Supposing there was justice for all, after all? For every unheeded beggar, every harsh word, every neglected duty, every slight… every choice… Because that was the point, wasn’t it? You had to choose. You might be right, you might be wrong, but you had to choose, knowing that the rightness or wrongness might never be clear or even that you were deciding between two sorts of wrong, and there was no right anywhere. And always, always, you did it by yourself. You were the one there, on the edge, watching and listening. Never any tears, never any apology, never any regrets… You saved all that up in a way that could be used when needed.
—  Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum
why u should love zen

-He has long luscious, beautiful hair✔

-He takes a shit ton of selfies and sends them to you✔

-He has a traumatic childhood which makes you love him even more✔

-He has an allergy to cats which i find really cute✔


-He likes looking at stars so picnic under a starry sky date✔

-The calls you get telling you how he thinks about you and asking if you’ve eaten and of you’re okay. Getting concerned when you tell him you haven’t eaten✔

-Night calls✔

-“She thought the stars are beautiful, but I think she’s more beautiful.”-Probable starry date line idec✔

-Just because✔


what does each member of the pines family think of candy corn? typically opinions of candy corn are either black or white

stan thinks it’s fuckin nasty. he’d rather have chocolate coated pretzels or something.

mabel is nuts for it though of course. “how could anybody hate candy corn? it’s like, a halloween STAPLE. candy corn is the physical taste of the holiday. also i can become a candy corn vampire. watch this” and she sticks two pieces of candy corn to her top braces brackets to make them look like fangs “ehh? ehhhh?”
“dipper why dontcha go chop some garlic for your sister huh”

dipper doesn’t like the sweetness level of it. he’ll eat like 5 maybe and when he starts to feel the sweaters forming on his teeth he’ll just go “yep! alright i’ve had enough” and nonchalantly give the rest to mabel who plows through the bag

and ford, to much surprise, actually really enjoys it as well. he’s got a sweet tooth like mabel, but is able to control it. mabel might go to ford and say “grunkle ford why do people hate candy corn so much?? they totally ruin the halloween spirit” “i’m not certain my dear, but clearly those people don’t know good taste when they see it…or well, taste it.”

when the kids go back next summer, around summerween mabel asks stan if he could pick up some candy corn to celebrate and he says “i aint havin that candy earwax crap in this house. find somethin else to have for a summerween treat.”
mabel looks kind of upset but she then asks ford the same question and before stan knows it they’re already out of the house buying it.

when they get back home mabel says, purposely within stan’s hearing radius, “thank you so much for getting this grunkle ford!! i love you!” not a problem sweetie, and i love you too.“ stan says “where the hell did you two go? i was gonna go out to buy some detergent but the car was missing from the driveway”
ford gives stan a look and pulls a bag of candy corn out of the shopping bag.
“well today i found the quickest way to our niece’s heart, stanley.”



a REALLY sketchy comic(?) based on a post from @texts-from-asagao because I love nothing more than the idea of satch calming Jared down after he talks to his mom

do I ship this? I’ll never tell :^3c

rabid-red-rabbit  asked:

Headcannon! Frisk secretly hoards food in odd places and Chara is running out of ways to act like they've not noticed the mounds of food pouring from random spots in their abode u.u

*I knew you were gaining weight.