…gdi I forgot how much I loathed this outfit. And Sai must’ve crashed about fifty times whilst I was trying to draw it, ffs. 

But yeah. Here ya go @askinfresh , one Fresh all dressed up in Dav’s stupid af clothing (which I actually made less stupidly complicated…as much as an assassins’ creed cosplay reject/bondage suit can be less stupid). 

Maybe I’ll add a background later if Sai starts behaving *doubtful and sad laughter*. 

Oh, and it’s part two to this, for anyone who is confused/curious:

(psssst Fresh is loverofpiggies’ btw. I feel so sorry for doing this to him…Good luck getting back out of that outfit, dude. I salute thee)

I know this is about yesterday’s episode but

less talk about wanting/needing centipeetle to be “healed completely”

and more talk about how she’s coping with her crew and steven’s love - because this episode was a metaphor for mental illness & nd disorders and in real life, mental illness & nd disorders don’t get “”healed completely”” no matter how much the people around them want them to be.

so, uh happy birthday to the friend of the person who commissioned this????? no idea who you are but apparently they’re ordering this for ur bday. so happy bday for then lmao. it was nice to be paid to practice smooches

note: this is indeed a commission; if u intend to follow hoping for more septiplier, I am not a shipper, so u won’t find any here unless it is commissioned. sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’m getting another custom Scarecrow plush made and this particular progress photo was just too special not to share.

The artist sent me this shot right before she cut his straw hair down to size. Just look at that mop head! He looks like he’s going through an emo phase~!
🎃 😂 🎃

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anonymous asked:

Could you please not tag the shipwar stuff with Sciles? We ship Scott and Stiles and want no part of this Stydia/Stalia thing. Our tag is being overrun with Stydia posts, and it's next to impossible to find Sciles content in the Sciles tag. :(

I’m sorry, I’ve never tagged a post Sciles but it must be ending up in there because people type the word in the ask and tumblr puts it in the tag?

I can’t control what my followers do but from now on I’ll censor the ship name so that it doesn’t end up in there.

anonymous asked:

I know you don't do requests (your reasoning in your FAQ is very understandable), but would asking for a tutorial on how to draw facial expressions like in your comics annoy you? It's not "HEY CAN YOU DRAW [character] DOING [thing] PLEASE," like you denote in your FAQ, but it's still technically a request? You're an amazing artist that I look up to and respect, so I really don't want to upset you, but I also do want to know how to draw/express emotions like you do.

no problem dude that’s fine!!! tutorials don’t count as requests haha

anyways i’ll… try to explain… my go-to expression shortcuts… its really messy but whatever you understand yes yes you understand

(note: this is not a tutorial this is just how i do things)



thats it bye