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17, 18 and 19 hope this helps :)

17: My favorite picture of my BTS bias

18: Any ship I have within BTS

I don’t really ship them romantically, but platonically the whole maknae line and SugaKookie

19: My favorite BTS post on Tumblr

I don’t know if I this is my all time favorite (I’d have to dig forever through my likes) but I really like this super in depth explaination of ‘Baepsae’ + cute pics of BTS

BTS Ask Meme

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I think this would be cute😊 Taemin is a new zookeeper at Minho favorite zoo. when Minho goes there, he notices Taemin and immediately has a crush. Taemin doesn't notice Minho but with the help of two elephants, Taemin will finally notice Minho

Oh gosh that would be so cute!!

Taemin working with the elephants and taking care of them, and the elephants are super cute with him and like to just get really close to him and are really gentle with him. Sometimes they all follow him around while he cleans their area and it’s super cute to watch.

One day Minho takes his nephew to the zoo because why not? It’s an awesome zoo and the tigers are so cool to look at. Why would you not want to go to the zoo?

His nephew prefers lions though, which results in playful arguments about which is a cooler animal, which then usually results in the answer being “liger” just to satisfy the both of them.

There’s still one animal exhibit that haven’t been to yet and that’s the Elephants. When they get there, the notice the elephants all kind of crowded in one area and they’re super confused as to why until they notice someone is there in the middle. At first Minho is freaking out because what if these elephants are trying to hurt this person?? But then he notices the uniform and the guy is smiling and petting their trunks and trying to get them to move so that he can do his job.

His little nephew is going crazy about the elephants and how big they are and how he wants to be as big as an elephant when he grows up, but Minho is just fully focused on the zookeeper’s beautiful smile.

After that, Minho goes to the zoo almost every week, just to sit by the elephant exhibit to hopefully catch a glimpse of the zookeeper. His friends find out and call him a creepy stalker but he just says that he’s “observing” and ignores them.

Sometimes they go with him, just to maybe make him seem like a somewhat normal human being.

One day it’s just him and Kibum at the zoo because Jonghyun and Jinki were busy and Kibum had nothing better to do and he might as well get a free ticket to the zoo. (He spends most of the time trying to flirt with one of the waiters in the restaurant in there so really Minho is mostly alone but that’s okay, because no one will distract him now).

Kibum just happens to be with him though, when Taemin finally looks in his direction because one elephant is being a bit naughty today and trying to run away from him and a baby elephant is trying to get his attention at the same time. Somehow throughout this entire mess, Taemin looks up and ends up meeting eyes with Minho who by now is just awestruck. Meanwhile Kibum is hitting his arm and obnoxiously trying to whisper “he’s looking at you! Jesus Christ, Minho! Wave or something!”

Except Minho is stiff as a board and Taemin has to get back to work, though Kibum mentions that he saw a blush on the zookeeper’s cheeks.

It’s another half hour before Taemin is able to leave the exhibit and take his break. He goes to the restaurant to see if he can convince his friend to give him an extra burger for free when he sees the guy that was looking at him before.

Taemin his just all red and Minho isn’t any better. Kibum is trying not to laugh at them and push Minho towards his crush.

Kibum does push him though, and Minho supposes that he can at least try to make a conversation but it ends up like a bunch of jumbled words. Taemin thinks it’s cute though he won’t say it, because he’s too shy to really say anything to this guy he’s never met before.

This kind of gives Minho some time to compose himself though, so he just kind of points to the table where he was and asks if he can buy Taemin some lunch. To which Taemin happily nods and says thank you.

Minho doesn’t know it but while he isn’t there, Kibum is telling Taemin all about how Minho would always go to watch him take care of the elephants.

When he gets back, Kibum is grinning and leaves to give them some space, Taemin is blushing furiously, and Minho isn’t sure he wants to know what Kibum may have said.

Taemin is the one that ends up starting a light conversation between them, and Kibum is in the back taking pictures of them to send to Jonghyun and Jinki and let them know that they can finally stop wasting money at the zoo.

Eventually, instead of just going to watch him, Minho goes to wait outside of the zoo to take Taemin on a date.

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I really enjoy your telegram group, the pictures you post are super cute!

Thanks for the nice words! Too bad I only draw absolute trash-tier OCs.

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Why are you bitter though? Why can't you be happy that people don't like the comic version and made their own? It's not like he's Hank Pym.

say people get really, really into oh, Digger. Lets go with Digger.
and they’re like “wow I really like Digger, the fandom has drawn him super cute, he’s really quirky in this movie, he’s great!”
But then that fandom person is like “I’m gonna read up on Digger in the comics” and they do, and they find him as a womanizer, racist, homophobe and they’re like “… oh, I wish I had been warned about this before going and reading back on my fave character I came into the fandom with”

does that mean they need to stop liking Digger? Absolutely not!
but you don’t just bury where someone’s canon came from because you dont like it. You realize they’re a shit ‘person’, accept it, because it’s okay to like garbage characters the same way it’s okay to not like them

just don’t go into someone’s askbox like “your characterization is shit & i hate your ideas on them” cause that’s dumb, keep it on your blog


Could Eliza Taylor loathe her employer any harder?

The signs and who I think they'd be cute with
  • Leo and Virgo:alright listen, I think that they'd be super cute, like they'd really even each other out. Virgo would bring stability and always be their to reassure the paranoid Leo, Leo would help bring the gentle Virgo out of their shell and I can just imagine them trying so many new things because of each other.
  • Libra and Pisces:I think these signs share a lot of aspects but also compliment each other, they're both massive feelers and would bond over their compassion for others. Libras are excellent communicators and that's what the Pisces needs, some one who they can have fun with but also some one they can connect with.
  • Scorpio and Taurus:Scorpios are confusing and great at masking their emotions, they really protect their heart. They would match great with the straight forward patient Taurus who would take the time to court the other and get to know them. Taurus will look for home in a relationship and deep down that's what a Scorpio wants.
  • Cancer and Aries:Their both so sensitive and passionate I love it, they're too of them most loving signs and I think their romance would just catch on fire. They'd have a good understanding of each other and Aries would be quick to defend the cancer and the cancer would be quick to talk them out of a fight.
  • Sagittarius and Capricorn:another opposites attract couple, the idealist and the leader. Both will help each other to grow as people and they will both find something so beautiful about the others 'flaws'
  • Aquarius and Gemini:Like minded, they're a pair of Rebels who when they put their minds to it can do anything. Truly a power couple, their long term goals and ideal lifestyles are generally the same. The no shit taking Aquarius will find the real Gemini.

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You know that look people who are in love make, the "seeing the sun for the first time" look; could you do a scenario where Genji catches his SO looking at him like that with his visor off when it is just the two of them? Hope this makes sense

Ahhh this is so cute anon!


You were perched silently in an old tufted leather chair. You could feel the wear and tear from many long years engraved into the chesterfield sofa under your fingers as you moved around to adjust yourself comfortably. It was a calming day with the sounds of pattering rain droplets slamming against the glass windows of your apartment. Your eyes had been locked onto the words of a satisfying novel all day and you hadn’t really been aware of your surroundings until this moment. You glimpsed about the room, looking across from you at your boyfriend who had told you he’d be reading today too, but as you goggled at him with an amused look you noticed his book was open to only the title page. A small smile graced your face as you noticed his body had sunk deeply into your dark oak colored tuxedo couch. Genji’s limbs had been sprawled out over the couch and he looked oddly serene in his sleep. What struck you as a little surprising was the absence of his visor. Genji’s normally bright eyes were locked shut and you observed his tranquil state with a soft expression. 

Seeing him like that, with that beautifully placed sweetness that was so easily hidden behind a visor, was a rarity. You felt that Genji was likely still self conscious about his appearance and you knew you couldn’t easily show him the way you perceived his handsome features, but it was rough not getting to see his darling smile every time you heard him chortle at his own jokes. It was rough not being able to see his expressions of compassion and affection when the mood was sweet and it was even more difficult not being able to stare at him the same way he stared at you. You found yourself taking advantage of the moment and giving him the look of someone who had not seen the sun their whole life until now. You were drinking up the tenderness he held in that moment like you had not had a drop of water to your lips in the last ten years. Your eyes were fastened on him with a soft gaze and you hadn’t even realized your book was already bookmarked and closed on the table beside your chair. 

Your legs moved before you could process what you were doing and before you knew it, you were leaning down in front of Genji and placing your lips gently to his left cheek. You lingered there for a moment, letting your eyes shut and allowing the serenity of the moment to lock you in a sweet embrace. When you pulled away you looked to him to see his eyes opened and glazed over as he observed your movements. His body was padlocked in a state of sleepiness and for a moment you thought you saw his eyes flicker with anxiousness. However, as you looked to him with a smile warmer than a thousand suns and the eyes of someone who comes only baring love and gentleness, his eyes melted over like chocolate exposed to a deserts’ heat and his arms wrapped themselves tightly around your waist. He brought you close to him and felt his lips curl into a smile as he cuddled close to you. No words were needed and you were content with this as you snuggled close to him and felt him peck gentle kisses to your cheek. It was only a matter of seconds before his eyes were once again shut and he was happily drifting into the realms of unconsciousness. You quickly joined him as the two of you were concealed tightly to one another and your hearing focused on his quiet, gentle breathing rather than the light rain outside. You silently hoped that more days like this were to come before finally submitting to the warmth and letting your mind come to the peaceful departure of the reality you were more than happy to share with Genji for the rest of your days.

Sometimes I like teasing her, so I’ll tell her “I bet your laugh is gay”. I never tell her what I mean. Sometimes it means “I bet your laugh is so beautiful, I’ll be instantly happy hearing it.” And other times, “I bet your laugh will make me even more gay than I already am”. And every time I mean “I bet your laugh will be one of my favorite sounds”.

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