in my professional opinion the biggest and most under-discussed mystery of wynonna earp is why that entirely real and living bear looked fake as shit on screen. like, how do you even do that?

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So I have a question that maybe you could answer? Why are people not excited for the new book? I definitely understand that the new title and storyline sounds a bit iffy but I just thought people would be excited that Anne Rice is writing new books and continuing the series. I know I'm a bit younger than most in this fandom, IWTV came out wayy before I was even born so maybe that's why I don't understand haha. Thanks!

Some ppl definitely ARE excited for the new book! There was alot of excitement and cautious optimism for Prince Lestat

I feel like I have a good perspective on this bc I have been in this fandom for 20+ years even tho book!IWTV came out before I was born, too. I’d have to ask a more veteran fandom person what it was like when they got the sequel(s) to IWTV! I got into the fandom right before the movie came out in ‘94, when we only had the first 4 books, so I looked forward to every new book with some level of excitement and that’s hard to shake even now *u*

New titles and storylines have often sounded more than a bit iffy and there has often been resistance to each new VC book. Alot of ppl didn’t think they would like TOBT or MtD, and some read those and still refuse to accept either as canon.

[X] Ppl have their own ideas of the characters in their minds. As AR continues delve into their perspectives on previous events and give them new stories in each new book, some ppl choose to “get off the bus” along the way, bc they don’t necessarily trust her vision and they don’t want to see their fave character(s) in characterization they feel is off, or forced into plots that make no sense, etc. And we can’t blame AR for this but the trainwreck that was movie!QOTD, so much was off that it was offensive, and yet, surprisingly, some ppl find that movie nostalgic! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some ppl actually trust the fanfic writers and/or fanartists more than the author at this point, bc many of our awesome fanfic writers and fanartists learned the voices and attitudes of the characters and try to keep them in the style that drew us to them in the first place <3

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I wish there was a secret tag where all the Finnrey shippers could chill and live in peace. For real, just a tag free of assholes dumping their bullshit theories about why Finnrey isn’t going to be canon or why it should only be platonic (there’s a platonic tag for that). Like, goddamn, I can’t even scroll ten minutes without seeing that garbage and I’m using tagged search. I can only imagine what I’d see if I searched only using the ship name.

  • me:i need to find someone like peridot in my life
  • friend:lol why
  • me, internally:i need someone who understands my mental illness as much as peridot understands lapis'. i have literally never seen a character be so patient and helpful in someone's recovery as much as peridot is. she's always aware of anything that could trigger lapis, makes it a point to make sure lapis is okay before leaving, and immediately assures her that she will return - not wanting lapis to think she will abandon her. surely lapis still has her moments of weakness from time to time but she seems genuinely happy now, laughing and smiling because of camp pining hearts and meepmorp. i need a peridot in my life.
  • me, externally:lol she's smol and a nerd


you can say you’re a lesbian if you only just figured it out

you can say you’re a lesbian if you haven’t dated any girls

if i was able to so surely say that i was straight (when i wasn’t) even before i dated a guy, kissed a guy, had a legitimate crush on a guy, then you’re allowed to say you’re a lesbian even if you haven’t “tried it” yet

you are real and valid and your identity is important, no matter what your dating history is