do

new gif account!

Hi, I’m @prfm-uk and I’ve just started a new GIF account called @prfm-gifs! I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out and possibly follow (I’ll follow back!) 😊

I’ve only got one post at the moment, but I won’t be reblogging at all and will only post original GIFs and edits 👍

Thanks for listening, anyway, I love you all 💕

Getting a divorce is a very weird time.

I miss something of you, but I don’t miss you as a whole. I struggle to find words that aren’t about loss and grief. I struggle to know how to work with our new connection, strangers who know too much about each other. It is still hard to know you are sad or angry, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve sacrificed myself too long or you. 

I like you, but this is far from love. I like curling in your warmth and finding a new space to create among your giant limbs, but I am aware that you are clearly of a younger age. You too have been a caregiver and those years have made you build a fortress around your heart. 

I spend my waking hours negotiating my feelings. 

I struggle to know how to act when in one moment I want to cry and in the next I want to laugh.

I am learning that too much time alone causes loneliness and too much time with others causes a sense of isolation. 

I am finding that I want to retreat into myself while also be open to the unknown.

I am realizing how much I have changed as a person, how much I have grown up. How different I am from who I was.

Every day is the same while also different. 


Illustrations for my senior project Dreamfruit, in which I created a visual language on queer South Asian diasporic identities, stories, rituals, and experiences through clothing. This project was explored the queer brown body as a site of subversion, resistance, magic, and transformation. I presented Dreamfruit as a queer fashion show in which qtpoc models performed the shirts in front of the projections of these illustrations. These images were drawn from interviews I conducted over several months with various young lgbtq South Asian folks in the US.